TEA PARTY, APRIL 15TH, PIONEER SQUARE. Gather at 5pm, Tea Party Starts at 6pm!

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WE GATHER AT 5, TEA PARTY STARTS AT 6PM. Start making your signs and let’s start making some history. For more information email standup@kpam.com. For sign ideas and additional info go to Oregon Tea Party here.

Smart Girl Politics – Tea Party Coverage from TCOT TV on Vimeo.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

13 thoughts on “TEA PARTY, APRIL 15TH, PIONEER SQUARE. Gather at 5pm, Tea Party Starts at 6pm!

  1. 100,000 teaparties won’t change the fact that the President Budget will pass.

    US House approves $3.45 trillion budget

    It also won’t change the fact that capitalism as you once knew it is dead.

    Did you hear the utterance of “New World Order” after the G20. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson…or in this case Lew Waters. Get your tin foil hat!

  2. Abel

    Earlier you predicted 10 people.. whats wrong? Scare the numbers will be higher than you want?

    there was about 100 at the 1st tea party… Come on Abel.. Join us.

  3. Looks to me like mini has developed LWDS 😉

    I wonder what it feels like to be supportive of bankrupting future generations at an unprecedented rate and the selling off of America to foreign nations.

    I can’t make it to the April 15th event, but I will defintely be at the April 18th Pork Protest in Vancouver.

    I hope to see many of you there if you can make it.

    BTW, mini, following Saul Alinksy’s advice to “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it” only works if it is the right target.

    While I am flattered that you thought me to be that right target, I am nothing more than a commenter, just like the rest of you.

    Introduce yourself if you make it to the Vancouver protest.

  4. Who is the clown in the big hat? If he has a tail, it is klatu.

    Having the Tea Party in Pioneer Square is a stroke of genius. KGW now has a studio there and no doubt will broadcast live the mass of humanity attending such an event. The event will occur during the news hour so there will be plenty of live and astute interviews. And of course Victoria can do her show from there. Since KGW is an NBC affiliate this will be all over MSNBC and CNBC that evening. Portland will never be the same.

    No doubt this event is huge. I worry about crowd control during the march to the river to dump the tea. You will want to TIVO. Although to watch Lew and klatu teabagging on live television may be a little much.

  5. iago said…
    Who is the clown in the big hat? If he has a tail, it is klatu.

    Klatu said: ha ha LoL

    PS: REP. TEDISCO get use to the name COMMUNISTS. You Democrat Socialists are Losing this one in New York State, and your gonna lose the house and Senate in 2010.

    Tea Party Time

  6. Abel Johnson said…
    KGW had their station there the last time and they couldn’t be bothered.

    Klatu said: Abel thanks for admitting the Bias of the (KGW) Liberal Democratic Party Media. It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t show up this time either. Of Course “Most” Republicans don’t watch, Listen, or Read, the Democratic Party Media much anymore, SO WHO GIVES A ************.


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