Zero Columnist Shocked When Car Drivers Speak of Discrimination. Car Owners are Asked to Come to Big Meeting in PDX Tonight on Future Car Planning

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  • The Sellwood Bridge replacement will be financed with a Car Tax but most of the room on the bridge will be for pedestrians and street cars.
  • Car drivers are expected to be tolled for the Columbia River Crossing bridge, but not pedestrians and bicyclists while the Portland Professional Planner Class ponders how to keep cars from “actually driving on” the bridge and committing acts of “car abuse.”
  • Car Free Zones as part of a world wide car hating group keep expanding in Portland.
  • Commissioner Randy Leonard rhapsodizes over the time when Portland’s downtown can become a car free zone.

And the columnist for the Zero is surprised when car drivers feel discriminated against? We’re like the guy who paid for dinner and drinks whose girlfriend went home with some other guy. We pay the bills and pay for infrastructure and upkeep on light rail, street cars and bike paths. No wonder we’re peeved about this. Tonight there’s a meeting about future transportation needs for the bike plan 2030. I would go and be heard.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.