Washington State Job: "Marijuana Consultant." Pays $87,664 (Plus Benefits!)

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How screwed up is Washington State’s new dope law?

The public was so stupid–or so besotted with smoking pot–they  voted to put the STATE in charge of dealing and manufacturing dope. This within a year of finally getting the State out of the liquor biz. 

The law puts the State in charge of dispensing
dope so, of course, they need a ‘consultant.’ A “Marijuana Consultant.” And the pay is quite nice at $87K/year. 

See the job posting below.

And what will the “Marijuana Consultant” DO? We get some insight from the Seattle Weekly who talked with the head of Washington Liquor Control Commission–which hitherto had been on the path to extinction:

“Once that first crop of people are sorted out, a Board panel will begin interviews,” Smith said.
The Seattle Times reported last month that a major part of the pot consultant’s job, according to LCB director Pat Kohler, will be to gather input from key groups of police, farmers, users and others to help her staff better “understand the product and the industry itself.”
According to Smith, as KIRO-TV noted, the consultant is needed to determine how much pot is consumed in Washington, so the state can come up with a way of knowing how much should be grown and sold.
“We’re trying to get that sweet spot,” Smith said, “where we can get that right amount that is produced in Washington State to meet the market demand.”

Washington voters have put the state in charge of the means of production of the marijuana crop. As if that’s not bad enough, there’s one question I have have for the people culling through the applications: What counts as experience, a rap sheet? 

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