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Oregon Murder Victim’s Family Calls on Anti Gun Groups to Stop Using Her Story.

“She’d be infuriated if she was here and knew that they were doing this”guns jessie cavett murderer tats

The family of Gresham murder victim, Jessie Doyle Cavett, is demanding anti gun groups stop using her story to peddle their anti gun message.  Both Ceasefire Oregon and Moms Demanding Action have posted the story of the young mother who was allegedly murdered by her husband who then kidnapped their two year old. The kidnapping prompted a multi state Amber Alert earlier this month. 

Both groups had featured the story of the young mother’s shooting death to sell their anti gun messages. 

guns cease fire oregonCitizen Journalist, Laughing at Liberals (see his YouTube Channel here), talked to Jessie’s sister, Jennie Cochran, who said the use of the story by local anti gun groups would have infuriated her sister,

Cochran then explained to Laughing at Liberals that cops dropped the ball in the months leading up to her sister’s murder,

It especially galled the family that the anti gun groups erased their messages from their websites.

Jennie says her sister’s accused killer was a “dangerous, scary guy” whose tattoos appear to give him away as a white supremacist. 

Since this request was made, Moms Demand Action has removed references to the story from their website, though Ceasefire Oregon has not.