Wife’s Cancer Returns; Edwards Returns to Campaign

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It’s a family decision, but I’m mystified by John and Elizabeth Edwards’ decision to stay in the Presidential race (story here). If I’m John Edwards–a man who’s already lost a child–I think I’d want to spend as much time with my family as a whole while caring for my wife, Elizabeth, whose cancer has returned and has spread to the bone and possibly her lung.

It’s not like he needs a paycheck.
Does he think the country can’t live without him or something?
If it were a choice between my husband campaigning for a promotion or sticking around and spending as much time with me and the kids while I battled cancer, he’d choose me.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

12 thoughts on “Wife’s Cancer Returns; Edwards Returns to Campaign

  1. I hope she has excellent treatment and can have as long of a happy healthy life as possible. I wouldn’t wish anything like that on anyone.

    That being said, I do not care for comments from the media linking this to it shows the strength of “their presidency,” should they win. This is not something to be used for or against a candidate. They have children who also must be considered.

  2. Your Dispicable “BRECK GIRL”.
    Cancerrrrrrrrrr, don’t you tell me about familysssss that have to go through Cancer after the summer I had in 2005 with my late Father going through Chemooooooooooooooooooo.
    It was a Private Family matter “BRECK GIRL”. We didn’t run to the Oregonian about it with a Press Conference. Take care of your WIFE and go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  3. Breck Girl: Take a hint from RUDY GIULIANI, when he said he had Prostate cancer back in 2000 when he was planning on running for the US SENATE against Mrs. Billery Clinton, and left the race. Quit Politizing this,and do what RUDY did and Leave.

  4. Let’s be honest here. Edwards is a public figure, about to enter a very heated campaign. Press conference or no, the news about his wife would have surfaced at some point.

    So, they decided to announce it now, and make it clear how they will move forward. You blame him for assuming he cares little for his wife in favor of his ambitions, a rather callous accusation. Had he not said anything and it popped up in the press later in the year, you’d blame him for the same thing you are now; for not dropping his candidacy because his wife is sick.

    Hmm, are we feeling threatened?

  5. I hope, too, that her fight against the cancer is as painless as it can ever be.

    However, having not being privileged to have been in on Edward’s and his wife’s conversations about his running in spite of her illness, I first thought that Edwards decision to run was political pandering at its worst. And maybe it is.

    But you can bet that, in the upcoming months before the first primaries, it’s going to be an issue among the Democrats’ candidates. And look for Billery to force-feed this issue nearly every time she speaks at pre-primary rallies over the next year, just because Edwards has had the unmitigated gall to run against her. And Obama will surely do the same. And, of course, Joe Biden will have his foot buried knee-deep in his mouth about it.

    Its going to be a fun and interesting ride into next year’s election season.

  6. This is a bit off the subject, but I think it needs to be asked: If AlGore does, in fact, run again for President, who would be his running mate? You can bet that it will be another certifiable screwball, such as Jane Fonda or Cindy Sheehan, or any of those bobble-heads at the Oscars when AlGore got his Oscar for his b.s. “documentary”.

  7. Ms Taft:
    I see no value at all in your item.

    I hope Mrs. Edwards recovers.

    I also hope that you find something more substantive to discuss, or that you simply stop this sort of garbage.

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