Your Vote for Top (Local) Stories of the Year

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  • Government run amok: Snowball, Bucky and Baby Gabriel

  • McMinnville middle schoolers charged and jailed for “spanking” girls in the hall

  • Portland’s professional protesters defecate on flag, urinate on flag, drive Schumachers out of business

  • Cesar Chavez Boulevard

  • Floods of 2007

  • The coming fiscal meltdown of the region: abatements, OHSU fiscal woes, urban renewal take toll on infrastructure, condo meltdown

  • Cars in the crossfire in Metro area

  • Fresh Del Monte raid and the Mayor Moonbeam’s response

  • Mayor Moonbeam plans to open Day Labor site for illegal aliens

  • The ghost of Neil Goldschmidt comes back to haunt Bernie Giusto and Ted Kulongoski

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

5 thoughts on “Your Vote for Top (Local) Stories of the Year

  1. My vote goes to the biggest public scam to go down this year. The public cry for money from the family of the spankers for “legal fees”. I am sure they had a real good Christmas at the mall with all the money they collected.

  2. Portland’s professional Democrat Liberal Socialist protesters defecate on flag, urinate on flag,drive Schumachers out of business. I say this is the #1 local story. But for a world wide story the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has ignited things that Democrats including Billary don’t understand and never will and should not be allowed to get near the White House ever again.

  3. I believe I would have to agree with Klatu on this one, with the possible exception of the Bhutto assassination. That has ignited very strong reactions from all sides, but I believe the surge successes in Iraq and General Petraeus’ appearances before an extremely hostile Congressional hearings should take precedence.

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