‘Tolerant’ Leftists Destroy PSU College Republican Posters (Again)

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On the left are the signs the thugs took down. On the right is what the thugs replaced them with.

And does the University condemn this behavior or do anything about it such as provide security? No.

From the PSU College Republicans,

This week, we have the big display case in the Smith Memorial Student Union and I set up posters for our three upcoming events:

1. Runaway Slave
2. Nonie Darwish – The Nice Muslim Family Next Door
3. Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West

This is probably what fueled the content of the malicious flyers put up against us.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I put up flyers advertising for our weekly meeting on all the doors of Nueberger, Smith, and Cramer and finished at about 12:30pm. Our meetings are at 4pm Wednesdays in Smith M114. The Concealed Carry group has that room before us at 3pm. Apparently, between 12:30pm and about 2:30pm, someone took down every single poster I had put up, folded them, and laid them on the table in our meeting room. They then put [a flyer]… calling us racists/sexists/KKK members, on all sides of the room and on our display case in Smith as well.

I’ve put in a report with Campus Security, SALP, and the Dean of Students. But without a face to these acts, it’ll be hard for them to do anything.

The group decided to put the malicious flyers in our display case and I typed up a response to the individual to accompany the flyer. Let me know if you want a picture of that or any other information. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks, 


Sounds like someone might have to keep the PSU College Republican information under surveillance. Consider that a threat, Occupy or International Socialist Organization. 


Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

One thought on “‘Tolerant’ Leftists Destroy PSU College Republican Posters (Again)

  1. Sorry this happened, again. I wrote an article about the very similar acts that took place when Erick Stakelbeck was there to speak. Sadly, I’m past the point of being surprised when the oh-so-tolerant left pulls stunts like these. Clearly they’re afraid of what conservatives have to say.

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