UPDATE: Men in Skirts, Drag Queens, Bush Haters Unite! (Good Guys at End of Post)

In San Francisco (above) in Portland (below)

I thought I’d seen all the signs on Indy media but Lew draws my attention to these located at Little Green Footballs from Portland’s anti SOLDIER protest over the weekend. Sorry about the language but I thought you needed to see these low lifes in action. See you at 10:30 at the Capitol (Tuesday) for HJM 9 vote. Burning a soldier in effigy. Unbelievable. Bastards.

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Tell your legislator to vote NO on HJM 9 tomorrow/Tuesday 10:30, House Floor, Salem
Did anyone see the person who DEFECATED on the American flag during yesterday’s protest? This is a story I have heard from the Portland Police Bureau. And here’s another factoid: two of the protesters arrested yesterday were regulars at the Schumacher weekly protests, according to the Schumacher spokesman. What are the chances that the only time they ever broke the law was yesterday? I’m sure they NEVER broke the law in front of Schumachers (read with sarcasm).
Listener Matthew took this picture yesterday.

A few of them have plans for today as well, the actual date on which the US went into Iraq. Check out today’s activities. I love the anarchist meeting scheduled for tonight. Rage against the machine, yo! Come to think of it, the strategy on how to avoid paying taxes looks pretty interesting, too.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C the thousands of Eagles who came out to support A Gathering of Eagles OUTNUMBERED the anti war protesters! That doesn’t usually happen because usually the silent majority stays home and does its work.
See video here for updates. Here’s a great picture at the counter protest however. One of the few mean spirited ones on our side.

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com

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  1. From listening to some people at the march and later “peace riot”, I’m failry sure that if a Republican wins in 08, or the Democrat winner does not instantly “bring the troops home”, we will have a shooting war right here in River City.

  2. Freedom of speech is so hated by the Bush supporters. Patriotism includes standing up for your values. War is killing, murdering, stealing. For what? Oil to be traded in the dollar instead of the Euro? The hijackers in 9/11 were saudis. Why, oh Why are we not bombing this undemocratic, tyrannical country? Can anyone give me an intelligent response? Mitt Romney 2008. I dont like Bush because he has not lived up to his campaigned issues. This war or invasion, is going to make me alot of money, so I dont personally mind it.

  3. HempChopper: How was it participating in the ANTI-AMERICAN SOCIALIST rally yesterday? And that’s you dancing around in a womans skirt,probably made out of HEMPPPPPPPPP?

    Ps: and just think its not even Communist Workers day, I meen May day yet.

  4. Klatu, you continue to make us look stupid, I would understand if a six of seven year old kid repeated the same insults over and over again, but an adult? You are probably having a hard time understanding all those complex political issues so you just rely on insulting fellow conservatives. You probably enjoy making conservatives look stupid, you are obviously a liberal in disguise with no ability to really understand how TRUE conservatives think.

  5. So HempChopper: How was the rally yesterdayyyyyyyyyy????

    Ps Mark Levins on now Call into him.
    Or Michael Reagan’s on now.

    Lars Larson’s National Show at 4:00pm

    Victoria’s on at 5:00-8:00pm. call innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Come on HempChopper demonstrate your Conservatismmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Actually, I spent the weekend at a family memorial for my mother who died about three weeks ago. Waldport was nice, thanks for asking. I will miss my mother, she was so proud of me for standing up for Christianity and my values.

  7. HempChopper: I to em sorry to hear about your loss of your mother. I lost My Conservative Mother in 2002, and My moderate to concervative father in feb. of 2006. I don’t think I’m over there passing yet, but I keep going, and keep “working”, and keep “calling” into talk shows. I don’t bring up Religion on call in Talk Shows. Only Politics.

  8. What: The Left went ” #2 ” on an American Flag? I didn’t hear this on KGW.CH.8 OR NWNC.COM. Figures
    though, the AINO’S HATE AMERICA.

    Ps Is there a JANE FONDA field office in Portland also?

