President Bush: Nation’s First Cyclist

WaPo here on the President’s frequent rides. But my guess is that the President doesn’t believe all the funds that could be used to fix the roads and expand highways for 97% of the commuters should be neglected and more money per capita should be spent on bike lanes.

Bush’s love of biking has been well documented, especially by biographer Robert Draper, who writes in his recent book about the Bush presidency of the inordinate efforts by the agents and aides to find trails for the president while traveling. “I like to stay fit,” Bush told Bicycling magazine in 2005. “I think you can do your job better if you’re fit.”
What’s less known is that Bush has a regular posse of eight to 10 cyclists who typically join him for his 90-minute weekend rides — some from the White House, some from agencies, and outside friends. The White House has been circumspect about the composition of this group but recently allowed two of the regulars — Bush economic adviser Edward P. Lazear and legislative aide Barrett Karr— to offer a small window into Bush’s exercise world.

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