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Violent Protesters Show EXACTLY Why Strickland Carried Gun to Cover Protests

Mike Strickland goes on trial for his freedom on Monday in a Multnomah County courtroom. For drawing his weapon in self defense at a group of anarchists converging on him at a July Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot PDX protest, he faces more than 50 years in prison.

Strickland drew his weapon at the marauding group of anarchists because they had previously hit him, roughed him up, and hit him with their anarchist flag poles while he covered the protest for his news platform known as “Laughing With Liberals.”

Strickland has a reputation with Portland protesters. As I explained in my previous post, the Portland protesters and their anarchist black bloc members don’t like him because he makes fun of them with his videos.

Some people have asked why he would have carried his legally purchased, properly licensed concealed handgun with him to a work project.

You need not go far to find out why.  Protests and protesters have grown more violent.

As we saw this week at UC Berkeley, people who protested Milo Yiannopolous, a gay, conservative speaker and  journalist  set things on fire and beat people who came to hear the speaker.

Protesters on the campus that gave birth to the free speech movement succeeded in shutting down his speech due to their violence.

One of the violent protesters worked at the University.

One woman who came to hear the speech was pepper sprayed while doing a live interview on ABC-7:

She told ABC-7 that the protesting anarchists  hit her with their flag poles:

Kiara Robles said after that incident she was targeted again. “They hit you with flag poles, they hit all my friends with flag poles,” she said. “I had to jump over a fence. If they wanted to do some serious damage to me in that moment I would have been completely unable to stop them.

This is what Strickland says happened to him during the protest before the anarchist broke away converged on him.

On that day in July in Portland, these were among the protesters carrying the anarchist flags:

Image Credit: Screengrab/YouTube

Anyone who’s seen any of Strickland’s reports from May Day protests in Seattle know how violent these protests have been.

In the last week, a  Seattle protester called on fellow protesters to “start killing people.” See the video of her speech and the story about it I did for IJR.com here.

In November in Portland, a protester who had been part of a squad of  “protesters looting, vandalizing and tagging” shot another protester on the Morrison Bridge. See Cameron Whitten’s real-time play-by-play of the incident.

People who routinely cover protests in addition to Strickland were at the November protests. Their lives were threatened — by those “peaceful” protesters again.

Huh, committing acts of violence against journalists … And since they’d already done it to Strickland and got him arrested, you’d better believe the message was heard loud and clear.

Last weekend, KOIN-TV caught on tape as a couple’s car was surrounded and prevented from moving by Portland protesters–among them, one of those who had converged on Strickland back in July, Ben Kerensa:

At that same protest, a street preacher who was reportedly following protesters was assaulted and sent to the hospital.

The assaulter who did it?  Frequent protester and activist, Jesse Sponberg. Sponberg admitted his assault on video:

KATU reports:

Sponberg posted a video, claiming he’s the one who punched Chisholm. The news was first reported by KATU’s news partners at Willamette Week.
“They are violent bullies who had gone too far, with nobody else stopping them from creating another violent situation,” Sponberg said. “Either way, I’m going to need a good lawyer.”
Sponberg turned himself in to Port of Portland Police Thursday afternoon.

Ironically, Sponberg was one who tried to keep things peaceful after Strickland’s assault and pulling his weapon. He was temporarily put in handcuffs with Strickland because the police thought he might be part of the problem. Imagine that.

Mike Strickland had the book thrown at him and pulled his gun in self-defense against violent protesters.

People are getting sick and tired of their freedom of movement restricted by these thuggish protesters.

Recently, one fed up woman grabbed whatever she had in her car and ran out to chase away an anarchist. Her weapon? Laundry detergent.

Republicans have called out the city’s leadership for “dereliction of duty” for its failure to reign in out-of-control protests.

Some of these protesters have been paid to hit the streets, clog up traffic and commit acts of violence. I outline this here. 

The same people paying them are of the same political bent as the political bosses running the levers of power in Portland–including the DA’s office.

Sponberg was seen committing the assault but, as of this posting, has not been charged with a crime.

The same people in power arrested, jailed, threw the book at and are putting on trial a man who tried to defend himself from these same violent protesters when police were nowhere in sight. And he might go to prison for 50+ years.

A motion for a change of venue in Strickland’s trial was denied.

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*Video* Murrieta protests bring out Atzlan Reconquista brown shirts

“Are you one of those La Raza guys?” “The way you’re saying that, I don’t understand.”

Murrieta Brown shirt mask In my post yesterday (here), I linked up an old video about Atzlan, the “nation” which is the old Mexican territory until it was “stolen” from them by, you know, losing wars, entering treaties, Ok’s by El Presidentes, etc. Remember the Alamo? Battle of San Jacinto? Mexican-American War?  That stuff of history doesn’t matter to these guys. This land is the land of the ancient Aztecs and all whities–or “crackers,” as one of their number called me Monday– should clear out.  They ally themselves with the group La Raza. La Raza means “the race.” It refers to the superiority of Hispanics. It’s taught in school groups such as MEChA. Fellow talk show host Lars Larson calls these acolytes the ‘Tan Klan’. He’s onto something there.  The ADL describes the Atzlan movement as,

“The Nation of Aztlan (NOA), first organized in the early 1990s, is a California-based Hispanic nationalist organization that claims to represent the desires and aspirations of the Hispanic community. The organization calls for the United States to return “Aztlan” territory – Aztlan being the mythic homeland of the Mexican people, or Aztecs, which according to legend is found in the American Southwest or Northern Mexico. The group’s nationalist message is blurred by frequent appeals anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, homophobia and other expressions of hatred.”

It is troubling, therefore, that activists in this movement have shown up to counter protest those who believe in rule of law, borders, open government and sovereignty. The brown shirted activists claim they’re there to “protect the children.” Since the group favors open borders and “repopulation” of Atzlan via “migration”, there’s no legal or illegal immigration, sovereignty or borders. 

A counter protester aligned who joined with the brown shirts at Murrieta, California Border Patrol Station protest.
A counter protester who joined with the brown shirts at Murrieta, California Border Patrol Station protest.

In short, they’re there to make sure protesters don’t block the roads to buses filled with illegal aliens from Central America as they successfully did on July 4th. I talked with a pleasant enough member of this group at the Murrieta protest on July 7th. Oddly, the man, whose uniform matched those of others in attendance, claimed to be there independently and not as part of a group. I tried to get details on the group of which he is obviously a part. At one point he pretended not to understand what I was saying. You say La Raza, I say La Raza. You say superiority, I say raaaaaaacist. http://youtu.be/B6SURduVoKM