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On the portion of the editorial recently from National Review:

When Americans are confident that the government is committed to enforcing any immigration laws, they will be more open to changes to those laws. We are skeptical about the need for a guest-worker program or a sweeping amnesty. But we would be willing to debate these policies in a few years’ time. They are not even worth debating, however, until we know that we are not merely legalizing millions of illegal immigrants while inviting millions more to be legalized in some future round of “reform.”

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  1. Like I have said and keep saying, why do we need a ‘Guest Worker Program’ when we are paying out millions in taxpayer dollars in unemployment?

    I see no reason not to require the able-bodied drawing unemployment to work part-time at the jobs “Americans won’t do” in order to qualify for unemployment benefits.

    Farmer, ranchers and the like that use Illegals to keep their costs down could instead pay the money to the government to help defray the cost of Unemployment benefits. Honorees in prisons as well as HIgh School kids could also perform some of the work. It never hurt anyone to discover hard work for a little while.

  2. Lew: I have to some what disagree with you. According to my Sister (who is an HR manager) and I’ve checked on this myself, most unemployment benefits are paid from accounts by an employer, except when theres an extension then that comes from the Government. If a person doesn’t work they don’t have unemployment benefits. The extension in my view is what turns unemployment into WELFARE (a free hand out).
    Most Legal Americans that are not on that extension usually have a return date, to go back to work. I’ve always been against that extension(which I call the hamic).
    You have a good point about Honorees in Prison and maybe High School Kids, but remember these two groups usually are not on unemployment. Lew in my view it would be better to go after the folks on those UNEMPLOYMENT EXTESIONS and WELFARE and mandate those jobs Americans won’t do to them.Alot of them have been on “Welfare” for 6 months or more.
    These extensions have got to stop.
    I always tell My Republican Senators to vote against Extensions.
    I see alot of NOW HIRING signs everywhere. Legal Americans should be in those Jobs. Not illegals. In my view unemployment was ment to be a very short term help between jobs, but the Democrats have slowly been turning it into an entitlement by the addition of these extensions.

    Ps: and by the way a person should speak ENGLISH and only English as a requirement to work in Oregon or anywhere in the USA. I beleive there’s a fish Cannery in Astoria that requires both SPANISH and ??????????? This is bull _ _ _ _ _ _.

  3. Klatu, not to argue with your sister, but isn’t the unemployment benefit paid out of an employer paid tax to the state? That’s my understanding of it.

    Still, what I mean is that we have plenty of people who could do some of this work “Americans won’t do.” in the case of unemployment, even if employer paid completely, those drawing it could still do these menial tasks and money’s could be paid into the state unemployment fund.

    We shouldn’t have a ‘guest worker program’ unless we have 0 unemployment and no one to call on.

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