Update on SOS spokeswoman Martens: Only SHE thinks we’re racists

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Gosh, I suspect Bill Bradbury might be busy sorting his socks. His official spokeswoman (pictured at right with Lars) said today on a LEFT WING BLOG she thinks we’re a bunch of racists. In a blog entry Anne Martens reflects on the racist heritage of Oregon and she refers to the likes of me and Jim Ludwick of Oregonians for Immigration Reform as racists in chief. And she calls me a mini Lars. That’s Anne Martens with the real Lars and that’s me next to them. I don’t think I look a thing like Lars. So, in short, if you don’t have the law on your side attack the individuals and call them names. Names like racists. Wow. Deep. Untrue but deep, man, deep. Here’s IndyMedia’s entry. Here’s Marten’s disclaimer that she speaks only for herself when she calls us racists.

Brown Is The New Black

Anne Martens
Read all of Anne Martens’ screed here.
(oh, and check out the comments section under her piece. Very illumination in that I don’t think one person thinks she’s right.)
…There has been more and more anti-immigrant sentiment lately. And by anti-immigrant, I mean anti-Mexican. I’m sick of it. It’s time to call this what it is: racism.
…And then there’s Jim Ludwick, 2006, who writes in last Saturday’s McMinnville News Register, “The fact is that current immigration policies that allow in 2 to 3 million legal and illegal immigrants per year are overwhelming our public schools, our public health systems, the criminal justice system (about 30 percent of the inmates in federal prison are noncitizens), the livability of our communities and eventually our natural environment.” The language is a tad toned down, but the intent and meaning are the same.
Mr. Ludwick is the founder and President of the artfully named Oregonians for Immigration Reform, which is holding a Capitol Steps rally at noon on Friday. With Rep. Linda Flores, who must make an extra-effort to overcome the ill effects of her Hispanic surname. And KPAM’s darling, little Lars herself, Victoria Taft.
Ms. Taft has collected letters from the four people who listen to her radio show, demanding that state services require applicants to show proof of citizenship. (More self-promotion, tongue-in-cheek this time: what would Jesus do?) Of course, it is already required by law that you be a citizen to be eligible for state services.
And let’s be clear. The immigrant bashers are not bashing Russians or Vietnamese or any other large community of immigrants in Oregon. Nope, they’ve focused their bile on Mexicans. I wonder why.

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com

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43 thoughts on “Update on SOS spokeswoman Martens: Only SHE thinks we’re racists

  1. “by definition illegal”

    Heard you say it thousands of times…about anyone you consider might be illegal..and you know this because they…attend state service information panels?…because they have a particular id card?…because they are, ah hmm, Latino?

    Your best pal Daniel goes even further calling Mexicans, oh wait, just the “illegal” ones filthy, ugly, stupid, and most of his readers go even further calling them “wetbacks” and such on his comments…

    So I really wonder where they are getting the idea that your motives are racsist…

  2. If you can’t cut the racist talk I’ll block you off the comments sections. Knock off the racist words, name calling, and crap…unless you’re TRYING to associate your racist talk with my blog. Now that would make sense. I’ve outed you.

  3. Why have any laws at all since enforcement would be considered to be racist by the PC police such as suomynona.

    In suomynona’s world laws can only be enforced against white men after all they are the root of all evil.

    However, all laws need to be enforced without regard to skin color or country of origin. To do otherwise would be racist.

    suomynona shut your pie hole!

  4. Your calls for “proof” to those you would suspect are illegal is NOT law.

    And I won’t apologize for being too “PC” as you put it about the things I found said (in my first post) – if disgust towards racist comments and attitudes are too PC then I guess I’m guilty.

    If you expect and would require EVERYONE alike to pass your citizenship litmis test, then say so. I have seen no such declaration.

