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*Video* PDX teachers expect parents to feed them during strike

teacher strike if you cared you'd crossIn the strategy session for the possible Portland teachers strike set for February 20th (see another post here), Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant discovered teachers expect parents to feed them after the same teachers walk out on their children.

And do you know what? Some parents are dumb enough to bring food to the very people who would abandon their kids. Some parents are dumb enough to believe this possible strike isn’t about money. Some parents are dumb enough to believe this possible strike is about teacher toshanker student ratio. That’s baloney. We know it’s baloney because at the first sniff at funding reductions teachers will throw under the bus any new teachers they claim they need now, ‘for the children.’ They want more union members. That’s it. 

Who sits at the bargaining table? Teachers and former teachers. Who bargains for the kids? No one.

*Video* PDX teacher walk out: Board doesn’t have “spang” for this.

Portland Teachers who have already voted to strike are planning what they hope is a massive protest Thursday, February 20th. In a strategy session recorded by Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant, teachers say they plan to protest from 8am-to-noon on the 20th. However, as you’ll note below, they haven’t bothered to reserve the space for their hoped for protest.

I remember how the board ran away when 50 or 60 of these guys turned up at the school board meeting running like nobody’s business. I just don’t think they have the spang for this.

The teachers believe the mere threat of a protest will force the Portland school board to fold. The issues are money and hiring more teachers. Watch the video and listen to one of the teachers say she doesn’t think the Portland School Board has the guts–the ‘spang’– for a major protest. 

The word ‘spang’ sent me to the authority on these things, the Urban Dictionary, where I found,


1) The sound of someone being hit in the face, or over the head, with a shovel. Onomatapoeic.

“‘E was like, “Your bird’s a right munter!”, but I’ve got me shovel ‘andy, so I goes SPANG! Right in the chops. Wicked.”

School board members forced to flee when angry mob shows up to meeting. From video by Laughing at Liberals
School board members forced to flee in January when angry mob shows up to meeting. From video by Laughing at Liberals

The teacher rightly makes reference to the Portland School Board running like little girls in January when confronted by another batch of whackadoodle unionistas agitating for teachers. Citizen Journalist, Laughing at Liberals captured the take over of the meeting which was memorialized on this website. Who can forget their educated chants on behalf of the teachers, 

“Bulls**t, get off it, education’s not for profit!” Well, unless you’re a teacher, apparently.

It should be noted the teachers have not bothered to book the space for their protest as every right pcsleaning group must do. I checked the Pioneer Courthouse Square calendar and there’s nothing booked for the 20th.
The union members voted February 5th to back a strike which would start one week from today. 

Labor Union Activists Arrested For Disrupting Vancouver Event

Disruptive Unionistas Arrested
Disruptive Labor Unionistas Arrested

Arrests and protests at an event by my friends at Freedom Foundation and Cascade Policy Institute? This is the suit and tie crowd! But, yes, last Thursday during a joint event on labor reforms union activists showed up to disrupt the lecture. And the Vancouver cops arrested a couple of them.

From Trent England of the Freedom Foundation (where you can see more photos),

At least two people were arrested Thursday evening at a joint Freedom Foundation and Cascade Policy Institute event in Vancouver, Wash.

The event featured Vinnie Vernuccio, a labor policy expert from Michigan’s Mackinac Center for Public Policy, discussing state labor reforms that empower workers to decide whether or

These guys look dangerous. Not.
These guys look dangerous. Not. Labor Unions think so, however.

not to participate in and support union organizations.

Those arrested were part of a group of pro-union, anti-worker protesters bent on preventing open dialogue. The Freedom Foundation welcomes anyone to attend our events and to ask civil questions. 

The protesters, too cowardly to engage in civilized debate, instead screamed at event organizers and attendees and even tried to prevent attendees from parking or entering the event room.

The protesters are right to be afraid. When surveyed, more than one-third of union members say they would leave their union if they could do so without repercussions. In states where union membership is voluntary, many workers reject unions as

Carpenters Union members disrupted the event by Freedom Foundation and Cascade Policy.
Carpenters Labor Union members disrupted the event by Freedom Foundation and Cascade Policy.

unrepresentative of their interests or simply not worthwhile.

The Freedom Foundation and our allies at Cascade Policy Institute and the Mackinac Center will never retreat, never surrender, in the face of such attempted bullying. We are thankful to the Vancouver Police Department for their response and to our attendees and supporters for their courage and dedication to open debate and to freedom.

Labor Nay! Occupy Breaks With Obama? Radical ILWU Quits AFL-CIO; Cites Longview EGT Clash and ObamaCare Taxes

ILWU Union Members Clash With Cops Over Longview EGT Jobs

H/T Breitbart News
The International Longshore and Warehouse Union, ILWU, has broken away from the AFL-CIO union in what could signify a bigger crack between the Occupy left and President Obama.

ILWU International President Bob McEllrath has written a letter to Richard Trumka cutting ties with the grandfather organization claiming Trumka’s union is too “moderate.” McEllrath cited allowing affiliates to cross ILWU picket lines, opposing, then supporting ObamaCare health insurance taxes and undermining ILWU’s position in its fight at the Longview, Washington Export Grain Terminal as just a few reasons why they were breaking away. The letter reads in part,

ILWU participated in Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Portland's Shut Down the Port Strikes
ILWU participated in Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Portland’s Shut Down the Port Strikes.

“[W]e have seen a growing surge of attacks from various affiliates. A particularly outrageous raid occurred in 2011, when one affiliate slipped in to longshore jobs at the new EGT grain facility in the Port of Longview, Washington, and then walked through ILWU picket lines for six months until we were able to secure this critical longshore jurisdiction. Your office added insult to injury by issuing a directive to the Oregon State Federation to rescind its support of the ILWU fight at EGT, which threatened to be the first marine terminal on the West Coast to go non-ILWU.”

And the taxes on gold-plated union health insurance plans were another source of anger by the ILWU leadership,

“The ILWU has also become increasingly frustrated with the Federation’s moderate, overly compromising policy positions on such important matters as immigration, labor law reform, health care reform, and international labor issues. We feel the Federation has done a great disservice to the labor movement and all working people by going along to get along. The Federation has not stood its ground on issues that are most important to our members. President Obama ran on a platform that he would not tax medical plans and at the 2009 AFL-CIO Convention, you stated that labor would not stand for a tax on our benefits. “

In the letter, McEllrath reminds Trumka of ILWU’s “militant” roots on the far left and how

Longview ILWU members clash with police at EGT action. Photo by Don Ryan, AP
Longview ILWU members clash with police at EGT action. Photo by Don Ryan, AP

“moderate” the AFL-CIO has become,

“As you know, the ILWU has a long and proud history of militant independence inside and outside the House of Labor. With roots from the old Wobblies (IWW), our Union arose from industrial-based organizing, against the tradition of craft-based unionism, to become a founding member of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). This affiliation itself, however, did not last long. During the anti-labor, McCarthy period, the ILWU was kicked out of the CIO for being “too red” and too independent, and we did not join the merged AFL-CIO until 1988. In short, the ILWU has been independent and unaffiliated for most of its history. Today, the ILWU returns to that tradition.”

ILWU’s break with the AFL-CIO represents a further fraying of the far left’s support of the Obama Administration. President Obama has upset the far left for considering attacking Syria and for the disastrous ObamaCare plan, which raises health insurance and health care costs while stopping short of giving the left its beloved universal health. 

Here’s the letter that Bob McEllrath sent to AFL-CIO Chief Richard Trumka.