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‘Heckuva job, Barack’ gets flak for Texas border speech…340 miles from border

President Obama plans to give a speech to spin illegal alien crisis at the border. Time for three fundraisers, no time for the border.

Obama looking out the window of Air Force One. Not at the border, though. He doesn't even have time for that.
Obama looking out the window of Air Force One. Not at the border, though. He doesn’t even have time for that.

After several days of bumbling by the Obama Administration, the president has now relented and will suck it up and meet with the unwashed, cowboy boot wearing, twangy talkin’ elected officials from Texas. He also plans to give a speech on the humanitarian crisis he created at the US/Mexico border from Dallas Love Field–340 miles from the border.

Considering the president asserts this issue is a crisis, it’s odd that he chooses to spend his time at three political fundraisers, but can’t spare the time to actually visit the border. He certainly had time while in Colorado to shoot pool and drink beer.

President Obama plays pool with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper but is being criticized for not taking the time to go to the border while on his visit to Texas.
President Obama plays pool with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, but is being criticized for not taking the time to go to the border while on his visit to Texas.

Some, such as Congressman Henry Cuellar and radio talker Rush Limbaugh, are calling this border crisis Obama’s Hurricane Katrina moment. I disagree. 


On this, the day former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced to ten years for taking bribes and being part of a criminal enterprise before, during and after Hurricane Katrina, it’s instructive to note that one crisis was man made and the other an act of nature. It’s instructive to note the president has not reached out to local elected officials most impacted by his invitation–tacit or otherwise– to illegal aliens to storm the border. Before Katrina, President Bush called on Governor Blanco and Mayor Ray Nagin to do their jobs and evacuate and get the National Guard deployed. When the guy at the other end of the phone is a crook and incompetent, as was Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco, there’s a problem. In this case, however, Obama allowed the storm of illegal aliens to go to F-5 before he even asked for local help from some of the most COMPETENT people around, namely Governor Rick Perry, who happens to be an expert on border issues. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer was told maybe they were coming, as he put it to talk host, Mark Larson, but didn’t even know for sure until hundreds of illegal aliens were already on a bus and on their way.

In the meantime, the Twitterverse gleefully piled on the president’s recent missteps.

No, David Gergen, Obama doesn’t understand Bergdahl outrage because he can’t

The former presidential adviser suggests the Commander in Chief doesn’t understand Bergdahl fall out because so few have served. He’s wrong.

On Sunday mornings I’m usually sitting in a folding metal chair in a darkish multi purpose room at a local elementary school. The school rules about bullying and respect which dance along the walls of the school room are thrown into shadow by the heavy curtains drawn to hold back the Southern California sunshine. Song lyrics are gamely put up on a large screen. The world class musicians play before a smattering of just-folks arrayed to worship. We barely need an amplifier. 

This small but growing group of Christians who meet here near the Pacific Ocean in Orange County, California come from all walks of life. I’ve met a couple who make their living making infomercials, others are in construction, ministry, college, music. There’s a couple who look like they could be part of a bike gang. It’s quite a collection. There’s us. One kid in college, another out of the nest, one adult out of a radio talk job (me) and my husband, who’s in high tech.  What we love about this collection of people–this church–is it’s set up to build nothing. No empires will be built here. No one will get rich from some TV church gig. There will be no building fund. Ever. They’ve planted this church to be a stable teeming with givers. Everything, indeed everyone, will be “given away.”

These people and the what moves them inspire us to be more than we are. We’ve chosen to be here to see if we can live up to the aspirations of this body of people, to be tasked by God to give ourselves away. There’s no hiding. Everybody there understands what this body is all about. 

The collective church is filled with people like these. In fact, armies of missionaries are sent out to selflessly “give themselves” away.  We have friends who began freely preaching in Nigeria and now must dodge the Boko Haram/Taliban types. Our former pastor and his wife are ministering in Tibet. 

There are secular groups that do some of this. Our friend’s daughter went into the Peace Corps. She deployed to Kazakhstan where she coincidentally worked drilling water wells in the same area as our Portland church’s missionaries. I’ve taught other peoples’ kids how to read. So has my sister. My husband and I have taught Sunday school for years. He’s been a soccer coach. My oldest daughter uses her money to buy dog food for the pups of a bunch of downtown Portland homeless men. My youngest has traveled halfway around the world to help victims of sex traffickers. Craig Ramey, a Lake Oswego, Oregon parent and business owner, loses thousands of dollars in lost business every year coaching his Little League team. Last year they went to the Little League World Series.

