Ungar Furs Targeted Again by Animal "Rights" Protesters

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Their intent is to put this furrier out of business. See? They say so here in the missive they sent me:

Just a reminder ,that every Saturday we will be outside of ungar furs. Please come and join us at 10am and let those bastards know that we won’t stand for such a disgusting industry to operate in our city.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

29 thoughts on “Ungar Furs Targeted Again by Animal "Rights" Protesters

  1. Lets Hope know one shows up but if they do and get out of Hand lets hope the Police bring there HANDCUFF’S and do there Job.

    Ps: I’d like to see some picture’s and Video’s of these Religious Communists IF THEY DO SHOW UP.

  2. Hey Jonny _ _ _ _ You Religious Communist do you know what “Loitering” Means? And If you get out of hand, Lets hope the Police use the same Handcuffs as the one in the picture on you.

    Ps: For all Law abiding none Loitering Citizens check the below web site out about Loitering in Multnomah County. Fasinating!

    Pps: Good term here “chronic nuisance ordinance” Got it jonny!


  3. Unlike Klatu, the protestors are educated. They know exactly how far to push without crossing the line. They are experts at it in fact- as you all saw with Schumakers. Nobody really expects the cops to respect protesters really, because they are corrupt (in this town). However the protesters have taken to videotaping the cops, and their own actions just for that reason. Thats why the protesters have had several big wins in lawsuits against the city, and a big win in the schumaker case. When the cops are afraid of getting in trouble they tend to behave better. Power to the People!

  4. No Religious Communist Jonny: The Problem is you and The whole Democrat Socialist _ _ _ _ _ _ Party. The Professional Protesters , Socialist Lawyers, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Liberal Politicians in Multnomah County. Loitering is a crime. The Police arn’t the Problem jonny. You and your Fellow Religious Communist Democrats are. Turn that Video Camara around Religous Communist jonny on yourself and fellow comrades, show your selves, take the masks off. No jonny “Power to the rule of Law”.

    Ps: _ _ _ _ John Lennon if you Know what i’m getting at jonny. The 60’s are over, thank GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Pps: Hope to read about you “jonny” and your fellow comrades “trials” after the police cart your _ _ _ off to jail, soon in the Liberal Media.

  5. Hey jonny is this a picture of you or one of your Educated Religious Communist friends getting SLAMMED UP AGAINST a Portland Police car (WHOSE HANDS ARE TIED BY YOUR RELIGIOUS COMMUNIST POLITICAIAN FRIENDS) out front of Schumachers? If so Lets hope the Police continue to uphold the law and stop LOITERING like this.

  6. Its interesting that people like Klatu, who have no understanding or respect for the United States Constitution- are also some of the ones who benefit the most from it.

  7. jonny you little “BASTARD”, (VICTORIA’S Word Not Mine)
    I’m all for the rule of Law and I hope you Little “BASTARD” (VICTORIA’S WORD NOT MINE)
    get carted off by the Police.

    Ps: And its to bad Little “BASTARD’S” like you
    try to bend The Constitution
    to your own liking.
    (VICTORIA’S word not mine).

    PPs: Hey jonny you little “BASTARD”
    (Victoria”s word not mine)
    Victoria’s Radio Show right nowww
    i’M SURE THERE’S A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT WOULD LIKE TO biteeeeee your HEAD OFF jonny you Little “BASTARD”
    (Victoria”s Word Not Mine).

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    Shocking Eye-witness Testimony
    The following is an eye-witness account, reported to the Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) by one of its members, Miss Mun Juyoung.
    “While passing by the Kyoung-il Health Food Restaurant, Miss Mun looked in through the window and saw a middle aged women walking slowly among the rows of hissing and boiling cauldrons. In her arms she held a cat, who seemed undisturbed by the water on the floor or the stream so thick in the air. Stopping at one of the hot kettles, the women sniffed once and dropped the cat in to the boiling water. Hideously scalded by the boiling water the cat screamed and clawed its way out but, the blank-faced woman, pushed it back in the water with a stick over and over again until the cat finally lost consciousness. The woman fished it out once more, the cat mewing and whimpering in pain, whereupon the woman pushed it back in for the final time.” “

  9. Call into Victoria’s show 1-503-225-0860 jonny you little “BASTARD”
    (victoria’s word not mine) or are you chicken. She might agree with you on Cats and Dogs, I do, but you little BASTARDS (VICTORIAS WORD NOT MINE) go far beyond this you little
    TREE HUGGING BASTARD (Victoria’s word not mine) AND THERE’S MORE.

  10. You are an idiot and a small man. You obviously hate America. You are obviously a fool as well. I know it hurts to keep getting smacked with the idiot stick, but if you agree on the dogs and cats then you are two faced because it is also all about free market. Also, several species of dogs are often killed for their fur and it is sold in department stores right here in Ptown. I am not even going to try to have a discussion with you because you are too dense. By the way, I dont’t listen to V.T’s show. I’ve never even heard it once.


  11. Hey Jonny. I’m still waiting of or your definition of “coats of skin” from Genesis 3:21.

    You brought the Bible into this in the other thread and bugged out when asked a hard question.

