Oregon Education Study: OUTTAHERE!

Nearly 90% of Oregon taxpayers surveyed said they’d rather have their kids somewhere else besides the government school their kid is in now.
A new study by several organizations, including Cascade Policy Institute, finds Oregon taxpayers would like more choice in selecting schools for their children:

Oregonians show potentially high demand for new school models such as charter schools, virtual schools and vouchers. Survey results show 70 percent of voters are favorable to charter schools, 51 percent are favorable to virtual schools, and 63 percent are favorable to vouchers. Twenty-four percent strongly favor charter schools, 13 percent strongly favor virtual schools, and 19 percent strongly favor vouchers. These findings remain consistently high across family income groups.

The study is found here. Cascade Policy Institute is here.
It’s so interesting to see how the Eugene education group last week confirming that ‘one size fits all’ education doesn’t work for a lot of public school students and then went on to outline plans to put together a virtual school (please see successful Virtual Charter School, Connections Academy here).

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