My friend Linda has toiled for years balancing the books for a Portland area soccer program. Somebody’s got to be the bean counter. That’s on top of all the other off-the-books giving she does. My road dawg Melissa has started a successful charity to help other parents who have gone through the battles of childhood sarcoma. My other buddy Karen and her husband have funded more foundations and given more of their time and money to other people than any other couple I know. My friend Rees fights for veterans without pay every single day. My friend Kelley sits every week with an elderly neighbor who has no family. My brother in law gave away his talents as a doctor for years. He set up a clinic for women with no doctors. He spent ten years giving local high school students “the talk.” Talk about your thankless work.

Back in Southern California, church is where you can usually find me, my husband and kids when they’re in town on Sunday morning. Except today. On this Sunday morning I sat in front of a TV watching Face the Nation. I heard the chatter about reputed deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, the Army Sergeant who walked outside of the wire to find the enemy and, uh, found ’em alright. He was taken hostage and eventually traded by this president for five high level Haqqani Network/Taliban bad guys. If you’re keeping book, they’re the enemy.

Former White House adviser David Gergen said he understood how the president failed to predict the response of  an outraged American people because so few Americans have served in the military. This was a defense of the COMMANDER IN CHIEF and the people he has chosen to work for him.

Gergen claimed because a mere 1% of the American people have served in the armed service it was impossible for White House staffers and the president to predict the outraged response of the American people to this bad deal. They’d miscalculated,

DAVID GERGEN: But the way they then presented it ignited this firestorm because it showed so little understanding of how people in the military, in the active duty militaries saw him and saw what he had done. And I– I think it– in some degree reflects the Gulf that is between the one percent who served today and the rest of the civilian population. Most of the people who work in the White House have never been in the military.

They couldn’t understand, he implied, why decent people recoiled against the characterization of Bergdahl’s service of honor and distinction. The White House staffers, he implied, were on their heels at the response of those who took great umbrage at the besmirching of his platoon mates, calling them Swiftboaters, in an attempt to somehow diminish their standing.

The truth is the White House staffers and their clueless leader didn’t get any of it. They thought stagecraft and optics would win the day and they were  so wholly and spectacularly wrong. It was a big fat Broadway flop. They learned of the outrage only when the throngs of Americans–right and left–spit their fiery, venomous anger at the White House like the phut, phut, phut, phut of a .50cal machine spraying gun fire at an encroaching enemy.

Every Sunday, on church benches and folding chairs alike, every afternoon on the field of play or in a school, a field in Kazakhstan, or a hut in Nigeria there are millions of Americans who know what it is like to “give themselves away” and to work for something greater than themselves. The vast majority do so without pay or thanks or anything. A plaque, maybe.

It is honorable work.

There is no attempt  here to equate those who teach kids to read with an American who volunteered to sling an M-4 over his shoulder and patrol a perimeter in the moonless night in the Afghanistan Kush. But that’s the point. We don’t need to experience that to know how the man in the White House has so misjudged the American people and our appreciation of our soldiers who give themselves away and work for something bigger than themselves. We get it.

The president should have known.

But he did not. 

San Diego Mayor’s Race: Alavarez embraces Obama endorsement

obama-food-stamps-bread-line-change-poverty-jobs-101480554489President Obama has weighed into the San Diego mayoral race. The endorsement was released by the David Alvarez campaign on Saturday.

“As a native San Diegan, David Alvarez has been a fierce advocate for his city, and on the Council, has led efforts to build a strong middle class, put neighborhoods first and expand opportunities for kids in and out of school. Today, with the city’s economy and neighborhoods poised to make progress there is no question that David is the right choice to be San Diego’s next mayor and I am excited to support him.”

He could have written the same thing about Alvarez rival Kevin Faulconer, with the sole exception of which California city he was born in, but no matter. 

Photo by 10News

Fiscally prudent San Diego voters remember all too well how America’s Finest City morphed into becoming Enron by the Sea. Having the wildest spending president endorse you because he thinks you’ll be a mini me isn’t so much an endorsement as it is a big AAOOOGA! WARNING! WARNING! CUIDADO!

For his part, Faulconer racked up a few endorsements of his own,

“I’m proud to have the support of local San Diegans, including Father Joe Carroll, 7 San Diego County mayors, hard working San Diego police officers, African American pastors, LGBT leaders, and respected former Mayor Jerry Sanders who knows I have the experience and independence to lead our city and continue the reforms to improve our neighborhoods. While my opponent continues to benefit from millions of dollars from out-of-town government unions, I’m proud to be running a campaign for San Diego, supported by San Diegans.” 

