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Portland Protester Who Threw Bomb at Crowd Given ‘Counseling’; Michael Strickland Faces Prison for Defending Himself

The hypocrisy of the “justice” system in Multnomah County continues to amaze even a long time observer like me.

Take note of the latest example of the duplicity with which prosecutors treat leftist defendants versus defendants such as Michael Strickland: Christopher Joseph Gourneau.

As you know by now, I’ve taken up Strickland’s defense not because we’re besties or agree on all issues. I’m sure he’d say the same about me.

But one thing we agree on is the right of free speech, something that was denied Strickland as he attempted to cover  the Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot PDX event July 7, 2016.

When a marauding bunch of masked thugs and a 300-400 lb assailant came rushing him again, Strickland exercised his second amendment rights and drew his legally possessed gun and back off the mob. This was after several attempts to keep them at bay with verbal commands, hand up, and monopod as a defensive tool.

In short, Strickland used his second amendment rights to exercise his first amendment rights. For that ‘offense,’ Strickland faces years in prison after being found guilty of 21 counts, ten of which are felonies related to this incident.

The very people who had minutes before assaulted him, laid hands on him, and attempted to drag him out  of the crowd to stop covering the event with the tools of his journalistic trade — a camera — now became ‘victims’ in the case.

They must laugh themselves silly thinking that they managed to ruin a man’s life by assaulting and then blaming him for defending himself. Prosecutors undoubtedly with the same leftist beliefs decided to use Strickland as a whipping boy to demonstrate what would happen to any Portlander who dares to defend himself legally.

The prosecution of Michael Strickland is nothing more than political persecution writ large.

Take for example the latest case of a man who actually threw a bomb into a crowd of protesters who just received PROBATION and COUNSELING for his offense.

The Oregonian reports that  man, who’s also one of the protesters, for some reason, threw his molotov cocktail bomb into the crowd:

A 27-year-old man who in November inexplicably threw a Molotov cocktail at a crowd during a downtown Trump protest was sentenced Monday to three years of probation — and anger management counseling.

While it appeared from initial news reports that Christopher Joseph Gourneau might have been taking part in the Nov. 11 protest of the presidential election of Donald Trump, it became clear during his sentencing hearing that he had actually targeted protesters.

Let’s take a pit stop for a second and take a look at the last sentence in the above ‘graf:

“it became clear during his sentencing hearing that he had actually targeted protesters.”

This appears to be an attempt to mollify the protesters into thinking the perpetrator might have been with another political camp, but read it more closely:

“he had actually targeted protesters.”

Of course he “actually targeted protesters.” We don’t know why, but he did.

He threw a bomb at them. You can catch fire from the lit gasoline or other accelerant used in a Molotov Cocktail. By the way, the bomb is named for Vyacheslav Molotov who was a “professional revolutionary” during the Bolshivek Revolution and years after and was a protege of the murderous tyrant Josef Stalin.

Back to the Molotov Cocktail guy now.

Here’s what a prosecutor said of his actions:

Deputy District Attorney Steve O’Hagan said Gourneau’s act of throwing the burning cocktail at the crowd could have had “horrific” results, and it’s luck that it didn’t.

“Luck that it didn’t.” Would they have used the same rationale following the Strickland incident to guide their prosecutorial inclinations.

Here’s what Molotov Cocktail dude got for his sentence:

As part of a plea agreement, Multnomah County Circuit Judge Adrienne Nelson sentenced him to a list of conditions — under the supervision of his probation officer — including anger management counseling, “emotional management treatment” and drug and alcohol treatment.

He will start out the first part of his three years of probation in the Multnomah County Justice Reinvestment Program. The program is designed to keep defendants out of jail or prison and connect them with drug treatment, housing and other necessities that could help stabilize their lives.

I’m pretty sure we know what political side this guy was on based on his sentence alone.

Then check out the punishment for the 120 people arrested during the protests against Donald Trump in November:

Gourneau was one of 120 people arrested during six consecutive nights of protests immediately after Trump’s election in November. Most criminal charges were dropped, and the district attorney’s office said it was focusing on the most violent or disruptive of those arrested.

According to The Portland Mercury, this is the disbursement of “justice” to the 171 people arrested, as they put it, “in the Trump era”:

Portland Mercury

According to the Mercury:

According to an analysis of the 171 protest-related arrests in Portland since post-election demonstrations began in November, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office has rejected more than half—a whopping 99 cases.

Of the 72 defendants who remained, 45 had their cases reduced to traffic violations, 13 are awaiting trial for misdemeanors (with one already found guilty), 12 are awaiting trial for felonies (mostly from November demonstrations), one juvenile case was referred to Washington County, and another case was dismissed as part of a plea bargain.

Lesson: Defend yourself and risk prison. Offensively throw a bomb at protesters, violently vandalize and deprive people of their speech, security in their businesses and homes and freedom of movement,  and you get a ’traffic ticket’ or counseling. Got it.

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Portland’s Pro-Protester Justice System

Freelance journalist Mike Strickland faces 50-plus years in prison for drawing his gun to defend himself against a group of anarchists rushing him to assault him at a Portland protest last July. The group had already assaulted him moments before in an attempt to frighten him into stop him from recording the event.

