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Rees Lloyd: Obama Backstabs Israel in UN—Another Day Which Will Live in Infamy

A widely distributed political cartoon shows Barack Hussein Obama embracing Raul Castro, the totalitarian Communist leader of Cuba, and the Ayatollah leading the fascist Islamic Republic of Iran. It is one of the best evidences of Obama’s self-promoting hypocrisy and Machiavellian duplicity.

Photo Credit: Cartoonist Ramireztoons

This is especially true since it was published on “another day  which will live in infamy” — Dec. 23, 2016. That is the day on which the United States, two days before Christmas, by order of  Barack Hussein Obama, aided and abetted the Muslim dominated United Nations General Assembly, fascistic Islamic theocracies, and overt Islamic terrorist organizations like  ISIS, al-Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestine Liberation Organization,  in adopting a resolution condemning Israel in the Israel-Palestinian conflict and  declaring as a matter of international law (since U.N. resolutions have that status)  that  Jews have no right to settle outside of the 1948 borders of Israel,  forbidding them to live even in the “Jewish Quarter” of Jerusalem. 

Eight years of Barack Hussein Obama ruling by race in the U.S. and by pro-Islamist policies in the world, has come to this disgraceful end of his presidency in the U.N.
If anyone needed further proof that Obama  is an utter conman who deceived  Americans as to what he really is at his progressive liberal neo-socialist anti-American core in which it is and always has been “all about him.”
Note that Obama waited until after the 2016 election — that is, after American Jews had contributed their financial support all but exclusively to Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party  — to reverse American policy by abandoning Israel by “abstaining” on the resolution condemning Israel in the U.N. 
Indeed, the Machiavellian hypocrisy is blatant— the U.S. vetoed the same resolution in 2011 when Obama was running to be re-elected in 2012.  Now, when Obama’s term is ending and he cannot run again, Obama reverses the U.S. position of 2011 and stabs Israel in  the back. 
Thus, Obama betrays and makes dupes of all Americans who believed  him, and in him,  including the American Jews whose millions in campaign contributions helped to elect him twice  when in both campaigns Obama gave assurances that U.S. unwavering relationship in support of Israel would not change if he was elected.
Further, while Obama issued the order to “abstain” and thus effectively support the Muslim UN attack  on Israel, Obama claims his disgraceful decision was taken with  the support of Democrat Party leaders Hillary Clinton, who ran in 2016; John Kerry, who ran in 2004, and Joe Biden, who now says he will run for President, again, in 2020. Thus, they, too, and the Democrat Party which they lead, are guilty.
But it is Obama who issued the order and owns this disgraceful decision to align the U.S. with the totalitarian Islamic theocracies in the U.S. and to weaken Israel.  This despicable decision is further evidence, if any was needed,  that  Obama is not only the “First Black U.S. President” he is also the “Worst U.S. President.” 
Now that his presidency has ended and he can’t run again, watch Obama campaign, overtly and as well as covertly, to be elected Secretary General of the U.N. He will be able to tell the Muslim nations which have numerical superiority in the General Assembly to remember how he sided with them in his presidency,  from his “Apology For America Tour” and  kowtowing to Islam “Cairo Speech” in the beginning of his presidency in 2009, to the U.S. action in the U.N.on Dec. 23, 2016.
President-elect Donald Trump denounced this anti-Israel dirty deal of Obama and the U.N. and promised that American policy will change on July 20, 2016, when he is inaugurated as President. Not a minute too soon.
This shameful overt anti-Israeli U.N. action, which manifestly strengthens and supports totalitarian Islamic governments and Islamic terrorist organizations, and weakens Israel — the only democracy and America’s only true ally in the Middle East — is an infamous betrayal of America as well as of Israel.
It should be the last straw for  “We, the People” of America regarding the value of the U.N. as presently constituted; and regarding “the value,” first and foremost, of  Barak Hussein Obama and his “historic election as the first black president,” as well as  “the value” of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and the other leaders of the Democrat party who supported and are responsible for this disgrace in the U.N. 
(Rees Lloyd, a longtime California civil rights attorney and veterans activist, is a member of the Victoria Taft Blog Force.)