If all politics is local, whose endorsements would you prefer?

New billboard highlights ObamaCare lies told by Sen Jeff Merkley and Rep Kurt Schrader

First there was this billboard in Clackamas County, Oregon highlighting the Democrat decision making on ObamaCare. Left off the billboard in his own Congressional district was far left Congressman Kurt Schrader.obamacare billboard

 I’m glad to report that tonight that has all changed (image below has been enhanced),

ObamaCare Merkley Schrader

Lindsay Berschauer of Leona Consulting is responsible for this in-your-face reminder to local voters. It’s located on northbound I-205 near the Gladstone exit. Here’s another angle,

obamacare merkley schrader 2

The Tea Party is Crazy and Racist. Read This and Find Out Why.


Founder of the Oregon Tea Party, Geoff Ludt, pouring TEA into Portland's Willamette River.
The founder of the Oregon Tea Party, Geoff Ludt, pours Tea into Portland’s Willamette River.

It’s fashionable now to simply dismiss as nutty the people who ally with back to basics views: Fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. It’s only been recently that those solid American values have been labeled as crazy and racist by Democrats. 

Do I believe all Democrats believe those values are nutty? Naw. Just the ones engaged with the political process and influential in the Obama Administration. See, the idea is that if you besmirch and label your detractors, ala Saul Alinsky, pretty soon the labels will permeate the political water table.

It’s working. 

I’ve had discussions with intelligent, but uninformed people who believe this stuff. I’ve been told to distance myself from these values because aligning with “Tea Party” values is impacting my ability to get a job.

So, knowing that these otherwise intelligent people don’t have any significant  time to do any research on their own, here, in short bites, is a the brief and rocky overview of the Tea Party and why they’re racist and crazy.


Tea Party Feb 27, 2009 Stimulus PackageObama Admin: On top of Bush’s bail outs and passing over billions more to us for TARP, we’ll spend $800 billion plus to ‘stimulate’ the economy by funding “shovel ready” jobs.

Tea Party: No! Stop the spending! Our grand kids will have to pay for all the spending. We’re Taxed Enough Already! Let’s have a Tea Party!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: I’ve never heard of the Tea Party>>Who’s the Tea Party>>They helped conservatives win in 2010! >>Kill the Tea Party.

Tea Party: Whoopee! We won! Let’s do it again!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: You’ve got to argue with them and get in their face [sic]. Fox News isn’t a real news agency. The Tea Party are racists. Go get Rush Limbaugh. Koch brothers! FreedomWorks!

Tea Party: Picking targets for your union and community organizers to go after is wrong and unbefitting a President of the United States. Who are the Koch brothers?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Let’s have socialized health care. We’ll start with this bill nobody’s read that will create a

Democrat Congressman, Alan Grayson, uses KKK burning cross to malign the Tea Party
Democrat Congressman, Alan Grayson, uses KKK burning cross to malign the Tea Party

hybrid program called the Affordable Care Act.

Tea Party: Kill the bill! No more entitlement spending! Kill the bill! No government-run health insurance! Kill the bill! Have you read the bill? Kill the bill!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Uses IRS to target Tea Party, Patriot and other similarly named groups to target for years’ long scrutiny.

Tea Party: You did this to keep our money out of 2012 election cycle! We’re born free American people and we’ve come to tell our government that it has forgotten its place.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: #NSA culls through calls and emails of Americans.

Tea Party: More control over lives, privacy and property!NSA SCANDAL GRUMPY CAT

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Spies on Associated Press reporters, going through hundreds of reporters’ phone calls, to find source of Administration leak.

Tea Party: This is a scandal and is wrong.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We don’t know who hacked into CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computers at home and the office.

Tea Party: Attkisson reported on two of your Administration’s biggest scandals, we think you’re likely to have done it.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Considers filing charges against Fox News reporter James Rosen for reporting on classified documents and then culls through his electronic records. Eric Holder lies to Congress about signing affidavit targeting Rosen as a potential criminal.

Tea Party: George Orwell, pick up the white courtesy phone. Oh, he’s not there? Well then, is Richard Nixon there?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Adds $6 tril to debt.

Tea Party: You’re spending too much & borrowing too much! Stop it.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist. And greedy. Really greedy.


