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About that March 4 Trump ‘Screamer Girl’ …

By now you’ve seen the ‘Screamer Girl’ who protested the peaceful ‘March 4 Trump’ rally in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Independent Journal Review

Her screeching was so bizarre and the reactions by the crowd so tolerant that I actually thought it was worth a story over at Independent Journal Review:

“They heard her before they saw her.

At a “March 4 Trump” gathering in Lake Oswego, Oregon, which borders Portland to the south, a young woman showed up to shout down the 200-400, or so, pro-Trump people who gathered to give the president an ‘atta boy.’”

Read the rest here.

Since then, ‘Screamer Girl’ has gone viral, and she is so well known, that one person excitedly shared with me a sighting of the girl at the local Dollar Tree.

In case you missed the initial scream-fest and don’t know what the hoopla is about, here she is again in the video by Leo Stratton:

But if you read through the comments you find that  the “Lady” is probably a high schooler from the area and probably is a boy.

However, if he’s a he, he will always and forever be known as the ‘Screamer Girl.’