Seen at the North Clackamas School District School Board Meeting Last Night….

Cheryl Myers’ Campaign Manager

 …School board chair Cheryl Myers’ campaign manager handing out campaign buttons for Myers’ bid for the 51st Legislative District. That’s what folks for Americans for Prosperity and concerned parents saw when they went to the meeting last night. Politicking on school grounds, on district time, and for the chairman of the board. This is not just illegal, it’s among the most arrogant misuses of power since…well, since..come to think of it since Cheryl Myers used North Clackamas School students to walk door to door for her via the Bus Project for school credit! See story here.

When folks from AFP Clackamas County went to complain about it at last night’s meeting they were thrown out. I don’t know if they were getting out of hand or not, but their presence certainly wasn’t welcome.

I’ve met Patrick Sheehan, her Republican opponent in the 51st. He’s looking better all the time.

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