Ted’s Piece of the Pie gets SMALLER AND smaller…

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A recent Governor’s survey finds Ted Kulongoski’s approval rating is at 38% while Queen Christine’s is at 47%.
Vulnerable? It depends on the sampling of course. See the entire sampling here.

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11 thoughts on “Ted’s Piece of the Pie gets SMALLER AND smaller…

  1. Polls are not an accruate read of public opinion. They are slanted by how and what is asked and who is asked. Take the current CBS poll of Bush’s approval it is heavily weighted towards Democrats by almost a 2 to 1 ratio.

  2. You are right. Despite the polls we can all sense the President is very popular now, especially among Republicans running for re-election.

  3. Oh, ooohhh…Time for another “event” to take the sheeple’s minds off the bad numbers. What will it be…


  4. At first I was going to say that a poll showing Bush in excess of 50% would mean that Bush had announced his resignation. But wait, Cheney is in the teens pollwise. What “a revoltin development”.

  5. I’m surprised that Teddy the K has such a high approval rating. Maybe the poll takers talked only to the PERS recipients and Teddy’s wife a good many times.

    As for Queen Chris’ high rating, the poll takers probably did their polling only in King County and talked to all those dead voters.

  6. Actually, if you would take into account that the liberal media has done nothing but reverse sales for our president even by tainted polls I would say the man is doing a good job!
    but alas as a Washington resident I will say that sometimes even the winner doesn’t win,…but on a lighter note I think Queen Chris’s dog will be feeling good enough to vote next turn out…..ugh!

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