Call your legislator (here) to urge them to listen to Dr. Tim Ball, Climatologist, on the show tonight to explain what causes global warming, global cooling.
Here, in a nutshell, is what Ball has said about the claims of man made global warming:

Despite persistent failures of the IPCC predictions, most politicians are fooled into believing CO2 is a problem and the cause of climate change. Even if they don’t accept, they believe it is political suicide to assume otherwise. They accept the argument that all those prestigious groups can’t be wrong. Sorry, but they can and are.
We cannot stop climate change because we, or our CO2, are not the cause. There is no record of any duration for any time period in which CO2 increase precedes a temperature increase. Even if all countries implemented the complete Kyoto Protocol the difference in atmospheric CO2 would be undetectable. Saying we must adapt to climate change appears to avoid the issue but ignores that all adaptation plans are for warming. Evidence for cooling continues despite contrary comments.

We’ll also post his podcast comments later for you to send to your legislators so they can hear for themselves how they’re being played for chumps on this carbon tax and cap and trade.
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