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Obama group deploys ‘GOP are Scrooges’ meme in time for 2014 midterms; media comply

Millions of people have been thrown out of work since the start of this recession and the Obama Administration has only made it worse. You’d think the Democrats would run from their liberty and cash sucking record like people from a burning building, but no. Instead, they’ll wholeheartedly ignore their self made parade of horribles and try to sell the narrative that the GOP is the repository of all evil. In fact, the new narrative from the Democrat spin machine claims all Republicans are “Scrooges.”


Why? Because the Republicans may allow the end to a several years long program that gave nearly two years of extended federal unemployment benefits to people out of work. (HERE AND HERE). 

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Yes, millions of people sit on sidelines because of Obamaconomy, but it’s the GOP’s fault they’re still there? That’s what the Democrats are selling and that exactly what Salon and Daily Beast are peddling. 

If these folks hadn’t fallen off the active employment rolls the unemployment rate would be 10% right now.  These are not retirees, but people who could be working but for the horrible shape our economy is in and disincentives to business to hire. Obama has turned America into a part-time nation with 70% of new jobs being part-time due to his disastrous ObamaCare rules. 


And the GOP are “SCROOGES” for not extending jobless bennies to nearly two years? That’s the sales pitch. The people who killed the economy, impoverished millions and have prevented millions from getting jobs because of their Dodd Frank, ObamaCare bills and various EPA job killing regulations–are going on the offensive in the 2014 midterm elections attacking the GOP for allowing the end to the already sunsetted jobless benefits.

Writing in Salon, Joan Walsh reveals where she got the idea to write her story,

Americans United for Change, along with labor groups, plans an advertising and media push focused on vulnerable Republicans. Already, an effort to publicize the cost of cutting unemployment in those members’ home districts has paid off in remarkable local media coverage, as Greg Sargent laid out two weeks ago.

How can you hope to sell the idea that the people who killed your job are not to blame for your troubles but the people who gave you record unemployment benefits are? The Americans United for Change has already gotten the Daily Beast, Washington Post and Salon to do their bidding. Can MSNBC, NBC, and the New York Times be far behind?

Obamaconomy: The bills come due

Obamaville enhanced depression line
Politicians need to remember: We have only one wallet. The money comes from only one place. 
I just saw a Facebook post by a man who says ObamaCare will cost him $4,000.00 more than his old health insurance plan AND his property tax bill just went up by $1,400.00 this year. 
Somehow he’s going to have to economize enough to squeeze out an additional $5,400.00 of his earnings to satisfy the greedy government.
Why the increase in property taxes?Politicians and their buddies put bond measures to fund their pet OBAMAVILLE OCCUPY PFEIFFERprograms –library districts for example–and voters robotically respond, ‘Oh, yes, they must need funding. After all, who else will do it?’  Newsflash: we already pay for these things with our tax dollars. The problem is politicians who are unwilling or incapable of setting priorities. 
Politicians pay for their good intentions with our hard work. They think we work for them.
What if we can’t find a job to pay for their pet programs? Unemployment is still at record levels due to droves of people dropping out of the work force unable to find work in this horrible economy. The work that is out there is mostly part time thanks to onerous burdens of government Homeless Man Living in Boxregulation from ObamaCare and Dodd Frank.
We are being sucked dry and then are demonized and called greedy by our own President when we protest. 
This national nightmare can’t can’t end soon enough.