    PPS: splinter groups—What a LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. You leftists are all alike. There’s no such thing as a splinter group. You all hate WAL-MART, SCHUMACHERS,The Military, the troops, and President GEORGE W. BUSH

  9. Where was the “DESIGNATED PEACE KEEPERS” when these Ummmm Splinter communists were going ” #2 ” On the American Flag? Can I find this info out tommorow IN THE OREGONIAN, or KGW CH.8 , CH.12,

  10. Hey, Klatu: There is a Jane Fonda Field Office at every construction site in Portland and Vancouver, as well as all over the country. OSHA requires it.

    As for the person who put that sign on the door, I only wish I had thought of it first! He or she deserves a hearty WELL DONE!!!

  11. I cannot justify the action of those who burned in effigy the figure of the US solider, nor do I endorse the “F the troops” sign. That’s way over line, as far as I’m concerned.

    That said, I would also like to remind everyone that those who did these things do not in any way, shape, or form speak for me or my own personal beliefs, no matter how much I disagree with this administration (which I still think is horrible). I would also feel pretty confident that this handful of protesters does not speak for the great, great majority of the left.

    Again: what they did was wrong and in my eyes inexcusable, and I do not endorse it in any way.

    Even though everyone on the left is going to get lumped in with them anyway.

  12. As we mark what may well be the most colossal foreign policy disaster in US history, we mourn the death and destruction–which has not ended. We mark the lies and delusions that launched this war–since they too are continuing.

    The majority of the American people have found their way to the truth and are demanding an end to this catastrophe. Yet the political system continues to crawl hesitantly toward accepting the enormity of this failure.

  13. To call the s.o.b. who burned the soldier in effigy “scum” is too good for him (or her). That would elevate his status far above what it should be.

  14. I called both KATU and KGW after they gave the antiwar people all the time and almost five seconds to the prowar side, a little decieving at least. I informed them I will not be watching any of their news and will be contacting sponsors of the news stations. We can protest too ya know.

  15. TreeChopper: There’s hope for you Yet. Great Job calling KGW, KATU, ETC. This is what many of us realized many years ago Treechopper “THE LIBERAL MEDIA”. Print Page is the worst and is Dieing. Vietnam Veterans realized “THE LIBERAL MEDIA” clear back in the early 70’s. My Mother and Father realized “The Liberal Media” clear back in the 1930’s. I hope you see the importance of alternative media, Victoria Taft, Rush Limbaugh, TALK RADIO, Internet Bloggers, Foxnews Channel, and to a small extent C-SPAN. The Liberal Media is very Pro-Democrat and ANTI-WAR, and have gotten worse sense 1945. If it isn’t part of the LiBERAL AGENDA, they won’t report it, or they’ll give 5 seconds “as you say” to the opposition to make it appear that there Balanced. There Not

  16. The Latest Picture’s on this Blog of a sign SAYING “F_ _ _ THE TROOPS, the other showing “A FLAG BURNING” and a picture on the Drudge report of Congressman Mike Rogers R-Michigan’s office Vandelized, “in my opinion” proves theres NO DIFFERENCE between Main stream Democrats, and so called Splinter Groups, ANARCHISTS. ALL DEMOCRATS HATE THE MILITARY AND HATE THE TROOPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

    Thank GOD for the Alternative and still Growing TRUE AMERICAN Media.

    PPS: Hey SOCIALIST Democrats and a few RINO’S with the Passage of HJM9
    feeeeeeel better nowwwwwwwwwww?????

  17. the salient point is that NONE of the thousands of “troop supporters” has said a word denouncing the outright anti-American activities and signage. It shouts hypocrisy. Shame on you libs and your lies. You fool no one.

  18. iknowhowtospell said: Even though everyone on the left is going to get lumped in with them anyway.

    Klatu said: Your right iknow

  19. Were those Kilts or Skirts.
    There are these new Kilts, which I didn’t, at first, recognize as Kilts.
    A bunch of guys at my Nieces Wedding wore the things.
    They are quite popular, and are not girls skirts.

  20. coboble: Do you have the email addresses to “THE CORVALIS GAZETTE TIMES, and THE OREGONIAN, so we can email “THE F_ _ _ THE TROOPS picture, and the Flag burning picture to them? They’ll put them on the Front Page won’t they????

