U-dub Makes Lemonade Out of their "Lemons" (students)

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The University of Washington Foundation offers a scholarship fund to US Marines or their children in honor of the World War II Marine Corps Ace: Pappy Boyington. This after the student senate votes (temporarily) to deny a tribute to the UW alumnus on campus. Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the head’s up.

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8 thoughts on “U-dub Makes Lemonade Out of their "Lemons" (students)

  1. Victoria:

    I just listened to you show for the first time tonight, as an assignment for my Media and Society class at the University of Portland, where I am currently a senior. I do agree with you on the issue regarding the UW senator’s decision to not put up a statue of Greg “Pappy” Boyington as being stupid and disrespectful. I remember watching quite a few episodes of Black Sheep Squadron on the History Channel and really thought it was a great show. Anyway, they still should memorialize him for the service he did to this nation. Even though I am personally very opposed to war, I believe that it is a grevious disgrace to walk all over the memory of this World War II hero. It is stupid that we let the opinion of one student senator be the decision of a campus with a population of 35,000. I mean, sure, this senator has the right to their opinion, but they should not let their opinion become official policy (not having the statue put up). I think that the University should just erect the statue and kick this senator out of the senate. If he/she has a problem with the statue, then just avoid walking near it.

    Anyway, great show and I hope to hear back from you about this.

    Ryan Warren

  2. OT: ryan, did you happen to record the show – I’m dying to have the bit of audio where the host for tomorrow’s hot rod show said he “would have three guests pleasuring him.”

    On topic, I agree with the caller that said if they really wanted to do something, they would construct their next building in his name. Make it something really worthwhile of his honor – there are a zillion statues around up there.

    (sigh) Quite a drama being had over a (small) proposed statue that the senate couldn’t agree what should be engraved on it. Makes me sorry I complained about the fuss being made over Cheney’s accident.

  3. Yes it’s on tape and it’s clear from the context that this is not what he meant. It was a moment where words failed him. Then he chose the wrong way in which to say them. It happens.
    Anyone who heard the show would have known that. Thanks for sort of listening to the show, though.

  4. Of course I realize in context that’s not what he meant at all.

    I just found it humorous, esp. considering the audience of the event, and who his guests were. Kind of a “Queer Eye hosts Nascar” moment.

    And you’re welcome. I sort of listen to the show all the time. 🙂

  5. I am also a student at UP listening for my Media & Society Class. I found this story particularly disappointing. Regardless of some students’ personal feelings about war, there is no reason not to honor the heroism of this man who fought for the freedom of the country in which these very students live. He did not start the war, nor did he perpetuate, he simply did his job the best he could and came out a hero. Should he lose the respect and honor that he earned only because of the venue in which his heroism was displayed?

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