Video: Gun Grabber Ginny Burdick: Gun Owners Have "Real Rambo Complex"

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Burdick Delighted at Story of Man
Rambo Who Accidentally Shot Himself

Gun Grabbing State Senator, Ginny Burdick is back again with another faxed copy of a bill from the Brady organization and Cease Fire to further constrain the constitutional rights of Oregon gun owners. 

From Laughing at Liberals who attended a meeting where the liberal Oregon State Senator opened with,

“Never say anything to anybody that you don’t want to see on the front page of the paper.”

Oh, don’t worry Ginny! 

“There’s a real Rambo complex going on here. You know my favorite one was the guy who after Aurora [Theater massacre] brought his gun to the same theater so he could get the attacker again and he shot himself in the butt—laughs. [Gleefully] And that’s a much more likely scenario instead of heading off an intruder!”

Maybe at Ginny’s house it is. Perhaps she’s been living with a lot of Rambos. She claims she comes from a family of gun owners and yet she’s always called for constraints on gun ownership. Was she surrounded by irresponsible gun owners? Does she believe all gun owners are as irresponsible as she portrays–based presumably on the irresponsibility of her own family? 

“I think Sandy Hook was a turning point. We have far more regulations on toy guns in this country than we do on real guns [gasps and ‘really?’ by a couple in audience]. Basically you have a runaway… the way this started you have a fringe element of the gun community… they are really on the fringe. I’m from gun owners (blurble) and gun owners are not like that. I think the others have remained silent.”

“This bill would be a matter of extending [gun registration] all private sales.”

Whereupon she calls for a full gun registration, while laughing at a shooting victim. Watch Laughing at Liberals video if you doubt.

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