Maybe it’s a good thing Portland isn’t in the JTTF. Can you imagine Sam Adams sitting around the table at one of those non secure meetings and make excuses for the man who wanted to commit an act of bloodletting so big that it would “be a spectacular show” the “New York Times [would] give two thumbs up?” Can you imagine the moment when he blamed a “failed education system” for a man whom the FBI alleges PICKED the Christmastime target of thousands of Portlanders for maximum effect? Imagine the looks on the weary faces of hardened cops when Adams would lament “high tuition rates” as a sop

to understand why Mo Mo helped buy parts for the “bomb?” That it was the “sky high” “teenage unemployment rate” that caused the OSU engineering student to dial the detonator code AGAIN when it didn’t go off the first time? The man who thought people jumping out of sky scrapers on 9/11 was “awesome?” The man who got in touch with his overseas (Pakistan and Saudi Arabia) buddies–before the FBI got involved– because he wanted to become “operational” and commit an act of violent jihad?

“Well, first off, actions of this individual, he’s being held accountable, there are difficult times for the youth in this nation, we have the highest youth unemployment rate in US history, we’ve got schools that are failing to achieve academically, the way we would want, we have tuition being increased exponentially in universities and colleges. That doesn’t excuse the criminal acts, don’t get me wrong, but it does explain when you add to the fact that alot of Somali Americans come from a place that has been in civil war for about 20 years, you do see the vulnerability of Somali youth locally and across the nation.”

See if for yourself here:
The sad fact is Sam Adams appears to care more about this small subset of people than he does about the thousands of Portlanders whom this terrorist would have gleefully blown up; the man who wanted “anyone attending that event to leave either dead or injured.”
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