Two Cases Of Racism, Only One Worthy Of National Media Attention

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Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell in Tangipahoa Parish in southeastern Louisiana is rightfully under fire for his refusal to grant a marriage license to an interracial couple.

Bardwell claims his decision is not racist as he does marry Black couples. He states his reason for not marrying interracial couples, “he doesn’t marry the couples because he’s worried about their children’s futures,” and “interracial marriages don’t last very long.”

Calls are out from various Civil Rights groups for his JP license to be revoked and for him to step down.

Just as racist is the case of 22 year-old Nikole Churchill, recently chosen as Homecoming Queen at predominantly Black Hampton University in Virginia. Ms. Churchill is the Universities first ever non-Black Homecoming Queen.

At the announcement of her winning the title several Black students stormed out of the auditorium upset that a White girl won the title. The negativity Nikole has received prompted her to write a letter to Barack Obama, which she has since apologized for writing.

Some students, faculty and professors are speaking out, some saying how great is for this first, other complaining that she’s not black and doesn’t attend the main campus. Others claim their “disgruntlement with Churchill had nothing to do with her race.”

Can racism be stopped when selected cases are ignored by the so called Mainstream media and others are sensationalized in national media?

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.