  5. Actually it is in Law and in more than one location in US Code and Oregon State Law. I suggest that instead of blogging you look up the Real ID act in US Code. You can start in the Oregonian achives, not long ago an acticle on Real ID and use of Oregon Driver licenses was front page news above the fold on the Sunday edition.

    As long as I can remember citizenship has been a requirement to vote in this country that inconjuction with state residency and age. I have been voting since 1972.

  6. By requiring only citizens to vote it obviates the need to check. They don’t check. Why? The SOS’s office says because there’s no law the REQUIRES them to check. They could if they were so inclined but, hey, why rock the boat when you can rock the vote?
    By refusing to check it clearly is a wilful disregard of the people’s will.

  7. victoria,

    If that is so why the oath attesting to accuracy of information and eligibilty to vote on the Voter’s registration card. I remember an interview on your program that the indiviual pointed out what you just posted. The oath is taken under tha penalty of perjury. How would the SOS or county clerks know that the card contains truthful information if no verification is performed?

    This makes no sense at all. If there is no requirement to verify the information then state law needs to be changed to require the SOS to verify the information before isssuing the registration card.

  8. Ahh, finally.

    Create the law that requires (or change current law to include) your “litmus test” – but until then, don’t go around saying such law is not being enforced, because as you have finally admitted…it doesn’t exist.

  9. if everyone has to provide paper does that make it racist? Or a poll tax? How come you can force people to MAIL A STINKIN’ ballot and NOT construe that as a poll tax. You MUST be a citizen to vote. They don’t check. They don’t prosecute. Ergo virtually anyone can vote. Remember the Antelope!

  10. No go back and look at the law concerning voter registration and the oath that you sign your name to. You swear an oath that the information are presented is accurate and you are eligible to vote under penalty of perjury.

    That sir is a litmus test. It did not get there because some Government employee thought it was a good idea. There is a law mandating it be there.

    So while there may not be clear direction to check the information accuracy and voter’s citizenship eligibility by the SOS, it clearly is implied by the requirement to sign under the penalty of perjury.

    Without the express direction stating thou shalt, the SOS will continue to be lazy and not check.


    There is a litmus test that is already mandated by law. The problem is in enforcement. The requirement to check is implied with the assumption that the SOS or county clerks would check the information and eligibility (see under penalty of perjury).

    Well suomunona thought you had a victory. Sorry the litmus test is in Law.

  11. victoria,

    Good point in bringing Antelope up. As a result of Antelope the registration period cutoff of 20 days before an election was installed. The reason was to weed out ineligible voters.

  12. “They don’t check. Why? The SOS’s office says because there’s no law the REQUIRES them to check. They could if they were so inclined but,..”

    You and Victoria seem to be at odds with one another…so which is it…?

    Law or No law?

  13. No we are not.

    As I said look at the oath on the voter registration card. Why include a statement concerning the provion of and accuracy of information and eligibility under penalty of perjury. They do not put that requirement on the voter registration card for nothing. The SOS does nothing without direction to do so. Therefor there is a legal requirement of the ‘litmus test’ on the registration cards. The implication is that someone will check the information and if found to be false the voter would be prosecucted for perjury.

    The SOS is using the fact no law specifically directs them to check. There is no law that prevents the SOS from checking either.

  14. Resorting to ad hominem never solves anything and only makes an argument look weak. Plus, it’s not very nice. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me. I mean it.

  15. I hate to barge in on Suomynona’s little tirade, but there are a few points deserving of clarification:

    “Heard you say it thousands of times…about anyone you consider might be illegal..and you know this because they…attend state service information panels?…because they have a particular id card?…because they are, ah hmm, Latino?”

    Um, well, no. Because the Mexican Consular carusels do not allow anyone other than Mexican Nationals in. Now, if they were here legally, they’d have little items like a Green card or a visa, but they don’t.

