If you wonder why America,  Americans, and American values appear to have been “transformed,” as starkly revealed in the last election, consider that fewer and fewer Americans who have served  the nation in military service are serving in legislative office in Congress, as discussed in this USA Today report (11/20/12), which I forward from American Legion News Clips (below).

Former Rep Ret Lt Col Allen West, R, Fla

Regarding fewer and fewer veterans in Congress, I urge you to consider the work, principles,  mission and analysis, and commentaries  of Combat Veterans For Congress, and its founder and leader, Cpt. Joseph R. John (USN, ret) at

Not to put too fine a point on it: Fewer veterans in Congress means fewer proven patriots dedicated to serving and advancing  the nation’s interest  in Congress,  and more proven politically-correct pandering politicians dedicated to serving and advancing their own political interests.
While they may mouth praise and respect for veterans service, these politicians, mostly self-defined liberal political “Progressives,”  prove by their votes and policies their unspoken contempt for those who continue to hold to traditional American values and actually volunteer for military service, unlike the ever-so-much-smarter elitist liberal Progressives. 
Consider, if nothing else, how quick those liberal “Progressives” are to use veterans’ earned  benefits (by military service) as a “bargaining chip” when costs must be cut, while shielding vote-rich so-called “entitlement” programs,  engaging in crony-capitalist so-called “investments” (i.e., the give away of taxpayers’ funds to political supporters they favor, e.g., Solyndra), and “redistributing” the national wealth in exchange for votes of those Americans, and non-Americans, whom they make into government dependents.
   Regarding these politicians’ use of  veterans benefits as “bargaining chips” in budget negotiations, please see in particular the American Legion’s position in the last paragraph of this USA Today story.

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