Obama Admin: “Walks” sniper rifles, AK 47’s, and FN semi automatic pistols across US border to give to narco terrorists in Mexico to trace them back to US. Loses track of most of them. At the same time Napolitano, Obama and Clinton give speeches about curbing gun use and blaming US for sending guns to Mexico. Hundreds of Mexicans are killed with Operation Fast and Furious guns. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata are killed with those guns. AG Eric Holder lies to Congress about his knowledge of the operation.

Tea Party: Operation Fast and Furious is a scandal and needs to be investigated.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: No electronic record keeping will be done for first year to qualify people for ObamaCare subsidies. If they ask for money, we’ll give it to them without question.

Tea Party: The federal government health care computers aren’t ready. Stop this now.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Businesses will get a one year reprieve on ObamaCare mandates.

Tea Party: If you’re going to give companies a break, why not individuals? Hey Ted Cruz, tell them!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We refuse to negotiate on giving individuals one year reprieve on ObamaCare fines.

Tea Party: We’ll start our negotiation with defunding or delaying ObamaCare. 

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Religious institutions must comply with ObamaCare insurance which funds abortions.

Catholic priests arrested for protesting ObamaCare's infringement on Freedom of religion and worship.
Catholic priests arrested for protesting ObamaCare’s infringement on Freedom of religion and worship.

Tea Party: The first amendment. Try reading it sometime.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson attempts to elude Freedom of Information Act scrutiny by sending emails using a phony name.

Tea Party: The “most transparent administration” ever, ever, is not. When does the investigation start?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Does end run of Congress and changes immigration laws by declaring the Dream Act in full effect.

Tea Party: There’s this thing called the Separation of Powers in that thing you lectured about at the University of Chicago called the Constitution…?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We’ve created millions of new jobs!

Tea Party: Most of those jobs are part time and millions more have been so dispirited they’ve dropped out of the employment pool at record rates! We must do something to free the private sector and create jobs!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Does not secure American Mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Tea Party: How dare you not secure American Mission to protect our Ambassador!benghazi bloody hands2

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Does not send help when American Mission and then CIA outpost come under sustained, hours-long attack, leaving four dead and seven injured.

Tea Party: How dare you not do your duty and protect our people!

Democrats: A video did it! There wasn’t enough time! The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: A video is responsible for the Benghazi attack.

Tea Party: On September 11th? You expect us to believe that? Really? How dare you not do your duty and protect our people! Where’s the investigation?

Democrats: This is a non story. The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin. Jails the film maker.

Tea Party: This is outrageous. This man is a political prisoner.Benghazi film maker arrest 2 good

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We’ll make government shutdown, “as difficult as possible.” We’ll close parks we’ve never closed before and shut the military memorials—even to those old coots in wheelchairs coming to the open air WWII Memorial.

Tea Party: Hey, the House sent you a bill to keep that stuff open, why won’t you pass it?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Why would we want to help that kid with cancer?

Tea Party: Why don’t you pass the bill the House sent you to fund NIH?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.Govt shutdown great sign


Obama Admin: Ousts elderly couple from their Lake Mead home because it’s on federal land and they’re shutting it down.

Tea Party: This is outrageous. They have a contract and this is an abuse of power.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.

The President Blames Tea Party “Extremists” for His Government Shutdown

obama upset 2If you listen to the President’s soundbite in the Pete the Banker’s post below, you’ll note Mr. Obama says his rhetoric hasn’t been extreme. Instead he claims it’s been calm in his discussion of the government shutdown.

But that’s not true. The President and his administration have called Republicans and conservatives “extremists,” “hostage takers,” “anarchists,” “jihadis,” “suicide vest” wearers, “sabateurs,” “terrorists,” “squealing political pigs,” “political arsonists,” and many others. And, once again, I feel really sad that the President thinks so little of me and other people who care about the financial excesses and loss of liberty that he resorts to name calling. 

When did fiscal responsibility become ‘extremist?”

To wit:


The petulant President has ordered Normandy, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, the Liberty Bell and, according to him, the Statue of Liberty closed as well as many other memorials. He closed, then got so much flak resumed, the service academy athletic schedule, shut down privately run commissaries on military bases, flipped the switch and turned off the already scaled back AND privately financed Miramar Air Show and many other activities to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the greatest number of people. 

While he has agreed to talk with terrorists in Iran, Syria, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda, this President refuses to budge when it comes to negotiating with the political party which represents millions of Americans. I know they’re playing political games but so is he. Whose government shutdown is this? His. 


Pete the Banker: The President ‘Doing Everything He Can’ On Government Shutdown

President Obama Doing ‘Everything He Can’ obama upset

Obama is insisting he has “bent over backwards”, doing everything he can to work with Republicans.