    “Your best pal Daniel goes even further calling Mexicans, oh wait, just the “illegal” ones filthy, ugly, stupid, and most of his readers go even further calling them “wetbacks” and such on his comments…”

    I assume that you, having been such a faithful reader of Daniel’s blog, are fully aware that his wife is Latina. Sure, he’s going to call people who share his wife’s heritage filthy and ugly and stupid.

    So basically, your opening comments have no basis in fact – at all. Your ignorance is truly appalling. Though unfortunately, unsurprising.

  16. Not sure why you invoke my name suomynona. And I’m not sure why you would have a problem with me saying that criminals are “filthy” although I’m not sure I ever said that.

    Can I make fun of drug addicts or child molestors? Or are criminals of just one race off limits? You will notice I was pretty disgusted with a Finnish criminal alien today.

    Also, I notice that Peter DeFazio (D) was left off the “you must be a racist” list. Does anyone at BlueOregon (or Billy Bradbury’s office) read the newspaper? DeFazio took as strong a position against illegal aliens as myself, Jim, Victoria and others have taken.

    And I’m certainly not responsible for comments that other people make. I don’t use racial slurs, liberals who would love to smear me with a “guilt by association” (aaahhhh McCarthysism!?!?!) leave some nasty comments. They are ignored by the adults.

    NOTE: McCarthy was an American hero and a patriot.

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  18. I’m just tired of paying for those that don’t deserve it. Be it they are Mexican (latino is a joke, I have yet to see a country called latino) Russian, Chinese, what have you.

  19. I just have to wonder if suomynona would be as upset over this if it were illegal Arab Muslims coming here by the droves and voting for pro Al Qeada candidates.

    Our elections should be decided by citizens in our own best interest, not non-citizens who send a large portion of what they make back to another country.

    Our services and benefits were passed into law to benefit citizens, not take up the slack for another country that will not take necessary steps to better their own economy.

  20. lew,
    Since the illegals send money back to mexico via wire transfer do you think that a tax on international wire transfers be in order.

    After all since we are giving medical care and schooling without their participation in the paying thereof.

    Making it expensive and difficult in sending money back may help keep them home.

  21. “I just have to wonder if suomynona would be as upset over this if it were illegal Arab Muslims..

    If the tatics of said letters and rallies relied on targeting Arab or Muslim in general, then yes, I would be. Please seperate your “citizenship litmus test” from ANY race inclusion, and I’ll “shut my pie hole.” Oh, but wait, seems you can’t…

    I’ll challenge you to illustrate ONE pro Al Queda candidate from ANY party…what a line of BS if I’ve ever heard one…

    And I see even the mighty Victoria Taft has been reduced to calling me names, making hollow apologies, and then proceeding to look up stupid things online that have to do with my blogger id…and has yet to answer any simple questions..etc…way to go Vic – playing the Neo-Con hand perfectly.

    And saying I am as dumb as concrete doesn’t make your argument stronger.

    Lastly, Daniel – so, it’s ok to tear others down if they are “criminals?” Is that what you are saying?

    Oh, btw Victoria, a google on your name lets you see lot’s of pictures of your boobies…in case you are still looking stuff up online..

  22. Your questions are already answered. They’ve been answered. If you want to keep asking them ask them on someone else’s blog. And by the way don’t demean my apology, if you don’t accept just say so.

  23. suomynona said… If the tatics of said letters and rallies relied on targeting Arab or Muslim in general, then yes, I would be. Please seperate your “citizenship litmus test” from ANY race inclusion, and I’ll “shut my pie hole.” Oh, but wait, seems you can’t…

    I can remember as a youngster in Florida in the early 60s and getting my first drivers license that I had to produce a birth certificate. I am as white skinned as they come. Was I discriminated against, by your logic?

