Shamnesty, Scamnesty, Amnesty DEAD

Running vote tally C-span here.
Michelle Malkin’s continuous blogging here.
FAIR reaction:
First they defied the will of the American people by introducing an amnesty bill three weeks ago. It got beat down. Then, they reintroduced it. This was not old fashioned tenacity….it was audacity…the most egregious most of us has ever seen. The special interests prevailed early on. They needed an enforcement plan to sneak in amnesty. And that’s what this bill was at the beginning, middle, and end…an amnesty plan sugar coated with meaningless enforcement.
NUMBERS USA reaction:
This is one of the biggest victories I’ve ever seen for grassroots activism. We need 40 NO votes to beat this cloture vote. Instead, we got 53!18 Senators who vote YES on amnesty cloture on Tuesday switched to NO today!

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