  21. One of the unfortunate things about much of this discussion is that it misses a critical point: four years ago, on questionable grounds, the United States invaded and occupied Iraq. We went in with no serious plan for how to run the occupation, and four years later, our presence has caused the situation to deteriorate. We have spent an estimated $300 billion dollars, lost 3,200-plus servicemen and women dead and something like ten times that many wounded, and for what? So that the Administration can say we cannot let the bad guys win?

    But who are these “bad guys”? If I post a message, klatu will probably blast back, as will several of the other, more vitriolic posters. If I post a radical message, it just brings out more vehemence.

    If Iraq, if we kill a terrorist, is that an act that occurs in complete isolation? No. Most of the people we kill are Iraqis. They have wives, children, siblings, friends. Do all of these people either (a) conclude that their dead relative/friend must have been doing something unspeakably wrong and therefore got what he deserved? or (b) decide that it is never worth following whatever course the dead relative/friend was following?

    Or do they (c) try to figure out a way to get even?

    So how do we stop this ugly cycle in which our killing of Iraqis radicalizes more Iraqis so that we kill Iraqis. radicalizing more Iraqis, and so ad infinitum?

    I don’t know exactly how to end the cycle, but merely pouring more troops into the conflict does not seem like an effective way to stop it.

  22. If we keep the war going, my dad is going to have more money, which means, so do I. I support the troops because I will have more money to give to my church. I agree, we did invade a country with bad planning. But those contracts, man, gravy train. Love that money. As long as we have terrorism, my family is going to make money on it.

  23. We have two sides with different views as to who is right and wrong.
    We do not have Good Guys and Bad Guys here.
    (Well there are some bad guys, but that is independent of which side of the protest they are on).

    Did the flag, which was burned, belong to the person (or group) who burned it?

    When I was in Military Leadership school I remember having this debate with some guys in my squad, while we were “playing” war. (Our debate was casual, not anything which was part of the official training, it just sort of came up). Most of us were college students doing summer reserve training.
    The majority of us agreed (not initially, but after some debate) that flag burning should be allowed, as long as the person burning the flag owned the flag, and it was not in a no burn zone (a safety thing). It was this sort of right that we were all signing up to fight to defend.

    Does anyone think that it should be illegal to protest?
    What should be allowed during a protest?

    Protesting the actions of our leaders, when we disagree with them, makes the country stronger, and helps keep our leaders in check.

  24. Hey Liberal Democrats: You “ALLLLLLLLL” agree with, and like the F_ _ _ THE TROOPS SIGN and the Burning of the Solider in Effigy, and you especially like the Burning of the American Flag.
    This was a debate during the Vietnam War, but Its proven Fact now. Nice try.

    Ps I’m still waiting for the F_ _ _ THE TROOPS Picture to appear on the front page of the Oregonian, above the Fold.

  25. Anti-War Protesters Vow More Democrat Office Takeovers…
    From the Drudgereport.com

    Figures these F_ _ _ THE TROOPS Democrats continue to give AMERICA such Child-Like Humor.

    From Drudgereport.com

    Still waiting for the pictures
    to appear in the Oregonian
    front Page above the Fold.

  27. Portland hates America
    By Michelle Malkin · March 20, 2007 01:09 AM
    I just linked to LGF’s post on the US soldier burned in effigy. Charles Johnson has updated it with a photo of a sign that reads “F*** The Troops.” Here it is (language warning):

    Portland’s hatred deserves full-force exposure in the blogosphere. Interestingly, the Portland Oregonian posted several photos from the moonbat march on its Flickr site, but omitted the “F_ _ _ The Troops” sign. Here are more examples of “patriotism” from the Left they did show (via the Oregonian Flickr site, hat tip – Kirk):

    I think a Gathering of Eagles in Portland might be a healthy antidote.

    Ps Hannity & Commie are showing some of you Portland Communists Picture’s TONIGHT — TUNE IN!

  28. westsidedavid said…
    “One of the unfortunate things about much of this discussion is that it misses a critical point: four years ago, on questionable grounds, the United States invaded and occupied Iraq.”

