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 A 5th Listener, Roy Widing, wrote this poem:

One Soldier’s Life

                                                               John 15:13-14

On a cold and rainy evening

Near an old and sunken grave                                               

Sounds a trumpet’s simple, solemn tune

Respects paid to the brave

Mere interest on a huge debt owed

For the biggest sacrifice

Through terror, sorrow, untold pain

Fire, smoke and ice

This soldier, many never knew

But he was someone’s son

And gave the promise of his youth

Now he’s the greater one

His battleground was far from home

He fought to keep us free

While many men spend lives on self

This man gave his for me

So many never made it back

They rest on foreign soil

Such gallant men I’ll not forget

For they define what’s loyal

Graves very often mention

The place where brave men fell

For others, we may never know

As only God can tell

Location matters little

For lives they nobly gave

Near forest, field or desert

In air, or watery grave

This young man               

Left his loved ones home

War pulled those lives apart

And left his fractured family

With but a broken heart

One soldier’s life speaks loud for those

Now silent through the years

This brave man’s sacred resting place

I wash with grateful tears 

by Roy Widing

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.