What’s the Definition of Stuck on Stupid? Let the Caption Contest Begin

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9 thoughts on “What’s the Definition of Stuck on Stupid? Let the Caption Contest Begin

  1. Hey, cindy girl, I’m already trying to live down one illegitimate child from a xtra-marital ho….get offa ma back! I can’t afford the vig.

  2. “Jesse, just knowing that there are ‘better than you’ people out there who judge me and tear me down, without having a clue what it’s like to lose a child, is so darn amusing it makes me smile!”

    (Jesse) ..Hmm, I wonder if Mizz Victoria’s daughter will be enlisting soon?

  3. Lean on me…when you’re not right and I’ll be your friend..
    Lean on me..when you’re so wrong and I’ll be you’re friend..
    “cue the music”
    Jessebejammin Jessebejammin

  4. you Don’t speak for us cindy haven’t we told u enough with our you don’t speak for me cindy blog I think we have another cindy sheehan
    Take a look at this
    Got this from a friend. I assume it is truthful, but I don’t know for sure.

    From: RADM Carey
    Bcc: Franc49108
    Subject: Jill Carroll’s “release in Iraq” and how the libs will use it to dupe America
    Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 11:16:03 AM Eastern Standard Time
    I just heard from a good friend of mine who attended the University of Massachusetts when Jill Carroll was a journalism student there and a reporter on the school newspaper. Since UMASS is not Ohio State, he not only personally knew her there, but read her articles, and what he has to say is incredibly unsettling if you have seen her on TV the past few days since her release. To suggest she is about to be used by all of liberalism and the leftist media to hurt the USA and portray further abandonment of our troops “to the troops” is suggested in his note to me, which I have paraphrased to keep his identity confidential. I know this guy well and he is a super straight shooter, and his knowledge is firsthand. Read on:

    “I have some inside information that I ask you circulate so that everyone is not blindsided by what seems likely to happen once the leftists begin to use the Jill Carroll release by the terrorists in Iraq. I was amused to see America’s media this morning debating whether Jill Carroll is suffering from the “Stockholm Syndrome” as a result of her captivity in Iraq. In case you and your colleagues find yourselves somehow being drawn into this debate, which I expect will only grow in the next couple of days once she starts giving major media interviews, I wanted to give you a bit of background on Jill. I actually know Jill quite well from UMass, where she was a reporter for the school newspaper. When Jill makes comments about how her suffering was nothing compared to the Iraqi people and that she is rooting for the insurgents, Jill is NOT suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. She is an extreme liberal [probably more communist/socialist]; she has never been a fan of America [which she used to spell Amerikkka in her articles], she hates the military, and she despises “republikkkans” as she likes to write. I have no doubt that she went to Iraq with a political agenda and wouldn’t be surprised to hear some outrageous things come out of her mouth in the upcoming days. She is an activist way beyond Cindy Sheehan—— so watch out. We are in for a whole string of anti-us and anti-military comments. Mark my words, you are going to see her on Larry King talking about how the military is abusing the Iraqi people and how bad the war is, and about how righteous her captors are.”

    So—– to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Please make sure we get this into the hands of as many folks on the side of the USA and the troops as possible, as she is surely going to be used by the media to try to undermine all that is going on in Iraq.

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