Vancouver Education Association Versus Some Needy Children

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A Vancouver, Washington teacher finds herself embroiled in a legal battle with her own union over her choice of which charity to send her union dues. Under Washington law and under the union’s own rules, a teacher can object to her union dues being used in the political way in which NEA affiliates usually use their dues: to fund democrat causes. These rules allow a person to use a portion of their dues to fund a charitable organization of their choice.
This teacher, who will be on the show tonight, wanted to use her money to help Shared Hope International, an organization that literally saves gir
ls and young women from the sex slavery trade internationally. I’ve personally seen how SHI works, having in the past been a volunteer there. The teacher is being aided by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation in Washington state.

The union’s own policy states “The goal is to respect the objector’s choice of charities, so long as the designated recipient is lawful and charitable.” But the union doesn’t like SHI. In meetings/hearings with the teacher–who has been fighting for the right to give her money to SHI for more than a year and a half and must travel to Olympia to attend these hearings–they’ve never articulated the problem they have with the charity. Until now.
On the phone with my producer on Tuesday, the executive director of the VEA told Eric that Shared Hope quote “COOKS ITS BOOKS” and that “Christians feed off Christians.”
While Shared Hope is composed of some Christian people and loves these girls and young women in a Christ-like manner, SHI is not per se a Christian organization. Still the anti Christian sentiment is evident in the VEA’s response to our queries.

Another reason for the VEA’s stone walling could be because the head of Shared Hope is none other than former Washington state legislator and former Washington State Congresswoman, Linda Smith. It’s in her role as a former Washington legislator that could be at play here. It seems Ms. Smith co sponsored the law back in the day that gives the teacher the right to stop the union’s check jack and give the money to her favorite charity instead.
On the issue of “cooking the books” the VEA had no proof to offer in the hearing and, in fact, seems to have made a huge error. Not only in the whole slandering the charity thing but with the facts behind the allegation in the first place. Unless the VEA is moonlighting as a charity rating agency and has a new set of criteria it uses to determine if a charity is “cooking the books” they’re just flat wrong.
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One life at a time, we can make a difference

International : International Peace, Security, and Affairs

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I think the VEA has some ‘splainin’ to do.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

8 thoughts on “Vancouver Education Association Versus Some Needy Children

  1. More proof that the teachers’ unions want to control the teachers lives in all respects. Can anyone out there spell “George Orwell” Or “1984”? The Teachers Unions’ thought police are out and about. Beware!!! Big Brother is watching you teachers!!!


    Right to work “without being
    forced into a Liberal Socialist

    This ladie teacher should have the “CHOICE” of her Union Tax’s going into her own pocket or anywhere she

  3. klatu,
    Is it the union tax going to the charities?
    Because I was wondering why the union doesn’t just lower its dues, if it is taking in more than what is needed to run the union?

    Don’t the union members have a way to invoke change, in their union.
    Or do they not?

    Klatu, why do you consider a union socialist?
    I always thought that the right to form a union was more of a capitalism thing.
    But I am curious as to why you consider it socialist.

  4. coboble: Your not even worth a _ _ _ _ – _ – _ _ – – – _ . response.

    Folks ignore these socialist _ _ _ _ – _ _ . and call President Bush
    at 1-202-456-1111 and have President Bush, VETO
    HR-800 that is being rammed through the US House right now.
    It could die in the US Senate though. The Dems are acting just like they did pre-1994 and they Know alot of them will be defeated
    in 2008.

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