Fresh from a meeting established to bully John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, the President suggests he is eager to deal with the Republicans to avert government shutdown, default.

Kind of contrary to prior media proclamations by him??

“Obama tells congressional leaders he won’t negotiate on shutdown, debt”

“The president made clear to the leaders that he is not going to negotiate over the need for Congress to act to reopen the government or to raise the debt limit to pay the bills Congress has already incurred,” the White House said.

“Obama’s No-Negotiation Stance Setting New Tone”

This time, President Barack Obama says, he’s not budging. This is the confrontational Obama, the “Make my day” president, betting Republicans blink to avoid a government shutdown or a first-ever default of the nation’s debts.

So sleep well, your President is doing everything he can???!

Pete the Banker is an anonymous Oregon banker. He’s anonymous because of what happens to more conservative businessmen on the left coast. He’s also a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce. 


Victor Sharpe: Fundamentally Transforming America

President Obama promised to transform America and he has kept this promise.

The President contemplates fundamentally transforming America. Photo by the Seattle PI
The President contemplates fundamentally transforming America. Photo by the Seattle PI

With the de facto capitulation of President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry over Syria, and with Russian President Putin now very much in control and humiliating the United States in the pages of the New York Times, the towering peril to the world is now the re-invigorated Russian support of Iran. Equally, the Iranian mullahs support Syria financially, militarily and with Iranian boots on the ground. And behind Iran and Syria is the ever protective Russian veto in the UN Security Council.

Then, too, there is the Russian plan to pipe oil from Iran through its Syrian client to the Eastern Mediterranean or through Turkey. The stench of Middle Eastern oil permeates much of the political maneuvering that afflicts the world. Alas, Obama and Kerry have allowed Russia to reassert itself in the Middle East, which it had not been able to accomplish since the Arab aggression against Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Putin has followed up on his diplomatic coup against the United States by offering to provide the Iranian mullahs the S-300 missile, which will drastically alter the balance of military power in the Middle East and imperil Israeli or U.S. aircraft should an attempt be made to end Iran’s aggressive nuclear weapons program. Also, there are reports that prior to John Kerry’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, the Obama Administration had begun removing some of the financial and economic measures that had been in place against the Iranian regime. There is, no doubt, much rejoicing in Teheran over the Syrian debacle.

Remember, during his first tour to the Middle East – after making the astonishing claim that the US was one of the foremost Muslim countries in the world – Barack Hussein Obama bowed low to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah and then went on to apologize to an assorted gathering of Arab sheiks, emirs, princes, dictators and tyrants for America’s past defense of freedom and liberty around the world. Obama said the US had been “arrogant, derisive and divisive” and would no longer be an exceptional nation under his watch.

Remember, too, that Obama cancelled the American missile shield in eastern Europe to the dismay of Poland and other eastern European allies which needed the shield for their protection from Russian and Iranian threats. Obama was also over heard on a hot microphone assuring Russian leader Medvedev that he would be “flexible” in missile defense negotiations once he was re-elected. Well he has been most flexible, as the Syrian fiasco has proven.

America’s traditional allies have had to re-adjust their foreign policies because they now know that Obama does not say what he means or mean what he says. Our enemies are emboldened because they already know it. The North Koreans are re-starting their nuclear reactors and Iran is speeding up its nuclear program with Russia’s help knowing full well they have nothing to fear from Obama, nor Hillary Clinton if, heaven forbid, she succeeds him.

The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) as in the case of the estimated 1,000 tons of Sarin nerve gas, biological and other outlawed weapons in the hands of Syria’s al-Assad, or the potential transfer of such hideous armaments to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda or Hezbollah, transforms dangerous threats into hideous and actual nightmares. It encourages Iran’s genocidal ambitions and pursuit of nuclear bombs and it poses a mortal threat not only to Israel but to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and what few oil producing Arab countries remain relatively free from Islamic and jihadist influence.

The so-called Arab Spring, which was never to be about democracy in the Islamic world, has now morphed into an increasingly anti-US, violent jihadist Islamic triumphalism. Islam, after all, means submission to the will of Allah not, as in a democracy, to the will of the people. And those in the West who endlessly call for democracy in the Arab world should read the Koran and finally be disabused from uttering such foolish and naïve statements.

President Obama, true to his ambition to “fundamentally transform America” has made the U.S. appear weak and unwilling to support its allies around the world. As a result, many erstwhile allies of the U.S. have felt alienated, used and abused by the American president and have withdrawn their support – especially Britain and NATO – over the Syrian situation.