    The unfortunate thing is that for four years since we launched military operations, the mainstream media has fed the American public slanted journalism. Look, the posts here talking about the blatant disregard for noteworthy news by the local press are a small-scale representation of the current National media condition. What does that give us, aside from protesters engaging in something as disgusting as burning a U.S. soldier in effigy? Lines like this: (westside, I’m NOT equating you with those sickos, just making a point here)

    “I(n) Iraq, if we kill a terrorist, is that an act that occurs in complete isolation? No. Most of the people we kill are Iraqis.”

    Where does this information come from? Is it fact? Is it CNN fact? Who would really know? (How about the people we don’t hear from in the media… the boots-on-the-ground TROOPS) I believe most of the deaths we hear reported by the mass media are indeed Iraqi civilians, but who is killing off Iraqi civilians?

    I’ll just wait for the next person to say it’s our troops (or “we”) before I barf.

  29. I’m Proud of Drudge and Foxnews channel for showing the solidier being burned in effigy, the f***the troops,pictures. Figures you would never see them in the Oregonian,kgw ch.8 ch.12 ch.6 ch2.
    Where was the Police? WHERE WERE THE Left wing “Designated Peace Keepers”. Why DIDN’T they condeemed these acts? I see you all agree with these acts!

    How bout that great Portland city council pass a resolution banning flag burning and burning US SOLIDIERS IN EFFIGY and “un-patriotic signs like F***the Troops.

    You Can’t do it,why not?
    you just passed a resoulution to not bomb Iran.

    How bout I call president Bush and the US MILITARY, and Have them pass a RESOLUTION promising

  30. Klaturd,

    How about you grab a dictionary, learn to spell, and stop being a giant douchebag?

    If you’re so convinced that the left agrees with the protesters who burned the soldier in effigy (a despicable act, one I completely disagreed with, as noted in a post above that seems to have been ignored) and you want to know why this act hasn’t been condemned by others, please show me where someone in Portland City Hall, the offices of the Oregonian, or in Governor Kulingoski’s office has *supported* these acts. You can’t, because they haven’t. You may believe their silence means they agree, but as usual, you’d be wrong.

    There were some punk morons who did a terrible thing. There are far more important issues to take care of then to continue to make these clowns a headline story – which is exactly what they want, I’m sure. Ignore them and don’t give them the satisfaction of being in the spotlight. Those protesters have nothing of value to say, so don’t give them a forum. Maybe they’ll go away.

    You seem to want to focus on them, and it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

    They were jerks before the incident, they’ll be jerks after it. Kinda like you.

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch thinking that everyone who disagrees with you naturally agrees with those other protesters, because trust me, we don’t.

  31. Lew: Comments from the Oregonian or Taliban Tommy or Teddy about the crap the “protestors” did last Sunday? Forget it! They aren’t going to say anything against these actions. That wuld go against their beliefs.

    It means that their silence is their approval.

  32. ihatethetroopsandlovecommunism said: Don’t get your panties in a bunch thinking that everyone naturally agrees with those other protesters, because trust me, we do.

    Klatu said: The hateful Amerikan Democratic party Communist Mindset.
    Just like you all were back during Vietnam.

    PPs Scottiebill: Right on

  33. KGW CH.8: Congrats on showing one of the anti-troop anti-american Pictures at 10:06pm tonight. Now show the f***THE TROOPS PICTURE.

    Ps And why don’t you talk to the Majority of the US MILITARY about this discusting Anti-American, un-Patriotic Behavior, instead of the young feminist who took the Pictures for the Indypedent Communist Website.

    Or should we just say who they are, KGW CH.8
    Remember them from the early 90’s
    Or as I like to call them


  34. The Oregonian editorial 3-22-07

    When protests backfire

    The message of a mostly peaceful rally is lost on the fringe of those who oppose the war
    Thursday, March 22, 2007
    P eople who marched through downtown Portland against the U.S. military mission in Iraq on Sunday put on a remarkable display. A reported 15,000 marched and chanted in opposition to the war and the White House strategy in Iraq — many more than gathered in San Francisco or New York.

