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Among the things this would do:

This measure would require state and local agencies to cooperate in enforcing federal immigration laws and would require verifying immigration status of persons seeking employment, receiving driver’s licenses, and receiving some public benefits.

And revoke business licenses to those employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens!

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  1. I signed this a while back.

    Imagine, citizens must pass and sign a petition to get their state to uphold written law.

    How much further will our country regress to Socialistic Communism before the public wakes up?

  2. I am there thanks.

    “How much further will our country regress to Socialistic Communism before the public wakes up?”

    I thought most countries that practice communism have there borders locked up. Also the problems with ignoring illegal immigration transcends party lines. Of course I am assuming by the comment you are blaming the Democratic party.

  3. Hey ‘me’,

    Yep, I’m a racist all right. A racist for wanting our local government to uphold the law of the sovereign United States. I’m a racist because I believe that immigrants should come to this country legally and follow the established channels that millions of others did. I am also a racist because I want to see less illegal aliens in our jails and committing less crimes against themselves and legal Americans so they will take up more space in our jail systems and cost taxpayers billions more. Yep, you’re right, I’m a darn racist because I expect people (like myself) to uphold the rule of law in our country and not let it descend into anarchy because we throw open the doors to anyone who wants to come in, illegal, criminal, terrorist you name it.
    It’s great to be racist when you can sit back and realize that you are holding people back from following the law of your country when all you ask is they play the game like everyone else who has legally immigrated to the US from hundreds of other countries. Oops, I’m a racist there too because I must want (according to your BS agenda) to reverse their citizenship as well. With your democrap lead Congress showing the lowest approval rating of any in recent history, they could probably pass a bill to get the Titanic raised and use illegals to do the work because God knows legal American’s won’t do it.

  4. “Racist”




    The list of words the left uses to shut down debate is long, and growing.

    Rather than engage in an honest exchange of ideas, they use epithets. Could it be THEY HAVE NO INTELLIGENT ARGUMENTS, and the only thing they DO have is name calling?

  5. I didn’t say they had a lack of intelligence, lew.

    I said they lack intelligent ARGUMENTS and therefor resort to emotional ad hominem attacks.

  6. True enough, Dave. But, that is all the left has is emotions, they lack logic and many no longer realize that history did not start in November 2000.

  7. We got over 200 signatures in one weekend. I love watching folks make a bee-line to the petition to speak out.

    Oh boy the anger of the left is out there. Silly people with so much bravery to scream obscenities as they drive away quickly. One woman said she can’t possibly sign it, since she is Hispanic.

    Being an American of Mexican descent this is an issue that is close to my heart.
    If you flip the coin and see this from another perspective, this is condoning a slave class of people. You may very well say that this is helping them to make a better life for themselves and their children. Well, most of their extra monies are wired to Mexico, not helping our economy at all. The programs we have in place to help our own are being abused by those crossing our borders. WIC (Women Infants & Children) being one of them. This program is to help women that have found themselves down on their luck and strapped with a child, not to have it completely drained by illegal aliens with anchor babies.

    For a company to take a legal worker off of the payroll and add an undocumented worker, is well, against the law as well. Why would anyone condone slave wages?

    Slave wages, crossing our borders illegally, Coyotes, risking lives, draining our economy.

    I could go on and on. Don’t exploit a class of people. There is nothing I can say good about it.

    Plus, by condoning conduct that breaks laws, be it a group of people or companies, is causing illegals to become emboldened to do what they want, why? Simply because we as a nation have allowed it.

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