    You keep braying about a “litmus test.” By definition it is a test that uses a single indicator to prompt a decision. Proof of citizenship to register to vote and providing an ID to ensure only one vote is hardly a “litmus test” in my book. It is common sense to make sure it is American citizens deciding our fate, not anyone from any other country. I proudly provide my ID when voting and if not asked for it, offer it anyway. In fact, since I actually got a decent picture on my license, finally, I flash it everywhere I can 😉

    Illegals, regardless of where from, cannot be expected to vote for America’s benefit, but for what may benefit them or their host country. Maybe that is why visiting Americans may not vote in other countries during their elections.

    If the only way the left can expect to win an election is by empowering non-citizens to vote them in, maybe it’s time the left took a long deep look at itself and see why their policies keep being rejected by Americans.

  24. What?!

    No one has answered any of my questions, only called me names, called me stupid, compared me to cement, and found things online that could be associated with “suomynona.”

    Hard to take an apology seriously, when almost directly after you apologize, you do the same thing you just apologized for…

    I’ve never said illegal’s should vote, or get services, etc…I in fact am quite in agreement with most of your views on the subject.

    I however do not need to use the tatic of pointing fingers at one group of people, or justifying racial degridation of others because they are “criminal” to get support for my viewpoint or opinions.

    As for tatics, my favorite “conservative tactic” of all time that all of you have learned to use so well, is that any time anyone disagrees with you on any of your opinions, it suddenly becomes a “liberal” or “lefty” viewpoint, which we all know is the most evil and terrible thing to ever exist.

    So, now that I’ve spit that out, let’s try these questions again, because no I will not go ask some other blog – I’m asking you and have yet to hear the answers…

    1. You say to person (A) “Prove you are a legal citizen. I need to see your…” ..? What is the one document you all agree would prove legal status without a doubt?

    2. Fine, a draw at best – I ask where your numbers are on how many illegals are voting, how you know they are all voting democrat, and how much is spent via state services…You say you can’t know until you ask…BUT

    3. You keep using the talking point that they refuse to enforce the law. Well, you are asking them to “check,” and you have already admitted that indeed there is NO law that “requires” them to check. So, why do you keep telling people they are not enforcing the law..when it doesn’t exist? And please don’t mix this with law of the land that illegals don’t have the right to bla bla…yes, that’s the law, but that is not what you are saying…WHY not argue that the law needs to be changed to REQUIRE the checks…and you might mention it’s already been tried before and will be tried again..

    4. If this is really about the will of the people, and not ratings, I’m compelled by the indymedia article noting the ads on your opId letter, where was the need for the multiple ads on the letters?

    Ok, please try hard to answer without name calling, belittling, comparing me to terrorists, telling me I hate America, or looking up more things to compare my id to on Google or whatever…

    These really should be easy questions to answer, since you are the ones begging for the state to be of the same mind.

    It’s easy to convince (pressure) your candidates into seeing it your way when it means a vote for them. It’s everyone else you have to win…are you going to tell them they are dumber than cement or are they as stupid as they sound when they ask you the same simple questions I have?

    (p.s. – also, be wary of running off to the “lefties have no ideas” tagline if you can’t answer…and if this is really just making your blog such a horrible place to be Victoria, you do have the power to delete any and all of my posts…)

  25. I ask where your numbers are on how many illegals are voting, how you know they are all voting democrat, and how much is spent via state services…You say you can’t know until you ask…BUT

    This Washington Times article admits Illegals are voting, but tries to claim very few. It does, however, state some are indeed voting.


    This article addresses a little thought about problem with immigration, both legal and illegal. The redistribution of House Seats.


    Here, the National Voter Registration Act is discussed as to many Illegals automatically being registered to vote and mentioning that whoever was to win the 2000 Florida Presidential Election would have to depend on votes from Illegals to win.