Donald Trump and the ‘No Fear’ Factor Makes a Big Impression on the New GOP Base.

“‘… [T]he base’ isn’t the limited, clichéd thing it once was, it’s becoming a big, broad jumble that few understand.”

Political writer Peggy Noonan recently took stock of the Donald Trump phenomenon and declared, “America is so in play.” Her buddies in the GOP glitteratti noticed. 

Image Credit: Donald Trump For President
Image Credit: Donald Trump For President

Noonan cited the latest polls, an old friend from Ross Perot’s ’92 presidential campaign, a democrat-turned-GOP/Trump fan girl and the guy at the local deli from the Dominican Republic to conclude the New York businessman embodies the kind of gruff gravitas voters crave.

Trump’s campaign appears to be, as he is himself, a political stem cell, morphing into whatever seems to jibe with what’s in the news and the latest intelligence of the day. He speaks fearlessly, sometimes foolishly. Like a ‘Trump the Insult Dog,’ Trump has no filter. 

He’s learning to campaign as he goes. He’s getting good at it.

GOP elites and Jeb Bush backers, but I repeat myself, counter with Trump’s leftist positions on Planned Parenthood funding, taxes, single payer health care — hoping that will tamp down his support with the base and make their own moderate positions on the same seem conservative by comparison. Ordinarily that would persuade many, but instead, Trump’s poll numbers are increasing!

Press coverage is following:

Noonan believes, after talking with the deli guy from the DR, that the base isn’t what it used to be:

“‘… [T]he base’ isn’t the limited, clichéd thing it once was, it’s becoming a big, broad jumble that few understand.”

Noonan opines the little people (that’s us) believe the game is rigged against them. But she claims we have company:

“…[D]eep down the elite themselves also think the game is rigged. They don’t disagree, and they don’t like what they see—corruption, shallowness and selfishness in the systems all around them. Their odd anguish is that they have no faith the American people can—or will—do anything to turn it around.”

Peggy’s old boss, Ronald Reagan, famously said,

“Don’t be afraid to see what you see.”

Here’s what ‘the base’ sees after they gave the GOP elites victories in 2010 and 2012:

  • Failed to repeal, replace or defund ObamaCare out of fear of being blamed for a government shut down or media reaction.
  • Failed to call out Hillary Clinton’s Suzie Homemaker server when they discovered it out of fear Democrat and media backlash. 
  • Forfeited their constitutional job of advising and consenting on treaties which led to Iran deal for fear of not looking bipartisan.
  • Failed to lead on border security and the “broken” immigration system for legal immigrants for fear of being portrayed as bigots. 
  • Failed to demand action against sanctuary cities for fear of looking anti immigrant.
  • Failed to stand for the rule of law against President Obama’s illegal executive orders for fear of being depicted as quixotic.
  • Failed to call out bad cops and stand up for good ones for fear of being called bigoted.
  • Failed to call for independent investigations with subpoena power— not just hearings —-on Benghazi and IRS spying scandal, a scandal so cynical and tyrannical it goes to the very core of democracy for fear of media backlash or pushback from Main Justice.

“Don’t be afraid to see what you see.”

Instead of flooding the zone with legislative leadership, media messaging and “getting in peoples’ faces,” as candidate Obama once advised, the GOP has been playing hide and seek behind the velvet curtains in their offices and considering us suspiciously through the cut crystal lens of their Calleija brandy snifters. Instead of leading, they shiver in the dark with vain hopes the media will say nice things about them. Instead of fighting, they’ve provided nothing but excuses or mocked or shouted down members who did try to fight back. 

The former (you’re welcome GOP elites) Senate leader Harry Reid once disdainfully said of the Americans who tour the Capitol: 

“I can smell the tourists.”

Since giving them the gavel and the big chair in the House and Senate, the GOP reaction to the people who put them in leadership has been akin to finding something sticky on the bottom of their Santoni wingtips.

