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Protesters to Strickland: ‘Snitches Get Stitches’

Mike Strickland goes on trial for his freedom this morning for unholstering his legal, licensed and concealed handgun at protesters who had already assaulted him and were rushing him to do more harm.

The trial before Judge Thomas Ryan will be in room 406 starting at 8:30. Katharine “Kate” Molina is the deputy district attorney prosecuting him.

As I explained in my last post about this case, Strickland covered protests for years and watched how the leftists had grown even more violent.

Citizen journalists, live streamers and traditional journalists received this missive from protesters during the November riots:

The message included:


The message was, if you cover this event you’ll be hurt.

Four months before this overt threat was sent to the media by protesters, Strickland  had already arrested, jailed and awaiting trial for pulling his gun to hold back-out-of-control anarchists converging on him.

But Strickland already had a healthy respect for the violent nature of some of the people.

Watch what happened to him in November of 2012 at a post-Occupy Portland event. You’ll recognize many of the same faces from Occupy and present day protests, as he noted on his news platform “Laughing at Liberals”:

Occupy Portland holds their N3 rally and march against “austerity”. At the end of the march, several protestors gather near cameraman and berate him, yell at him through a megaphone, then, finally, shove him through the circle of people who had surrounded him. This was all triggered by one of them shouting “snitches get stitches” at the cameraman.

Several of the people who took part in this escapade are regulars in other videos and media. Jesse Sponberg, Mario Javier David Haro (Mario Haro), Ibrahim Mubarak, and Richie Hernandez. Also present are International Workers of the World members and other union members.

They encircled Strickland, pushed and threatened him. Note their use of the word ‘snitch’:

And things have just gotten worse.

Last October, one of the anarchists who is a “victim” in the Strickland case, helped take over City Hall. Ben Kerensa is in the first seconds of this video. He’s the large man on the left:

Portland Police Bureau cops eventually threw out the protesters which was a rare show of force by them:

As you’ll see in the video above, a television news photographer was roughed up and two cops went down in the fray.

KOIN-TV reports that several people were arrested.

And  look, “victim” in the Strickland case, Ben Kerensa, was among those arrested…again:

After the initial clash, protesters moved into the street and blocked traffic, including MAX and TriMet buses, but police were called to clear the street.

Some protesters defied police orders and 10 were arrested after the police cleared the street. Three were booked into the Multnomah County jail while the others were cited and released Wednesday.

Jonny Perez, 23, booked for assaulting a public safety officer, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and interfering with emergency response

Robert Lee West, 51, booked for coercion, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct

Sarabeth Rachel Long, 38, booked for coercion, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct

David Kif Davis, 44, cited for disorderly conduct and interfering with a public safety officer

Hallie Bernhof, 20, cited for disorderly conduct and criminal trespass

Carlton Smith, 43, cited for disorderly conduct

Henrick De-Savy, 21, cited for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and interfering with a public safety officer

James Mattox, 27, cited for disorderly conduct and interfering with a public safety officer

Frank Martinez Jr., 24, cited for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and interring with a public safety officer

Benjamin Kerensa, 32, cited for theft

In November, again after Strickland was awaiting his felony trial to start and had already been stripped of his method of making a living, the protesters showed their true colors again.

Protesters again went berserk and rioted through the streets of Portland. A protester was shot by a fellow protester.

The Oregon GOP accused City Hall of “dereliction of duty” by failing to enforce the law and, in so doing, endanger Portlanders. They demanded the resignation of outgoing mayor Charlie Hales for letting violent protesters take over the streets.

Residents took matters into their own hands. This woman, whose car was being blocked by protesters, got out and  used the only weapon she had available–laundry detergent–to get a black bloc anarchist out of her way.

Police  had a hands-off approach–just as they had during the July protest in which Strickland had been assaulted and converged on by the usual anarchist suspects.

Among other assaults he was hit with the black bloc flag pols as this frequent Portland protester and anarchist demonstrates:

Photo Credit: Screengrab/Mike Bluehair/Bambuser

And it was at this point that local television station, KGW-TV, declared it had had enough.