    Non-citizens voting in Federal Elections


    A report issued by the Justice Dept. in 2000 detailed a program run under the auspices of then Vice President Gore’s “Reinventing Government” project to streamline government services. In a successful effort to clear a backlog of 1.2 million applicants, the INS engaged in this crash program called “Citizenship USA” to naturalize the immigrants between October 1995 and September 1996, not coincidentally, just in time for the presidential election. Douglas Farbrother, an official on Gore’s team, is quoted in the report saying he “believed that the (citizenship) program had a deadline that was directly connected to the upcoming election.” The Clinton administration bypassed the customary FBI background check for these new citizens demonstrating that creating new Democrat voters was a much higher priority than national security. It is estimated that tens of thousands of applications were approved without FBI review. The Justice Dept. report documented 1,000 cases in Miami; 1,300 cases in Chicago; and an astonishing 2,500 cases in Los Angeles.


    Sorry, but I’m too tired and it’s too late to covert the urls to links. You will have to copy and paste.

  26. suomynona,
    I am not going to appologize to you.

    Having dialogue with you is like talking to a brick wall. You are unwilling to accept the answer even if it is not the one you are looking for, and continue to harangue about it.

    You then set a condition if met then you would shut your pie hole or consider it.

    Finally I do understand what you are driving at. The problem is that laws of this country and state set the criteria for eligibility to vote. Those laws also establishes what is acceptable proof of citizenship. I have pointed out some of them in my posts. What I am looking for enforcement of those laws accross the board. You seem to have a problem with that concept.

    If you don’t like the answer don’t shoot the messenger.

    So shut your pie hole.

  27. kodiak, the apologies talk was directed only at Victoria.

    Lew, you started off well citing your “lefty liberal media” sources, but fall quickly into the all illegals who might be voting are all voting democrat assumption. However true it may be is overshadowed by reaction to such assumption that if they were all voting republican it would be a-ok.

    And, your last article doesn’t apply to illegal immigrants, since it was about those who had applied, approved, and became citizens…or did I miss the part where the FBI said “if you all vote democrat, we will wave the background check?”

    Lastly, since the law sets out what is acceptable proof, kodiak you do seem to be the only one who will actaully say what that is…but do you ALL agree on that one document that will settle your nerves? That one would be?

    (A) – Green Card
    (B) – Birth Certificate
    (C) – Passport
    (D) – All of the Above

  28. suomynona,
    A green card is for a legal resident alien. I do not believe that resident aliens are allowed to vote. However, it is sufficient for Driver Licenses (DL).

    The problem is the DL in Oregon will not be considered valid ID for Airline travel because of this state’s failure to comply with the Federal Real ID Act.

    The state is considering issuing a driver privilege card. The Oregonian ran a story approximately 3 weeks ago in the Sunday Edition. You might wish to check it out.

    While I do not directly know whether illegals if voting vote democratic, the democratic politians seem to be courting them.

    This is an issue that may fall into the catagory of there is smoke and the assumtion there is fire.

  29. Turned around Anon, you read what you want into things and invent assumptions for others they do not make.

    What a pity. I thought you might be an intelligent person to discuss issues with.

  30. “The Clinton administration bypassed the customary FBI background check for these new citizens demonstrating that creating new Democrat voters was a much higher priority than national security.”

    I’m sorry lew, did I say this or you? Did I invent this assumption or did you?

  31. If we can get back to the subject for only a moment,..I will first say I read over the statements from the “spokesperson” well..I am one of those “believers” as she mentioned in her mindless blab report and I am a listener to the Taft show “always a listener never a caller” anyhoo..
    I love my fellow man be that person purple with stripes I don’t care..but we must abide by laws of this land! I know we have made mistakes and still make them even more so,..but the one thing that makes this country great is our love for our fellow man and the self sacrifice of many who died for our freedom from tyranny ..
    furthermore I love my neighbor “don’t agree with him always” but he comes in when invited and until he is invited ..
    my doors locked..for the safety of my family that I would die for and that is just a normal response to anyone knocking at my door…so should be the attitude of Americans and when you are rioting and waving the flag of the country that was so great you had to leave it and show no respect for the laws and the sauvereignty of this great country..
    then the door should remain locked!

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