Terrorist Says He Targeted Family Research Council Because it Was On Southern Poverty Law Center Target List

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H/T Washington Examiner

FRC-shooterThe anti abortion protester was ordered to take down his website because his site made abortionists look as if they were on wanted posters. Sarah Palin, taking an artistic tool borrowed from a Democrat, put cross hairs on maps of congressional districts which made the left much, much later blame her for the shooting Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. But where’s the left on the Southern Poverty Law Centers hit list of supposed hate groups? Where does that fit in, exactly? 

After Floyd Lee Corkins burst into the Family Research Center’s HQ and shoot a janitor while waving Chick Fil A bags, Executive Director Tony Perkins took to the microphones in barely contained rage and accused groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center for giving a “license to shoot an unarmed man …by being reckless in naming organizations hate groups because they have a difference of opinion on public policy,”

And Perkins wasn’t wrong. Here’s the proof. The perp says he attacked the Family Research Center’s Washington DC headquarters because it was on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of so called “hate groups.” 

Morris Dees doesn’t like religious groups much it looks like according to his list. In fact, his group put a group of singing nuns on the list of hate groups. Read about it here. The American Family Association, a traditional values group, makes Dee’s list. He has a problem with religions that call homosexuality a sin, but oddly, the only Islamic or Muslim group named is the black separatist Nation of Islam. Dees tsks tsks Louis Farrakhan’s group for being anti Jewish, white and anti gay. No mention of any other aspects of Islamic groups which, as a tenet of faith, label gays infidels and treat them accordingly. He also curiously leaves off the group, La Raza, which literally means “The Race,” because, well, he, uh, just feels like it, I guess. And for the coup de grace, the group that defends the one collection of people who have been actual victims of genocide the Jewish Defense League is a hate group. Why? Because they don’t want to get a long with Arab Muslims who keep lobbing bombs at them. 



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