Vancouver Deserves More Than Portland Lite. Enough With the People’s Republic of Pollard

He’s done plenty to try to smear Tim Leavitt, but the latest mailer sent to Vancouverites leaves me somewhat mystified. According to the local GOP group, Royce Pollard is trying to demonize Tim Leavitt by connecting Leavitt with —-GASP! –=Dino Rossi!
Ryan Hart writes:

I was disappointed to see a mailer sent out by the Royce Pollard campaign attacking Mayoral Candidate and City Councilman Tim Leavitt for supporting Dino Rossi in 2008, and for introducing Rossi at his final appearance in Clark County the weekend before the 2008 election. The mail piece states, “The Leavitt-Rossi agenda will move Vancouver in the wrong direction.”

I’m sorry, but the Dino Rossi agenda? ‘Scuse me? There IS no Rossi agenda. I wish there were! Rossi lost to the ACORN aided Gregoire in 2004 and lost again in 2008 to the then ensconced incumbent (Elections have consequences, folks. Especially stolen ones.)
If I were Royce I’d be more concerned with Leavitt sending out a mailer describing who endorses him for this election. It reads like a who’s who of “Friends of Nancy Pelosi and Christine Gregoire” list. Hey, wait a minute, Gregoire IS on the list!

Chris Gregoire Governor

Patty Murray US Senator

Brian Baird US Congressman

But even more importantly, it’s who won’t put their names on the list for fear of Vancouverites finding out who their mayor consorts with. How about the people Pollard sold Vancouver out to? The Portland Planners for starters. Sam Adams, who famously said he didn’t want to acts of “car abuse” (ie actually using their cars) connected with the CRC (I’ve got it on tape). Planners who IN MEETINGS ON TAPE said they didn’t want individuals to “actually drive on [the bridge],” People who plan for light rail thus saddling Vancouver with hundreds of millions–perhaps billions–in costs now and in the future with upkeep but which will carry less than Portland’s 3% of daily trips at a subsidized rate. People who colluded with Pollard to gerrymander a transportation district so they could say they had an election on light rail, but made sure the new voting district was comprised of more friendly voters. Wait a minute, Pridemore IS on Pollard’s endorsement list.
There are some great people on Pollard’s list such as Don Benton, but I believe it has more to do with helping an incumbent friend than anything else.
Vancouverites know and that’s why Leavitt leads. Vancouverites want their city to unique and not some knock off of Portland. Enough with the People’s Republic of Pollard.

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