After their TV cameraman was injured, KGW-TV made an announcement on its Facebook page that it would cover protests at a distance from now on:

After protests turned violent the last several nights, including vandalism and one person getting shot, KGW is taking a…

Posted by KGW-TV on Saturday, November 12, 2016

The post said:

After protests turned violent the last several nights, including vandalism and one person getting shot, KGW is taking a new approach to covering violent protests. Our journalists and others in the media have been injured and gassed covering these protests.
We don’t want our people or anyone else to get injured in these riots. That’s why we’ve decided to cover violent confrontations from a safe distance. We will also think long and hard about what we put on air and online.
We also are committed to including you in our reporting process. How do you think we should cover protests? Does media coverage encourage violent people in the crowds? Let us know in the comments.

Portland Police confirmed the attack:

And, at that point, another guy who covers the protests, Mike Bivins, admitted that he’d been threatened too:

Now that you’re finally learning what Strickland had known for all these years about the violent tendencies of the protesters, you’re probably thinking ‘why cover them at all?’

Nobody asked the traditional news media that question, so why would Strickland cease covering the protests?

It’s his right to cover them. He also had a right to protect himself from them for which he now faces more than 50 years in prison.

Stay here for trial updates.

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Some Differences Between Tea Party and Occupy

Tea Party 4-15-09 w/Permit

by Victoria Taft
Here are some differences between Occupy and Tea Party in Portland:

The Tea Party believes in the rule of law.

Occupy breaks the law to make their point.

The Tea Party believes the individual is the heart of the constitutional republic.
Occupy believes government is the heart of democracy.

The Tea Party wants to save the country.

Occupy participants say they want to save themselves.

The Tea Party threatens to win the next election. 
Occupy threatens the city with lawlessness to get what they want. 
Occupy blocking street

The Tea Party blames government for using tax dollars to bail out wall street.

Occupy blames the banks for taking the money and thinks all the bank’s money is theirs.
The Tea Party believes it’s fair that a limited government frees the individual to fulfill ambitions, become productive and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
Occupy believes in a government that forcefully takes the fruits of someone’s labor and gives it to someone else in the name of fairness. 
The Tea Party believes people should be able to give to the charity of their choice. 
Occupy believes government is a charity. 


The Tea Party believes most people in the top 1% of US taxpayers worked hard to get there.

Occupy believes a person in the top 1% of US taxpayers must have stolen something from them to get there. 

The Tea Party understands people work their way up to becoming wealthy but may not stay there.
Occupy believes that once a rich person always a rich person.
The Tea Party believes that 1% paying nearly 40% of all income taxes is enough.
Occupy believes they don’t pay enough.
The Tea Party believes that with limited government there’s room for people of any class to prosper and grow more productive.
Occupy believes there’s a finite number of dollars , someone has their money and they’re stuck being in the 99%.

Mayor Sam Adams was invited but instead derided and ignored  the first Tea Party. 
Mayor Sam Adams warmly greeted the Occupiers and marched with them. 
Congressman John Lewis walked through a Tea Party on Capitol Hill and falsely claimed Tea Party called him racist names.
Congressman John Lewis attended Occupy Atlanta and wasn’t allowed to speak. 
The Tea Party didn’t interfere with Occupy’s right to protest.
Groups that are now with Occupy counter-protested, disrupted, yelled racist and homophobic epithets and threatened lawsuits against the Tea Party.
The Tea Party was told we couldn’t have a megaphone at Pioneer Courthouse Square without a permit and were told to leave, which we did.
Occupy was told the same but refused to buy permits for the Square, the march and for camping.
The Tea Party organizers signed their names on permits and paid for liability insurance.
Occupy refused to name leaders or get permits for fear of responsibility and liability.
The Tea Party was loathed but not feared by official Portland.
Occupy threatened lawlessness and was feared by the citizens and Portland police.
The Tea Party was said to be carrying guns; a constitutional right.
Occupy reported a rape of one of their campers.
The Tea Party has been called racist for not having enough black and brown people represented but black and brown members are consistently called sell outs, Uncle Toms or worse.
Occupy has few black or brown people and no one questions it. 
The Tea Party believes people are responsible to pay back their college loans.
Occupy believes it’s unfair people should have to pay back their loans.
The Tea Party believes government intervention has distorted and increased the costs of college.
Occupy believes greedy tax payers haven’t paid enough to give them free education.
Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com