Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Comes to Oregon

Former Mexico President Vicente Fox comes to Monmouth to tout fundraising for a special scholarship program for Latinos. Once again, Fox comes to the aid of his countrymen.

From the press release:

Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, will speak at Western Oregon University (WOU) on October 20, 2011. Fox will appear at WOU as the Dr. Arne S. Jensen Lectureship Series speaker for 2011. MAPS Credit Union is the 2011 title sponsor. WOU is using the occasion of the visit by President Fox to formally launch the fundraising for the Latino Education and Access Program (LEAP) which will provide scholarships to Latino students at WOU who encounter financial need that prevent them from completing their degree at WOU. A unique aspect of this scholarship is that recipients will be expected to repay the scholarship, in essence “paying it forward” to support future WOU students. According to Associate Provost David McDonald “The LEAP Scholarship will be another creative and innovative way for WOU to support its Latino students as they struggle to balance academic success with the challenge of affordability.” NORPAC Foods is the founding donor for the LEAP Scholarship program.

NORPAC leads the pack in giving money to the cause. And why not? I’m sure NORPAC employs many people whose home country is not the United States. Many are probably here illegally. But here’s a thought: Instead of passing the DREAM Act, why don’t we just call on the big employers like NORPAC to finance the college tuitions of their employees’ kids? Makes sense to me.

Companies that hire many illegal aliens often claim their products are cheaper because of hiring cheaper labor. Can’t argue with that. But their “cheap” labor results in higher costs for housing, food stamps, medical care, and other externalities of their lawlessness. 

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