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Washington State Drivers: 44% Say They Drove High on Pot

Washington State Drivers have driven high on pot in the last year

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

A new study of drivers in Washington State shows that nearly half of drivers have smoked up before getting behind the wheel of their car.


Here are the other highlights of the survey conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation:

  • 69.3% said they’d tried marijuana at some point in their lives
  • 61.9% believed marijuana use had no effect on their driving
  • 24.7% believed marijuana use made them better drivers; while only 3.1% admitted it reduced their driving ability
  • 44.1% said at that some point in last year they’d used pot within two hours of driving; and

Read the rest of my piece over at Independent Journal Review here. 

Portland Pot Petitioners Demand Pay… in Pot

Dopes. Pot petition circulators’ pay checks bounce; demand free pot.oregon-marijuana-medical-dispensaries

A small group of canvassers collecting signatures for two Oregon pot legalization measures are on strike after their paychecks were late or bounced. 

The disgruntled employees, calling themselves United Campaign Workers, have filed a grievance with National Labor Relations Board.

Among the demands made by the employees are, according to KGW TV, “longer training sessions, established “turf autonomy” and travel reimbursement. It also said canvassers who are medical marijuana patients should receive “medication gratis from clinics” operated by The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, which is owned by chief legalization campaign petitioner Paul Stanford. He has worked to legalize marijuana in Oregon for more than 20 years. , “

Stanford is trying to write marijuana into the Oregon Constitution. Two pro pot petitions are being circulated to be considered for the November ballot. 




Pot “testers” sought for Oregon dispensary. Really.

pot testerH/T Tim Newmarsh

An Albany, Oregon marijuana dispensary is actually seeking someone to try out their pot. This is, ahem, a real job, apparently. 

Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC ‘s Craig’s List ad prefers someone who has sought ‘training’ for this. And where might they get it? Perhaps Oregon’s own Cannabis University. Cannabis university full logo

It could be worse, I guess. It could be like Washington where the taxpayers have to pay for these people. 

Count your blessings, Oregon.


Girl Scouts sell cookies at pot store

Life imitates photo shop.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you saw this funny photoshop of Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of a pot store. It was sent by my nephew Jason.

girl scout cookies photoshop pot storeJust days later a San Francisco bay area Scout decided to do it for real.

girl scout cookie pot store sf

The NBC affiliate in San Francisco reports, “Thirteen-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei did brisk business last Monday selling Dulce de Leches and other flavors outside The Green Cross medical marijuana clinic in San Francisco,Mashable reported.

And when asked if the Girl Scout council had a problem with one of their Scouts hanging out around a pot store they replied, “The Girl Scouts of Northern California don’t have a problem with this business strategy.  Dana Allen, the organization’s marketing and communications director, told Mashable that “the mom decided this was a place she was comfortable with her daughter being at. We’re not telling people where they can and can’t go if it’s a legitimate business,” she said.”

Next stop liquor stores, tobacco stores and crack houses! 

Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer and Grover Norquist Agree on Lower Pot Taxes

Here are two names I never thought I’d see together in one sentence: Anti tax crusader Grover Norquist and apparent pot lover Earl ‘Bow Tie’ Blumenauer.


Now why do I call Oregon Congressman Blumenauer ‘pot lover?’ Because here’s a man who coos at the sound of ‘revenue enhancers,’ who thinks nothing of heaping on the cost of vanity projects such as light rail spending sprees on a cratered US economy and unemployed Americans. It has to be because he loves pot. He loves over regulation over free market expression, so it must be the pot.

Well they joined together to oppose pot taxes.

From Buzzfeed (here),
“It’s goofy, it’s goofy. And this is perhaps the most insane because it doesn’t allow legal businesses to operate like other businesses,” Blumenauer said. “Grover Norquist and the Americans for Tax Reform, with whom I am not often sharing a stage unless it’s a comedy performance, have done a superb job. Their policy statement has vivid illustrations about the inequity.”
A 1982 piece of the tax code, designed to punish drug traffickers, forces legal marijuana dispensaries in states across the country to pay an effective tax rate of around 87%, whereas most small businesses pay around 35%.