The people Noonan says experience “odd anguish is that they have no faith the American people can—or will—do anything to turn it around,” missed the Tea Party, apparently. The people in whom they have no faith —the liberty-loving black, Hispanic, white, gay, straight, Christian, atheists of the Tea Party— were at first embraced and then dismissed by the GOP elites out of fear of looking too scary. But these are some of the same people who have put the country “so in play.”

Here’s what I believe people find refreshing about Trump and what distinguishes him from the GOP elite. It’s not only that he’s not afraid to tell his opponents he thinks they’re wrong. No. It’s that he’s not afraid at all. 

Kitzhaber Downfall: Environmental Hubris, Lack of Scrutiny and an Open Fly

This essay first appeared at the Political Vanguard website.

Kitzhaber Cylvia kissing ABC

Governor John Kitzhaber left office Wednesday. He resigned because he had broken an ethical contract with the people of Oregon and this time the official media actually bothered to report it.

Officially, the Oregon Democrat, who won an unprecedented fourth term of office in November, left under a stink of suspicion.

Kitzhaber’s under investigation by the Oregon State Attorney General’s Office, the state ethics commission and the FBI. Even the House Congressional Government Oversight Committee want a piece of him.

Unofficially, Oregon’s Governor was brought down by a his ego, environmental hubris, one party rule and an open fly.

The Governor’s fiancé, Cylvia Hayes,  whom Kitzhaber insisted the media (and everyone else) address as ‘Oregon’s First Lady’ (beginning well before he ‘put a ring on it’), is a woman by whom Kitzhaber is clearly wholly beguiled.

Hayes cajoled her boyfriend into using his office to advance her and her friends’ careers and arrogate grants and state (read: taxpayer) largesse to her.

Kitzhaber was eager to do it. He enlisted the help of his staff to make it happen. It turns out you might be able to do that if you’re just-some-guy with a hot, younger girlfriend, but not if you’re the Governor using other peoples’ money.

It wouldn’t be the first time Cylvia Hayes pulled the opportunistic grifter girlfriend act.

The woman with a degree from Washington state’s hippy-dippy Evergreen State College:

  • Once married an illegal alien for $5,000.00. She never bothered to tell her Governor boyfriend about the first of her three matrimonial unions.
  • Hayes talked an older boyfriend into buying property to plant an illegal pot farm. He claimed she took the lead on the plan.
  • As a 35 year old woman, she convinced an 81 year old man to loan her $40,000 as a down payment for a house and talked him into a trip to Paris.
  • She got another coot 20 years her senior to cover the loan from other old guy, pay her daily expenses and advance her career. His name is John Kitzhaber.

In fact, her biography is so tawdry and ignominious, the U.K. Daily Mail labeled her, ‘Oregon’s Shady First Lady.’

MailOnline has discovered she divorced her second husband, married an Ethiopian for a green card and went away with a lover all in matter of months.

Unfortunately for Kitzhaber, his kind of ‘help’ brought the scrutiny of law enforcement. And it could also put him –and her, due to her failure to report some of her ill gotten fees to the IRS — in matching orange jumpsuits.

Of course, most of this information was available before the November election. But this is Oregon.Despite Kitzhaber’s colossal biffing of the ‘OrBamaCare’ plan roll out, Cover Oregon, and a huge failed light rail program, both of which left Oregon’s taxpayers a half BILLION dollars in the hole,  Oregon went bluer in the last GOP tidal wave election.

Oregon, being a one-party state with a slavishly Democrat devoted media and less than robust GOP, hired back the jeans-wearing old guy.

Can you blame Kitzhaber for thinking he was bullet proof?

But, as the game show prize announcer man always says, ‘There’s more!’

The truth is, Kitzhaber let his grifter girlfriend get her way because they hold the same radical environmental views. He believed he would get cover from his fawning media, ironically whom he blamed for his fall from grace. He knew his fellow Democrats in the legislature would do his bidding and look the other way and indeed they did.


