Victoria Taft on ‘Crazy California’ on OAN Talking About Homelessness

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If you live in California you’re well aware of the overwhelming homeless issue. Homeless camps have sprung up seemingly out of nowhere. In river beds in the shadow of Angels Stadium. In the tinder dry hills homeless campers fire up their grills, putting nearby home owners at risk during fire season. The beaches are the daytime homes for droves of people who occupy the park space near the public beaches. In Oxnard, a homeless encampment has sprung up on an “environmentally sensitive” area, but they haven’t been driven out or been subjected to screeching environmental activists.

I don’t need to tell you about San Francisco. You’ve probably seen it on TV. I’ve seen it for myself. You may have too. Those people need help and I have ministered to them as well as involved myself in the Southern California homeless issue. That’s not virtue signaling, that’s just telling you that I know what I’m talking about.

But California is home to 25% of the nation’s homeless. These folks aren’t all native Californians. Why is California such a destination?

On Friday, I talked about this on One America News Network’sThe Daily Ledger” where I’m a contributor. Fill-in host Alex Salvi asked me about the homeless, gun bans and the movie “The Hunt” among other issues in my regular “Crazy California” segment.

Adding to the homeless problem are high housing costs in the area. Rents are ridiculous. There is a net outmigration in LA and Orange counties because of these high costs and other problems in California, including bad schools. But even more ridiculous is the state and local government indulgence in lawlessness. We’ve seen people shooting up drugs on the street, in BART stations and in homeless camps. It’s illegal.

Instead of treating homeless people with the “soft bigotry of low expectations,” make these people tow the legal line as the rest of us must. Then, we’ll be able to get back to better identifying the people who truly want and need help.

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2 thoughts on “Victoria Taft on ‘Crazy California’ on OAN Talking About Homelessness

  1. Right on Victoria. I was tired of seeing 20 somethings smoking pot and begging for money on Telegraph in Berkeley. These punks can work, they just don’t want to. Along side them is their filthy counterparts, all have cellphones. Thats one reason when I got my pension, I told my wife we are OUT of CA. I was so glad I got to hear you speak on OANN, it made my heart sing.

    1. Thanks, Lance. There’s a lot of dysfunction in addressing the problems of the homeless. When I’m with my homeless friends I love them and feed them and encourage them, but I do know that encouraging them to remain dependent is a dead end for them.

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