Zero Rhapsodizes Over Latino Students Joining Racist Organization

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Latino students are doing better at Centennial High School. We need our citizens to do well in school, of that you’ll get no dispute from me. But when the Zero (our newspaper of record–HA!) rhapsodizes over the students at Centennial doing better by joining clubs, specifically MeChA, we’re supposed to be happy about that?
Notice what the MeChA acronym means
Movimiento Estudiandil Chicano de Atzlan. The school claims this is a Mexican American student movement. If by student movement they mean work on behalf of Mexico to conquer part of the United States, then, yes, this is a student movement. It’s also racist in that MeChA teaches that Mexicans are a superior race. Hey, do they have any other racist organizations at Centennial?
See the video of recent speeches on the status of Aztlan:

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan
(Mexican American Student Movement)
Maria Sarmiento
Mecha’s Purpose
To encourage Latinos to be proud of their Latino heritage
Monday and Friday 3pm-5pm in Room 118
Wednesday before school and first lunch in Room 118
Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://

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9 thoughts on “Zero Rhapsodizes Over Latino Students Joining Racist Organization

  1. Round up the mexicans, send em back. This is our country, we rightfully stole it from the natives that lived here before us, some were tribes that lived and migrated from Mexico. Wow, who would ever think any culture would believe in their own culture enough to say its the best. I cant imagine thinking that way, so very solopsistic. I thought we were trying to control immigration by stopping Illegal immigrants from coming into the country. Or maybe we want to stop all immigration. Or maybe we want just the spanish speaking people to not come. Which one is it? I am trying to figure our views out as a conservative. This is hard work to be pro-life and keep up with all the hate of life you fake conservatives have on here.

  2. .
    What makes it a racist Organization?

    What is the correlation between the youtube video and the Latino Students?

    Is the purpose to get those reading and watching to correlate the two in such a way as to provoke fear?

    Is there a real correlation, that I am missing, that I should be concerned about?

    Is there a trend, to utilize some radical extreme segment of particular groups of people, to invoke fear against the entire group?

    OR is the fear justified?

    Should we go for increased population, out of fear of being a minority?
    (At this point, does the argument become about race or nationality?)

    What about Latino-American and white-American couples. Should they try to have more kids as well.
    Where do they fit into the picture?

    In Germany, pre and during WWII, there was a program to pay money to families if they had over X children (I think X was 3 but I am not sure).
    Then there were programs to breed qualified non-Germans with Germans to create even more.

    Maybe the Government should oversee the health of the people, so as to better insure we have a healthy fighting force for the future, so we can defend what our great great … grandparents fought to steal for us. If there were ever an argument in favor of having the Government take on the role of “Nanny” this would be it.
    We will need healthy citizens for our future fighting force.

  3. In the Aztlan Video, I believe I heard the Words “CIVIL WAR”. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    I think there’s AMERICAN’S that have not forgotten

    Of course “THE ZERO — The PROPAGONIAN”
    won’t talk about The Alamo

    Ps: Did this High school have
    Pro-Japanese, Pro Nazi clubs,
    during WWll. You Illegals are Invading
    just like the Japanese and Nazis
    wanted to.

    PPs: I believe Mexico Attacked
    the state of New Mexico around 1912.
    I’ll check on the exact date. The US Military fought them back then.
    You illegals are _ _ _ _ _ _ with a SLEEPING GIANT. Careful

  4. Correction: PANCHO VILLA attacked Columbus New Mexico in 1916. History can Repeat. Read below
    Pacho Villa’s men raided across the border into Columbus, New Mexico (March 9, 1916), killing about a dozen Americans before being driven off. US president Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) ordered General John J. Pershing (1860-1948) to lead a punitive expedition into Mexico in pursuit of Villa, whose forces skirmished several times with the invaders. This American invasion, which was labeled a failure after 11 months (Pershing withdrew in February 1917) because Villa, whose raids continued, could not be captured, so angered his countrymen that Villa was regarded as a national hero, despite the fact that he led rebels in northern Mexico until 1920, the year of Carranza’s death.

    Ps: History Repeats. Its obvious there’s an Invasion again. Maybe a little less violent, SO FAR.

  5. Klatu,
    Are you assuming the kids who join this club are illegal.

    Should we, instead of being interested in population control so a larger percent of those who live can have quality life; be more interested in making sure “we” have enough children to keep “ourselves” dominant.

    And who should belong to this group I refer to as “we”?
    Should it be by race?
    Should it be by where you were born?
    Should it be based more on where your parents were born, or where your grand parents were born.

  6. Eileen (aka Coboble) said…
    Are you assuming the kids who join this club are illegal.

    Klatu said: Yes and I’m not assuming. There’s a whole department where I work that is full of illegals, and I have two boss’es that I know are Illegals.
    So much for doing jobs that us LEGAL AMERICANS won’t do. All These _ _ _ _ _ are acting just like Pancho Villa back in 1916. Enoughs enough.

  7. If you take common language out of La Raza speakers… and replace La Raza de Bronze with The White Race… or do the same with MeCHA literature… or with some of the less popular or influential groups, you’d be run out of town on a rail for being the most blatantly racist, white superiority hate-monger since the fall of the Third Reich.

    That’s not hyperbole, or cherry-picking, that’s fact, browse around the MeCHa sites for yourselves. It is insanity that such a large group of people can openly agitate for carving a new nation out of our nation based entirely on their perceived race, and no one notices.

  8. Coboble,
    I’m sorry if I was too obscure in linking the two. All those spokesmen in the video are speaking on behalf of the reconquista, la raza, mecha beliefs that are part and parcel of each other.
    Is that clear enough?

  9. I did some reading, after I realized how ignorant I was on this particular subject.
    I am not convinced that the group shown in the youtube video represents the national group, but rather some sect of the group, that the whole group does not identify with.

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