    Tell us why God would choose “coats of skin” for Adam and Eve instead of cotton or other natural fibers, since they had to have been here too.

    Still waiting.

  12. No jonny you little BASTARD (Victoria’s word not mine)
    I’m just someone that thinks and Beleives in Humans over most other Life forms especially LIFE for UNBORN HUMANS,than you and your Socialist friends who can’t wait for Human’S (MAN) to become extinct. You Socialist BASTARDS (VICTORIA’S WORDS NOT MINE) are sickkkkkkkkk and the Police should round everyone of you Loiter’s up and throw away the Key.

    Ps: Jonny you little Bastard (VICTORIA’S WORD NOT MINE)
    there’s a KFC(fried chicken) you know(YUM YUM) in the Republican town where I live here in Oregon
    and some of your Bastard (victoria’s word not mine) PETA friends were arrested for LOITERING A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO out front of it.You can be ARRESTED FOR LOITERING YOU LITTLE BASTARD (VICTORIA’S WORD NOT MINE).
    Round em up police and throw away the KEY.

  13. You weren’t still waiting, because I responded already. But here is my response again, just for you.

    Regarding Genesis 3:21. They were trying to keep warm. (And it would still be perceived as a sacrifice, with all parts of the animal used, and only done in moderation- under Gods law).

    You would have a hard time saying that you need a fur coat to survive in this day in age. Surely you agree that it is more of a status symbol (something else the Bible doesn’t care for).

    There is nothing in the Bible that says it is O.K. to kill animals for the purpose of making money, or for extravagance and fashion. There is also nothing that would lead you to believe that anal electrocution was also alright under Gods law.
    I realize it can be difficult to change your beliefs in any matter. But I encourage everyone to have an open mind. We all want to create a better world in which to live, right?

  14. No Jonny I love the America John Edwards Hate’s but your a Lying LITTLE BASTARD. (VICTORIA’S WORDS NOT MINE)
    Dogs & Cats fur are “not” for SALE IN AMERICA you little BASTARD (VICTORIA’S WORD’S NOT MINE)and America has Regulations against that. Take your little Bastard (Victoria’s word not mine) Socialist friends over to the ORIENT or maybe china Town and PROTEST THEM. I dare ya.

    Ps: Enjoy Jail Jonny and Friends

  15. Jonny said: We all want to create a better world in which to live

    Klatu said: Jonny you little BASTARD (VICTORIA’S WORD NOT MINE
    Mars is a wonderful planet BLAST OFF,head for it. Problem for ya jonny ‘EARTHFIRST” hasn’t arrived on mars yet. There’still logging going on here on Earth.

    Now where’s that Hamburger

  16. Jonny said: Dog Fur Used in Clothing Sold in US

    “A recent study by the Humane Society of the United States discovered that the fur on jackets made by many of fashion’s top brands is really from dogs”.

    Klatu said: Bull _ _ _.and the Humane society has become SADLY a wing of PETA and the Democrat Socialist Party. We used to get cats and dogs from them. Not any more. We get em from Pet stores now.

    Ps: Jonny enjoy jail. I hear they serve “turkey” sometimes.

  17. Klatu, Are those boys picking on you again? Havn’t you told them about your fetal alcohol syndrome? OK Listen up everybody. No More Picking On Klatu. He is mentally retarded. Its not his fault that his mother drinks. There I told them all off for you, honey so come to beddy bye now.

  18. Good thing the Military has “Don’t ask Don’t Tell.

    Maybe Its time to bring back
    Measure 9 and the OCA
    FROM 1992 to stop these
    Freaks of Nature.

    My mother died in 2002 _ _ _ _ _ _ FREAK

    The Police love to Lockup
    all kinds of Freaks.
    They’ll be waiting in front of UNGARS.

  19. Jonny
    Just one question for you . Do you beleave that abortion is killing an un born child? and is a animals life more important than a humans.

    If you do not like what they do in korea go protest there!

  20. Jonny is wrong about dog fur being used on some articles of clothing. In actuality it is coyote fur and, sometimes rabbit fur. Now, Jonny, you probably don’t realize it but coyotes are part of the Canis family, which dogs are also. And I know rabbit are not, but then their fur is ideal for some outdoor wear, mittens, coat collars, etc. And the rest of the carcass can be eaten by humans, or possible used as some variety of pet food.

  21. damn, I want Klatu and Jonny in the ring, full on fight with the fists, no gloves. Jonny and his anger over the mistreatment of animals and Klatu with his anger at anyone that opposes his beliefs. Not taking sides here or anything.

  22. Lets get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. No Christopher and tnr the real fight is between the schumachers and Ungars on one side and the Castro loving,Socialist Private sector hating Pond Scum that were and are in front of there stores. Thats the real fight. Besides my girl friend would probably scratch whose ever eyes out before I got up to the ring. Woman these Days.

  23. Are you kidding me? Klaturd we all know you do not have a girlfriend. What a joke. Besides, getting in the ring with you would go against my policy of hurting dumb little animals.

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