The White House Auto Repair Shop is Now Open! 1-202-456-1111

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I’ve gone over the Obama Administration’s plan to take over GM & Chrysler, and, based on his own words today, these are the things he’s said/promised/done:

  • Sacked Rick Waggoner and several board members at GM (no sackings at unions)
  • Government has given GM another 60 days to become what the government wants it to be
  • Given Chrysler 30 days to merge with Fiat in order to get $6 billion carrot
  • Promised GM and Chrysler they’ll go into reorg bankruptcy for ‘fresh start’
  • Blames ‘lack of leadership’ in Detroit and Washington but doesn’t blame regulation
  • Claims the government has a better business plan for Detroit–a business plan which includes making cars government wants them to make
  • Claims the government will move faster than companies to get GM & Chrysler viable
  • Government will back your car warranty and repair needs for companies’ cars
  • Government will ‘accelerate’ its car buying program
  • Government will give sales and excise tax rebates to those who bought cars from Feb 16 till end of year
  • Government will buy your older car and give you money to buy a new one

Government has swallowed GM and Chrysler whole and using ‘saving the auto industry’ to facilitate its plan to force the industry into exclusively making cars only the government wants us to have. They’ll kill the industry. There’s never a there there with Obama; it’s always a where there.
Oh, and where’s the exit strategy for government to get out of the car business? There isn’t one.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

17 thoughts on “The White House Auto Repair Shop is Now Open! 1-202-456-1111

  1. “Given Chrysler 30 days to merge with Fiat in order to get $6 billion carrot”

    In Other words.. Obama owes someone at Fiat something…

    I can not beleive that GM or Chrysler were crazy enough to ask for moore money.

    The spinsters are saying.. “this is whats right” But Come on.. this should be a OUTRAGE to the taxpayers.. but all we see is a whimper…

  2. The real question here is not about the government controlling the company. Its really about what the unions are going to do with the company. SO, is the point to let GM and Chrysler go out of business and let 60,000-100,000 people go unemployed? is it their fault for working for a company that did not respond to the market well enough? I agree, the government should stay out of it, but I really feel for the families of the workers that face unemployment. Rick Wagger does not have to worry, I am sure he can sell a couple Lear jets for income and he deserves to have one or two less jets, he is a bad business man.

  3. “They’ll kill the industry”
    You are worried that the government will Kill the Auto Industry?

    The industry is choosing to allow the government in.
    They begged the Government.

    They were dieing already.

    If a patient shows up at the hospital, almost dead, and the doctor tries to save them and fails, did the doctor kill the patient?

  4. “If a patient shows up at the hospital, almost dead, and the doctor tries to save them and fails, did the doctor kill the patient?

    If the doctor relies on methods proven not to work, such as blood letting or telling the patient they must get a divorce from their spouse, I’d say yes.

    Otherwise, yes, they did crawl in bed with Hobama and have only theirselves to blame for this nationalization.

    Then again, they didn’t fight the Unions when they could have and agreed to some outrageous contracts.

    But, at the same time, don’t forget that while Hobama is “trying to save the auto industry,” government has taken the stance of “forcing us out of our cars” and into public transportation.

    Just another example of how teh country is in deep trouble with that empty shirt in power and dictatorial Democrats supporting him.

  5. Now the Administration needs to just take over mini-bLewsers grease monkey shop and the circle will be complete.

  6. Actually, CNSkate, the bankruptcy laws that both auto companies could take advantage of would allow them to operate for a certain time period under legal protection from their creditors. During this time, they would have to create and submit a plan subject to the approval of the special bankrupcy courts. Unless the companies are run by complete fools (a supposition we have no evidence for), creating a viable business plan to solve their woes wouldn’t be a really big challenge because unlike the government, a bankrupcy judge neither solicits nor regards the opinions of the largely uninformed public. Perhaps this would mean significant layoffs–but it wouldn’t be a sure thing and the companies would survive and be able to keep the workers employed without an economically illiterate and ideaologically blinded government pulling strings.

  7. Yes, Eileen. We’re worried that a populist entity with a tenuous grasp of reality will destroy the auto industry. The only way in which the executives showed poor judgement was asking the government to help them. Having approached a hungry anaconda for assistance, they have now found themselves in its malicious coils.

  8. cnskate36 said…
    SO, is the point to let GM and Chrysler go out of business and let 60,000-100,000 people go unemployed?

    Klatu said: No CNS not out of Business its Bankruptcy so the UAW is gone (bust the union). And the workers can still have there jobs NON UNIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN plus GM will make cars that America wants not want the Democratic Party says we must drive.

  9. PS: GM = Government Motors

    Let Government Motors go Bankrupt.
    If they don’t go Bankrupt, then don’t buy Cars from GM Government Motors ever.


  10. if our goverment takes over GM I will sell my Pontiac and by another SubarU ! Just what we don’t need goverment idiots telling me what I should drive. Then they tell me to take the bus or ride my bike ! whats up with that ,do they want the us auto inds. to fail sure looks like it .

  11. It is just a giant step forward in Obama’s effort to nationalize the auto industry. And when the government needs new vehicles for their motor poos all across the country, they will go to GM (OM – Obama Motors) and Fiat-Chrysler, and will ignore Ford entirely.

    And for your Info, MiniMe, Obama already has taken over the auto company Lew works for. I remember him saying a year or so ago that he works at a Dodge dealership. So now you can go back into your own miniscule world of asininity and be stupidly smug.

  12. Whatever else about all of this we disagree on;
    Do most of us agree that the Government should NOT be bailing out ANYONE?

    If we let companies fail, and they are serving a need, then someone else will come in and start a company to fill that need.

    The Financial Business class owns our government (they own BOTH major parties).

    Yet too many people insist on keeping these two parties in power, based on some idea that non-major-party candidates can’t win.

  13. Thanks, Witchy-poo, I try. And MiniMe is consistently leaving himself open for ridicule and scorn.
    He is showing every time he posts here that if brains were dynamite, he couldn’t blow his nose.

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