This Date in Occupy Portland HIstory: Hijacking the Portland Marathon

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On October 6th Occupy Portland began illegally camping out at Chapman and Lownsdale Squares. It would be 224 days before anyone could use those parks again. This is a look back at Occupy Portland one year ago.

Today is the Portland Marathon. But one year ago, Occupy Portland had taken over the parks for which the Marathon had permits to use.

Portland Police

PortlandPolice Portland Police

Portland Marathon holds a long-standing permit for Lownsdale and Chapman parks this wknd Fencing will begin on Oct 7 at 9a #occupyportland

A grand “compromise” was arrived at. Occupy Portlanders refused to go and Mayor Sam Adams told them they could stay and the Portland Marathon would be happy to pay for it.

Though the City had barricaded Main Street to accommodate the Marathon, Occupy Portland hijacked the blockades and kept the road closed for seven more days.

General Assemblies (Mic check!) were held in the middle of Main street to keep it populated. And the City let them block the traffic for buses, cars and the law abiding.

Parody of Marathon Map by Dalight Disinfectant

One of the most amusing moments of covering this debacle was when I tried to drive my car past the barricade. Women, CHILDREN and the usual rabble wouldn’t open the barricade. I sat for several light cycles with nary a honk behind me as I continued demanding they let me through.

Finally, a woman came closer to my window and asked, “Do you know you’re blocking traffic?” I laughed, went home, and called the cops.

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