UPDATE: Men in Skirts, Drag Queens, Bush Haters Unite! (Good Guys at End of Post)

March 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

In San Francisco (above) in Portland (below)

I thought I’d seen all the signs on Indy media but Lew draws my attention to these located at Little Green Footballs from Portland’s anti SOLDIER protest over the weekend. Sorry about the language but I thought you needed to see these low lifes in action. See you at 10:30 at the Capitol (Tuesday) for HJM 9 vote. Burning a soldier in effigy. Unbelievable. Bastards.

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Tell your legislator to vote NO on HJM 9 tomorrow/Tuesday 10:30, House Floor, Salem
Did anyone see the person who DEFECATED on the American flag during yesterday’s protest? This is a story I have heard from the Portland Police Bureau. And here’s another factoid: two of the protesters arrested yesterday were regulars at the Schumacher weekly protests, according to the Schumacher spokesman. What are the chances that the only time they ever broke the law was yesterday? I’m sure they NEVER broke the law in front of Schumachers (read with sarcasm).
Listener Matthew took this picture yesterday.

A few of them have plans for today as well, the actual date on which the US went into Iraq. Check out today’s activities. I love the anarchist meeting scheduled for tonight. Rage against the machine, yo! Come to think of it, the strategy on how to avoid paying taxes looks pretty interesting, too.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C the thousands of Eagles who came out to support A Gathering of Eagles OUTNUMBERED the anti war protesters! That doesn’t usually happen because usually the silent majority stays home and does its work.
See video here for updates. Here’s a great picture at the counter protest however. One of the few mean spirited ones on our side.

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