What the Listeners Think About the 5% State Worker Pay Raise

Hey Victoria,
Once again all the little piggy state employees have bellied up to the public trough and gorged themselves on our labor.  Meanwhile, the rest of us are just thankful we have a job (a part time job, or a job where we have taken a pay cut) and can put food on the table, pay our mortgage, pay our electric bill, take our children to the doctor and hope against hope that nothing major breaks down.
If the goal of the state employees is to take down the private sector, why should I be a beggar to my own demise?  If the goal of Salem is to take away from me that which I have created (and earned) with my mind and with my labor, why should I be a beggar to my own demise?  If the goal of the state employees is to enrich themselves and destroy me, which should I be a beggar to my own demise?
It is time for the private sector to “Atlas Shrug” government.  Why don’t we all go on strike and see just how little the state employees need us.
I certainly hope the citizens of Oregon finally see where the real greed lies.
Keep up the great work.
Disgusted in the greedy, Socialist state of Oregon,
We are self-employed and have always paid ourselves wages comparable to the market.  Two years ago my husband cut his wages in half.  I have the same wages I had then but cut my hours to less than half.  (We are in construction)  The last year my husband did not take a paycheck at all for most of the year, and is only now drawing a check every couple of months because our savings are running out.

 We had 19 employees two years ago.  We have nine now, and that includes the two of us. 

 I’m wondering, who is going to pay for the raises given to state employees when businesses like ours go under because of the tax burdens and lack of work due to banks not loaning money?

 What a mess!

 …The consensuses is that the more they make the more they can tip the servants that cater to them especially if they are cute. The ladies are just as bad as the men in this. Then the servants, dancers and other peeons, that pretty much the rest of us (including our bosses). They manipulate all the rules, make you buy things, they say you really don’t have to use (per them).

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