  • After it became known Kitzhaber asked his staff to destroy emails which, we now know, show his willingness to satiate his fiancé’s seemingly insatiable desire for more taxpayer money and power.
  • After the Feds and AG’s office said despite the Governor’s efforts to slow-roll document discovery under open records law, they’d investigate anyway.
  • After the election with the Democrat leitmotif firmly established, the daily (dying) newspaper of record called for Kitzhaber’s resignation.

The Secretary of State would take over.

Kate Brown, an even more radical environmentalist than Kitzhaber and his girlfriend, has now taken control of Oregon’s governor’s office. She has the added bonus of a being, as the LGBT community helpfully added mere moments after after Kitzhaber announced his intent to resign, the first ‘bi-sexual Governor’ ever, ever.

Now Democrats can continue the same — or worse — programs and plans without John Kitzhaber to kick around anymore.

Out of sight, out of mind. Change the subject.

Until … next time.



Washington Times: Ben Carson is running for president

The Washington Times reports the brain surgeon turned politico is setting up apparatus for presidential run–complete with a manager.


The scoop from the Times includes some of the moves Carson has made, including:

[B]y forming a political action committee and selecting the man who would run his campaign, The Washington Times has learned.

I’ve been opposed to people siphoning off money from other candidates to give money to Carson—since he disavowed a presidential run! But now? I’m thrilled.

Emerging from two-days of meetings with supporters in Palm Beach, Fla., Dr. Carson told the Times on Friday morning he has selected Houston businessman Terry Giles to be his 2016 campaign chairman should he run and approved the formation of a PAC called One Nation.

“Now is the time to start all of the appropriate exploration and investigation, and put down the structure that is necessary,” Dr. Carson said in a phone interview.

Asked about the likelihood he will run for president in 2016, Dr. Carson said: “I would say we are definitely a step or two closer than we were a year ago.”

He said the outcome of the 2014 elections in which Republicans are trying to seize control of the Senate would be a major factor, and that his new PAC would try to support candidates with similar viewpoints as his.

“Obviously we are very interested in what happens in November,” he said. “And if the people also continue to show strong desire for me to run, obviously that would be an important factor too.”

The other good news? This might just be a huge boon to Dr. Moninca Wehby’s Oregon Senate campaign, since Carson has endorsed and campaigned for her. 


McCain: Oregon Dems’ workplace takeover; make it illegal to cut work hours due to ObamaCare

Democrats‘ SB 1543 would make it unlawful for an employer to cut employee hours to avoid costs and penalties of Obamacare.

Irony alert
Irony alert

Sen. Michael Dembrow (D-Portland) wants to make 30-hour work week with Obamacare benefits an enforceable civil right in Oregon.

Under current Oregon law, “The opportunity to obtain employment or housing or to use and enjoy places of public accommodation without unlawful discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, age or disability hereby is recognized as and declared to be a civil right.” ORS 659A.006(2). If Democrats in Salem have their way, Oregonians will see full-time employment and Obamacare added to the list of civil rights enforceable by civil lawsuits and the heavy boot of the Bureau of Labor and Industries or BOLI.

Senate Bill 1543 (see the bill below), sporting the name, “the Health Care Accountability Act,” sponsored by Multnomah County Democrats Michael Dembrow (SD23), Laurie Monnes Anderson (SD25) and Alissa Keny-Guyer (HD46), adds a new section to ORS chapter 659A, otherwise known by its short title, “the Oregon Equality Act.” ORS chapter 659A is Oregon’s statutory depository of civil rights legislation, including defining what acts are unlawful and specifying penalties for violations. As most Oregonians now know, it is unlawful for a Christian bakery to refuse to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple (see “Baking a BOLI Cake.”). ORS chapter 659A covers a wide spectrum of prohibited employment discrimination, from the listed protected classes above, as well as whistleblowing, family leave, employee housing, and more.