    Most of the marchers were peaceful and reasonable. A few were not. Unfortunately, the most memorable images from the protest will be of the few and not of the many.

    On the South Park Blocks, a handful of people set afire a uniformed effigy of a U.S. soldier and an upside-down flag. Around them, bystanders took pictures. Some of these images have made several loops of the planet by now, with the “Portland” marquee from the Performing Arts Center centered in the background.

    The backlash began a day later.

    “These jackasses are pure SCUM,” reads one of the e-mails received here this week. “It’s because of the sacrifices of these soldiers they have the freedom to act like idiots.”

    Others of the 15,000 or so marchers were horrified to learn about the small demonstration with the burning effigy. They say they weren’t aware it was happening and wish that it hadn’t.

    “So much for supporting the troops,” read an e-mail from an Oregon National Guardsman.

    This is one of the things that happens when a free society puts itself through a difficult debate. The country’s sentiment has shifted in the past two years, with a majority of the American people deeply troubled about the nation’s course in Iraq, along with the continuing carnage and instability. This majority delivered a powerful political message in November, unseating the Republican congressional majorities and providing what the president himself called “a whuppin’.”

    The march through downtown Portland near the fourth anniversary of the invasion was a loud, colorful expression of this new majority sentiment. Old folks, children, men and women marched the streets in force, reinforcing the message of last November.

    Marches like this are the way wars are fought in the arena of public opinion. But their message is tainted by the actions of a small group more keen on delivering an outrage than an argument. And because their actions fit the definition of outrageous, they provide grist for passionate people on both sides of the debate.

    Sadly for the 15,000 or so, the sidebar demonstration undermines the dominant message of peaceful dissent. The goal of an anti-war march, it would seem, would be not to win over the most committed supporters of the war, because they won’t be persuaded. And it’s not to win over committed opponents, because they are already persuaded. It’s to woo the great moderate middle of the electorate that decides the outcome of any national policy debate. And those members of the middle shrink from the callousness of a masked man burning an effigy of a soldier.

    As the demonstrators surely know, this did nothing to advance an argument. Indeed, it contradicts the feelings of many anti-war protesters, who tend to believe that the people of the military have served honorably but have been misused by their government.

    But if the words “Portland” or “anti-war protest” now conjure images of a burning effigy in uniform, then that is a shame.

    Klatu said: Thanks for finally saying somthing about this Oregonian.

    on the front page, above the fold.

    Ps The Beirut Group “Idycommunists”
    are mad at you, Oregonian.

  35. I saw on the national news on KGW last night that these pictures have found their way to the rest of the country. Maybe now the rest of the country will realize just how nutty (for lack of a better word) these protestors are.

    Notice, too, that neither the Oregonian not the Columbian have puablished any of these pics.

    Being silent on this is their approval of the goings on last Sunday.

  36. Klatu,
    That was an interesting post, I had not read that editorial (I don’t read the Oregonian).
    However, This editorial seems to reflect my own views on the protest, more than what I thought yours were (based on your other posts).

  37. coboble said… The Oregonian editorial seems to reflect my own views on the protest, more than what I thought yours were (based on your other posts).

    Klatu Said: Of course coboble, the Oregonian is 100% on your side of the aisle. Why is this Knew news to you about the “LIBERAL MEDIA”?
    You probably read the Corvallis Gazette times which is 110% on your side of the aisle? They protect you Socialists. There Socialists. And there Business is Dieinggggg. They wouldn’t dare show these F***the troop pictures.
    It would hurt there leftists agenda.

  38. Klatu,
    It is not that the Oregonian had this editorial which surprised me, it was that you brought it up, as if you agreed with it.
    But my reading skills are not the best, so I may have interpreted your own views incorrectly.

  39. Coboble: I posted the Oregonian editorial, because the Oregonian waited so long to say anything about the flag burning, soldier burning in effigy, the defecation on the flag etc. If it wasn’t for the rest of the media through out the country, they wouldn’t have said anything. Besides most Concervative people don’t subscribe or read the Garbage coming out of the “Propagonian”, and I wanted them to it least see there
    late, lame, response on this topic.

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