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  1. Watch out Portland! A whole whoppin’ 10 losers are going to crowd the streets screaming how they hate the government. Too bad they are too stupid to realize that it was their repubic party scum along with their shills on wall street that drove America into the toilet. You clowns should ride your toilet scooters to the nagfest.

  2. Me.

    I will count how many there are.. and we are Not Loosers..

    We do not hate government. WE simply wish government would operate within the Constitution and the law.

    You accuse all the Wall Street Firms were Republicans.. Not True.. in fact. The former CEO of Bear Stearns was a Democrat. But his firm is now gone..

    The problem with Idelogs such as you is.. you simply wish to insult.. you never offer a valid arguement for all you say.

  3. Don’t you find it funny, Kitanis, that mini-me, in all of his personas, claims we are insignificant and have no numbers, but without fail he appears almost daily to counter what he claims is “insignificant?”

  4. “WE simply wish government would operate within the Constitution and the law”

    Funny, Kitanis, I don’t remember you saying anything when George W. Bush, his administration, and your party were shredding the constitution. Maybe we need Eileen to stop by and talk about hypocrisy, again. Still waiting for that illegal (and failed) war to end.

  5. @ Lew. Yes Lew.. Me dose make me laugh when he claims were insignificant. Yet.. he comes back for more. LOL

    @ Abel.

    Well Abel.. I was blogging in other locations during much of George Bush’s administration (I did not live in this area for much of that time). Was Bush a perfect President.. No, But he was not the evil boogeyman that you progressives made him out to be.

    I also noticed that when the Democrats took over the House and Senate.. They did nothing.. sat there and cried that George Bush was president.. And did things to have him sign bills and laws that did skirt the constitution.

    Meanwhile.. our present president has obligated our government to more debt than ANY president before him. From George Washington to the present George Bush.. Obama has spent more defict spending than all their spending combined. In Less than 90 days.. Our currency is now being questioned around the world.

    Meanwhile, the House and Senate have proposed bills that essentially takes away Americans Freedoms, suggesting that Government will set the payscale for all Americans instead of the firm they work for. Essentiall that move would basically have its population become automatic government employees.

    They have suggested that Government will madate what kind of car you will drive. It will control how much electricity you will consume. Many Democrats want limits on your freedom of speech both on “public airwaves” and the Internet.

    You Speak of Shredding the Constitution.. From what I have been observing, the Democrats hare basically Spitting on it.. after they throw it UNDER the buss.

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