Wu Replacement Election: Who’s Running?

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So far for the Democrats it’s the battle of the Brads. Democrats Brad Witt and Brad Avakian are already declared candidates for the 1st Congressional District. With Kitzhaber’s announcment about the process (see below) it’s believed there will be a run of candidates rushing to declare for this race.

No one has officially declared for the Republican side but we could have the battle of the Robs on our hands. Thinking about it are: Rob Cornilles –the GOP candidate in 2010 and Rob Miller, a political newcomer and CEO of Trailblazer Foods, Inc. State Rep Shawn Lindsay, who showed great instincts and intelligence in his first term at the state capitol is also considering a run, as is Tea Party chief, John Kuzmanich.

Governor Kitzhaber announced yesterday that he couldn’t yet call for a special election until he has Wu’s resignation in hand, but is inclined to give candidates enough time for primary and special general election.

“With Congressman Wu’s announcement this morning that he intends to resign after the debt-ceiling issue is resolved, many Oregonians – particularly those in the 1st Congressional District – want to know what will happen with his seat. I want a fair process that will include as many Oregonians as possible to ensure that the people in the 1st Congressional District have adequate representation in Washington, DC. But to do that, I must first have Congressman Wu’s official resignation, which I have not yet received. Once that is in hand, I intend to call for a special election to elect a Representative to Oregon’s 1st Congressional District, with sufficient time for the Secretary of State to call a special primary.”

The alternative would be an election sooner with the political parties choosing their own candidates. Having a special election will cost the state $400,000.00 plus printing costs etc.  Maybe David Wu has a few dollars left over in his political war chest and would like to donate it to the cause.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.