Salem’s Lot: The Top Ten Dumbest Bills This Session

#10 Raising the cost of buying a house with a tax on documents for buying a house so that buying a house would be easier for people who can’t buy a house. Got it?
#9 Doggy Dining…a bill that would allow all Oregon restaurants to let dogs dine with their humans. What could possibly go wrong?
#8 Allowing people who live in a van by the river…to register to vote..and use as their address….”Van by the River.”
#7 The “don’t gossip about your friends” bill…except they gave it a high tech name…cyberbullying!
#6 A bill to force employers to keep employees even though they’re high on medical marijuana!
#5 The raise your hand to cross the street bill! Further encouraging and emboldening jay walkers
#4 A bill that would have legalized bikes without brakes
#3 The center for missing and exploited shopping carts…complete with hotline
#2 Smoking ban in bars, taverns, bingo halls, bowling alleys …as a health measure…because as we all know…you go to bars for your health.

#1 hooker school/prostiteachers!

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