All this could be construed as the utter incompetence of the Obama administration but I fear it may well be one more deliberate step in President Barack Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America” to that of a weak European style nation state like Belgium and destroy irrevocably America’s exceptionalism and power to keep the peace in what is fast becoming an increasingly perilous world.

Both Hilary Clinton and her successor, John Kerry, were firmly convinced that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was a reformer and a man of his word. Indeed Kerry flew frequently to Damascus, dined with Assad, whom he called his friend, and was sure that Bashar Assad was a true partner in peace.

But Secretary Kerry appears to possess a naïve vision of the Middle East, arguably the worst neighborhood on the face of the planet. He seems unable to grasp the grim reality of an ever more powerful explosion of radical Islamist triumphalism threatening to sweep over Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and then to inexorably threaten what the jihadists call the “Dar al-Harb – the House of War,” namely what they insultingly refer to as the infidel world of Israel, Europe, Britain, America and the entire non-Muslim Free World.

We, in the West, are in peril when even John Brennan, the CIA Director who advises President Obama on international terrorism, himself does not recognize the existence of Islamic or Jihadist terrorism. Then there is James Clapper, our Director of National Intelligence, who two years ago called Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood a “largely secular” organization. This breathtaking leap into unreality is by the same James Clapper who many believe is now utilizing the NSA to spy on Americans.

And the Obama Administration itself has ruled out the use of the word Islam in any references to terrorism against America. After all, it was the Obama Administration which insisted upon calling the massacre of unarmed American soldiers at Fort Hood by the Islamist, Major Nidal Hassan, not terrorism but an act of “workplace violence.” When a government refuses to even name its enemy, it has almost lost the war for civilization.

This piece first appeared on Renew America. He is an author, musician and expert on the Middle East.

Pete the Banker: Obama Vows No Compromise With GOP on Debt Ceiling

The media predict a war. Obama has fired the first salvo.


Obama may be manipulating the debt ceiling discussion to use as wedge issue for 2014 elections.
Obama may be manipulating the debt ceiling discussion to use as wedge issue for 2014 elections.

The mainstream media in past week loudly proclaimed the futile attempts of Boehner to seek votes in order to pass debt ceiling without shutting down government and also proclaimed the pending  “Republican civil war” over the issue.   

While Speaker Boehner was trying to avoid a stalemate, President Obama on Sunday insisted on Sunday, “No compromise”.  He again drew a line in the sand, this time challenging the Republicans not to cross. He stands in support of his grossly unpopular legacy legislation ObamaCare and is willing to throw the country into chaos in order to preserve it.  It is not Boehner, nor the Republicans that fired to first salvo, but Obama.

Obama started out the domestic portion of the interview on Sunday’s ABC This Week Show stating that he would not negotiate fiscal reforms with Boehner in conjunction with the raising the debt ceiling,  “What I haven’t been willing to negotiate, and I will not negotiate, is on the debt ceiling.” 

funny debt heritageSo he isn’t willing to compromise, but subsequently points the finger at a “faction” of the Republicans who he indicates are the ones not willing to compromise?  “The problem we have is we have a– faction of the Republican Party– in the House of Representatives in particular, that view “compromise” as a dirty word, and anything that– is even remotely associated with me, they feel obliged to oppose. And my argument to them is real simple. That’s not why the people sent you here.”     

Confusing since back in his first statement Obama indicates he will not compromise despite apparently being sent to Washington DC by the voters to do so.  Hum??!

Or is it? In fact, as Washington based reporters such as Bill Kristol, Jim Geraghty and Guy Benson  believe (Hugh Hewitt Show 9/16), Obama wants a shut down of government to use as a wedge for the upcoming 2014 mid term elections since Democrats are taking a huge hit in approval ratings due to ObamaCare.

Of the stalemated negotiations he seems destined to initiate, “That’s never happened before.  And when it comes to budgets, we’ve never had the situation in which a party said that– you know, “Unless we get our way 100%, then– we’re gonna let the United States default.””  

So ultimately Obama’s message is that he wants it 100% his way otherwise he is holding the debt ceiling hostage.

So ultimately Obama’s message is that he wants it 100% his way otherwise he is holding the debt ceiling hostage.  His legacy legislation must be preserved at all cost, regardless of the impact on the financial stability of the country.  And that’s never happened before according to President Obama, but then I guess he did promise us change didn’t he?!