SB 1543 would add to the ever-expanding list of civil rights by making it “an unlawful employment practice for an employer to reduce the number of hours a full-time employee works solely for the purpose of preventing the employee from qualifying for coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as specified in 26 U.S.C. 4980H.” This provision deals with the so-called employer mandate of Obamacare, in which employers who employ more than 50 full-time equivalent employees must provide health insurance to those employees or face a government penalty. As widely reported this week, the Obama administration has once again delayed implementation of the employer mandate until 2016. But that does little to help Oregon employers who will be impacted by SB 1543.

Full-time Employee and Employer Mandate

Under a little known provision of the ACA, under Obamacare an employee is considered “full time” if the employee works an average of just 30 hours per week – not the 40 hours per week normally associated with full-time employment. This provision has been known for some time, evidenced by the fact that many local governments have been joining private employers in cutting back the number of hours of employees as a means to avoid the impending employer mandate. SB 1543 would outlaw that practice in Oregon and make the 30-hour work week with Obamacare benefits a de facto civil right.

Even worse, subsection (2) of section 2 contains this alarming and confusing provision: “If a full-time employee files a complaint alleging a violation of subsection (1) of this section, the employer has the burden to establish that the reduction in hours worked by the full-time employee was made in compliance with subsection (1) of this section.” This section provides what is known as “a burden shift” from one party to the other in order to prevail against the charge.

Under SB 1543, all an employee has to do is file a complaint alleging a violation of the law, and the burden then shifts to the employer to prove it did not violate the law, awkwardly worded as “made in compliance with subsection (1) of this section.” Subsection (1) of SB 1543 is not a section an employer “must comply with” but rather not violate. SB 1543 is worded so poorly, it is like telling an accused killer that he must prove he “complied with” laws prohibiting the unlawful killing of another person.

A Bonanza for BOLI

Subsection (3) of Section 2 expressly grants to an aggrieved employee the right to file a complaint directly with BOLI, while subsection (4)(a) grants to the BOLI Commissioner the authority and mandate to “enforce subsection (1) of this section in the manner provided in this chapter regarding other unlawful employment practices.” Finally, subsection (4)(b) specifies that a violation of the Health Care Accountability Act “subjects the violator to the same civil remedies and penalties as provided in ORS chapter 659A.” Those penalties can ruin a company, as Sweet Cakes by Melissa can attest.

Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson (D-Gresham) sponsored SB 1543, which would require employers who cut their work force to prove their innocence or face penalties and damages.

Besides facing the wrath of BOLI, an employer may be sued in civil court by an aggrieved employee. Available remedies include compensatory damages (e.g. back pay, etc) as well as punitive damages and mandatory attorney fees for a prevailing plaintiff (but not a prevailing defendant). The only time a prevailing defendant employer may recover its attorney fees in such cases is “only if the court determines that the plaintiff had no objectively reasonable basis for asserting a claim.” But given the wording of SB 1543 and the accompanying burden-shift, an employee need not have an objective basis for making a complaint – the employee merely needs to file a complaint and the burden shifts to the employer to objectively prove any reduction in the employee’s hours was not solely to avoid the Obamacare employer mandate penalty.

SB 1543 is similar to, but distinct from regulations announced this week by the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service affecting small businesses (50-99 employees) and large businesses (100 or more). The new regulations implement the employer mandate, providing additional time to small and large businesses. Under the new regulations, businesses that employ between 50 and 99 full-time workers have until 2016 to comply with the employer mandate to provide health insurance. Those that claim the exemption for 2015 will need to certify under penalty of perjury that they did not reduce their workforce to fewer than 100 employees in order to qualify. While SB 1543 does not criminalize cutting full time employees as does the IRS through perjury laws, nonetheless the message to employers from Democrats in Salem and D.C. is the same:

“Do not reduce your workforce to avoid the costs or penalties of Obamacare.”

Bruce McCain is an attorney in private practice, a retired Multnomah County Sheriff’s Captain, a member of the Reynolds School Board and a member of the VictoriaTaft.com Blogforce. This piece originally was published at his blog Oregon Oracle


Senate Bill 1543 Prevents employers from firing employees because of ObamaCare