Washington State Patrol "Rapid Deployment Force;" No Request for National Guard

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The Washington State Patrol was asked to participate during the clash with cops at the Longview company EGT yesterday. Four hundred protesters clashed with 40 police officers and sheriffs deputies from the area in the melee yesterday. Eventually the the local law enforcement retreated when the situation became “too dangerous.”
Union members vowed they’d come back again and this morning they did. Union thugs took SIX GUARDS HOSTAGE then into the EGT company cutting brake lines of rail cars, smashing windows and engaging in mayhem. It was obviously illegal but it was also in defiance of a court order just issued last week. 

Hear my “interview” with the ILWU spokesman (here). Sorry, I just lost my temper. It’s not much of an interview. 

The spokesman claimed the Cowlitz County Sheriff walked back the use of the word “hostage.” How about assaulted, subdued and kept in the corner while they ransacked the place? Is that all better now?
The Cowlitz County Sheriff acknowledged the assist from Washington State Troopers in the statement issued this morning. I also talked with Patrol officials who told me that Rapid Deployment Force Troops would be available if the Sheriff has need of them. 

I talked to Governor Gregoire’s office to ask if the National Guard would be deployed to help in case of more civil unrest and was told they hadn’t been asked but it would be unlikely.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.