*PICTURES* UPDATED! Clackamas County Sign Vandal Caught in the Act! SHOCKER: 71 Year Old Man is Culprit—And…

 …he’s a neighbor.
A Clackamas County sign vandal was caught in the act between 4-5 Saturday morning by a neighbor who was sick and tired of the vandal trashing his political signs every night. So he set up a sting camera, sat up all night and waited.

Between 4 and 5 AM the vandal came back. The homeowner watched at 71 year old John Richard Jaeger, a neighbor, drove his Toyota Pius down the street, parked it, and then commenced to destroying another batch of expensive signs.

But he was a discriminating culprit. He would only trash signs of candidates who are trying to buck the good old boy system in Clackamas County such as John Ludlow and Tootie Smith.

Candidate for Clackamas County Chair, John Ludlow, explains:

Tootie [Smith] and I have experienced incredible sign loss, vandalism, and sign slashing in the Oak Grove area.

One of our supporters has had 14 of our signs slashed and had had enough. **** lives on Oatfield Rd. and stayed up all Saturday night and waited for the slasher to return. He came. He drove by very slow, parked down the

street, walked back to the house and slashed his two signs. Then he dragged 3 bags of garbage back to **** driveway and slashed the bags. He distributed the contents, including human feces, glass and cigarette butts all over the driveway. Jed sneaked up within 5 feet of the guy and got his license plate. He followed the perp home. ****went to the police and he filed a complaint. The police went to Mr. Yeager’s house just a little over an hour after the incident and Mr. Yeager refused to come to the door.

“Mr. Yeager” is 71 year old John Richard Jaeger, a neighbor of the man whose signs were continually trashed. Nearby is the complaint filed against him by the neighbor with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. I’ve blotted out some identifying information until he’s charged. But one thing I have learned: he’s a registered Republican who apparently is having a very deep love affair with all the Democrats on the Clackamas County Commission.

S/O Complaint

My name is Richard John Jaeger.  I am a resident of Clackamas County and live near Estacada.  Yesterday near the end of your show, you announced that a person with a name identical to mine had been charged with destroying campaign signs in Oak Grove. 

I do not know this person nor is he related to me.  I am a strong supporter of both Tootie Smith and John Ludlow.  I would like to clarify that the Estacada Richard John Jaeger is NOT the one destroying campaign signs.  Thank you.


R J Jaeger

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