Strickland never fired his weapon, but the mere presence of the gun caused the men and women coming at him to stop for a moment, giving him time to begin backing away in retreat before they threatened to come at him again.

For defending himself against the band of masked and armed thugs bearing down on him to beat him with their flagpoles (again), Strickland now faces a long stretch in prison.

The unspoken yet neon bright message from the Portland judge overseeing the case was ‘in Multnomah County you can’t use your gun in self-defense.’

That chilling message, and the fact that Strickland did nothing wrong in defending himself, is why the case will be appealed.

For many years, Portland has been indulgent to the professional protester class, allowing them to take over the streets, parks, freeways, sidewalks without permits required of other citizens as just one example. Politicians have even marched with them.

On the occasions when lawless and violent protesters are arrested, they are usually quickly processed around the corner from the protest and ticketed.

Not so with Strickland. He was processed, held for hours, his possessions confiscated, and ordered to present himself in court days later where the DA had magically transformed his attackers into ‘victims.’

Compare this to the treatment of a prominent professional protester, Jessie Sponberg, who was among the dozens of people blocking the Portland Airport recently. Thousands of people were inconvenienced by the antics of Sponberg and his cohorts.

A counter protester was shouting Bible verses at the group as they blocked the roads and pathways of people trying to catch their planes or get home.

Eventually, as Sponberg later admits it on this video, he couldn’t stand it anymore and cold-cocked the guy. He assaulted the man, knocking him out for several minutes.

The victim was taken to the hospital and treated for head injuries.

Here’s a video of the assault:

And here was his response to my question about his prosecution on a Facebook post:

There is a two tier system of justice in Multnomah County. One for protesters and one for everyone else.

Like the never-prosecuted lefty anti-gun protester, Skye Fitzgerald, who was videotaped assaulting Mike Strickland a year before, breaking his arm in three places, Sponberg hasn’t been charged, as he confirmed to me on Facebook.

Here we go again.

Pallywood Portland Style: Pro Palestine protester caught faking an assault

Pallywood in Portland

“Pallywood: .”..[M]edia manipulation, distortion and outright fraud by the Palestinians and other Arabs … designed to win the public relations war against Israel.”

While chanting anti Israel genocide chants (see post here), Pro Palestine protesters over the weekend were also engaging in a little of giggle (and fake tears) inducing Pallywood. 

Citizen Journalist Laughing at Liberals caught this ‘devout’ hijab wearing protester make up some sort of exchange with a pro Israel protester and blame him for doing something that made the child nearby cry. What the Lisa Fithian wannabe didn’t know was the entire phony ‘incident’ was recorded. Watch it:

See Laughing at Liberals other videos here. 

Portland Palestine protesters chant for Jewish genocide.

Will Portland’s Office of Equity and Human Rights investigate?

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

As I sat down to watch Laughing at Liberals’ latest excellent video offerings about this weekend’s Free Palestine protests, I have to admit, even I was surprised by the Portland professional protesters. Starting at :48 seconds into the following video you can hear the chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

This chant chilled me to the bone. Anyone who knows Hamas, the radical Muslim Brotherhood outpost in Gaza–and indeed part of the government, KNOWS this refers to extinguishing Israel, or, as some put it, “wiping Israel off the map.”

Protesters on the streets of Portland chanted for genocide of Jews.

If you don’t believe me, just look at the map nearby. The Jordan River establishes Israel’s border on the east, while its western border is the Mediterranean Sea.


And here’s the truth: Protesters were chanting on the streets of Portland to not only get rid of Israel–but the Jewish people. There is no other way to understand this. None.

This was not a chant blithely tossed off by thoughtless dilettantes. This chant was no mistake. These protesters may be useful idiots, but even trained seals can understand this.  

See, according to its own charter, Hamas will  not abide anyone but believers in Islam on its land. In radical Islam you either forswear your own faith and convert, pay a devastating fine, or die. That means no Jews in Palestine. 

It has been ever thus.

 Jihad, Jihad, Jihad; a million martyr; from the River to the Sea Palestine will be free, the goal is not peace, the goal is victory and victory is the destruction of Israel.PLO founder Yassar Arafat


Hamas is worse.  Not only does the Hamas Covenant commit to the destruction of Israel, but also their leaders exhort to the annihilation of every Jew in “Palestine.”

Can you imagine polite society standing mute amid chants of people calling for the annihilation of an entire people group? In what other arena is it acceptable behavior to call for genocide? Even the Westboro nutters don’t go that far, and for their religious quackery, they are rightly shunned by polite society. 

Even the Westboro nutters don’t go that far, and for their religious quackery, they are rightly shunned by polite society. 

Though I don’t believe in speech codes and think the so called Office of Equity in Portland is a colossal waste of money, as long as there is one in existence, Jews and friends of Israel everywhere should call on this office to publicly shame and out this group of radicals for what they are: anti semites, racists and believers in genocide. They and their outpost at Portland State University should be booed off the public stage.