**UPDATE** Clackamas County Election Wins May Be Road Map for Conservatives Around Oregon

When the unpacking of the national election is done, when Oregon GOP Leader Allen Alley’s self deprecating tweets about needing new (political) plays from Chip Kelly are vapor in the twitterverse, there will be Clackamas County. And there’s a good story to tell for conservative minded folks there.

John Ludlow and Tootie Smith won seats on the Clackamas County Commission in Tuesday’s election. Together with Paul Savas, these three will be able to block incursions from the smart growth set at Metro and Multnomah County which are hellbent on creating New York on the Willamette (minus the wealth), beginning with budget busting Loot Rail.

The naked attempts by the Clackamas County Commission to cram light rail into the city of Milwaukie–and saddle the tax payers with Tri Met’s slowly-bankrupting-trainwreck of a system riled voters. The coup de grace occurred when, even after voters were plainly going to say no to light rail, Chair Charlotte Lehan, Jamie Damon and Jim Bernard surreptitiously secured a bank loan to get around voter approved bonds–four days before a special election on the matter. Lehan and Damon lost their jobs Tuesday night.**

In Clackamas County people like a little space: back yards, dogs, horses, compost piles, gardens. These are all the things the citified folks at Multnomah County claim to desire but choose to have the government to provide such as government dog parks, ‘community’ (government) gardens, government compost bins, and horses– for government officials (cops), of course.

Damascus hired back Steve Spinnett as Mayor and voted in two of three candidates who ran on an anti Metro slate. Damascus is where the so called Clackastani Rebellion started under the activism of Dan Phegley who, ironically,  lost his race by a wisp on Tuesday night.

Spinnett was being savaged by the lefties in town who verbally and publicly attacked his wife and destroyed dozens of his signs in an intimidation campaign. It got so nasty, the City Manager along with key Council Members, contrived to deprive Spinnett of being able to set the Council Agenda–a stated job of the Mayor.

Two community members, Spinnett proponents, were thrown out of meetings and banished from appearing for months.  One was a 60 something Grandmother who urged the City Manager to listen to her points and as she left said, “Off, off with their heads!” ala Alice in Wonderland. In reply, Spinnett’s Council  opponents took her words as a literal threat and banned her from the meetings.
The City, faced with a lawsuit for having no such policy to toss people out, has reportedly relented. (see video below)

Though there are some other troubling signs for Clackamas County–voting for many Democrats including our far left President and his brother from another mother, Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer, there was a solid victory on Tuesday night for conservatives.

If nothing else, the Clackastani Rebellion has shown that a heart felt, well funded, targeted and disciplined campaign can begin to insert a little common sense into the Oregon political process.

It’s a start.

**Play Oregon’s newest political game! Corrupt-o-crat is the guessing game that let’s YOU predict how people will be politically paid off! Look for new jobs for Lehan and Damon on a paid board, state agency or something with a voter paid pension. Stay tuned!**
UPDATE!!!! Just hours after posting this the Portland Tribune publishes the story about Jamie Damon’s pay back. 

See the woman’s “threat” here at one hour and 29 minutes into the video:

City Council-Vimeo from City of Damascus on Vimeo.

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