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Kitzhaber Downfall: Environmental Hubris, Lack of Scrutiny and an Open Fly

This essay first appeared at the Political Vanguard website.

Kitzhaber Cylvia kissing ABC

Governor John Kitzhaber left office Wednesday. He resigned because he had broken an ethical contract with the people of Oregon and this time the official media actually bothered to report it.

Officially, the Oregon Democrat, who won an unprecedented fourth term of office in November, left under a stink of suspicion.

Kitzhaber’s under investigation by the Oregon State Attorney General’s Office, the state ethics commission and the FBI. Even the House Congressional Government Oversight Committee want a piece of him.

Unofficially, Oregon’s Governor was brought down by a his ego, environmental hubris, one party rule and an open fly.

The Governor’s fiancé, Cylvia Hayes,  whom Kitzhaber insisted the media (and everyone else) address as ‘Oregon’s First Lady’ (beginning well before he ‘put a ring on it’), is a woman by whom Kitzhaber is clearly wholly beguiled.

Hayes cajoled her boyfriend into using his office to advance her and her friends’ careers and arrogate grants and state (read: taxpayer) largesse to her.

Kitzhaber was eager to do it. He enlisted the help of his staff to make it happen. It turns out you might be able to do that if you’re just-some-guy with a hot, younger girlfriend, but not if you’re the Governor using other peoples’ money.

It wouldn’t be the first time Cylvia Hayes pulled the opportunistic grifter girlfriend act.

The woman with a degree from Washington state’s hippy-dippy Evergreen State College:

  • Once married an illegal alien for $5,000.00. She never bothered to tell her Governor boyfriend about the first of her three matrimonial unions.
  • Hayes talked an older boyfriend into buying property to plant an illegal pot farm. He claimed she took the lead on the plan.
  • As a 35 year old woman, she convinced an 81 year old man to loan her $40,000 as a down payment for a house and talked him into a trip to Paris.
  • She got another coot 20 years her senior to cover the loan from other old guy, pay her daily expenses and advance her career. His name is John Kitzhaber.

In fact, her biography is so tawdry and ignominious, the U.K. Daily Mail labeled her, ‘Oregon’s Shady First Lady.’

MailOnline has discovered she divorced her second husband, married an Ethiopian for a green card and went away with a lover all in matter of months.

Unfortunately for Kitzhaber, his kind of ‘help’ brought the scrutiny of law enforcement. And it could also put him –and her, due to her failure to report some of her ill gotten fees to the IRS — in matching orange jumpsuits.

Of course, most of this information was available before the November election. But this is Oregon.Despite Kitzhaber’s colossal biffing of the ‘OrBamaCare’ plan roll out, Cover Oregon, and a huge failed light rail program, both of which left Oregon’s taxpayers a half BILLION dollars in the hole,  Oregon went bluer in the last GOP tidal wave election.

Oregon, being a one-party state with a slavishly Democrat devoted media and less than robust GOP, hired back the jeans-wearing old guy.

Can you blame Kitzhaber for thinking he was bullet proof?

But, as the game show prize announcer man always says, ‘There’s more!’

The truth is, Kitzhaber let his grifter girlfriend get her way because they hold the same radical environmental views. He believed he would get cover from his fawning media, ironically whom he blamed for his fall from grace. He knew his fellow Democrats in the legislature would do his bidding and look the other way and indeed they did.


  • After it became known Kitzhaber asked his staff to destroy emails which, we now know, show his willingness to satiate his fiancé’s seemingly insatiable desire for more taxpayer money and power.
  • After the Feds and AG’s office said despite the Governor’s efforts to slow-roll document discovery under open records law, they’d investigate anyway.
  • After the election with the Democrat leitmotif firmly established, the daily (dying) newspaper of record called for Kitzhaber’s resignation.

The Secretary of State would take over.

Kate Brown, an even more radical environmentalist than Kitzhaber and his girlfriend, has now taken control of Oregon’s governor’s office. She has the added bonus of a being, as the LGBT community helpfully added mere moments after after Kitzhaber announced his intent to resign, the first ‘bi-sexual Governor’ ever, ever.

Now Democrats can continue the same — or worse — programs and plans without John Kitzhaber to kick around anymore.

Out of sight, out of mind. Change the subject.

Until … next time.



Pete the Banker: Kitzhaber Isn’t Beguiled By Love, He’s a Serial Ethics Offender.

Remembering the Bidwell and Company ethical double play.

Image Credit: The Oregonian
Image Credit: The Oregonian

”Forty years ago I completed my internship in Denver and moved to Roseburg — a freshly minted 27 year old ER doctor: young and naive and idealistic,” Kitzhaber said. “After 36 years (in government,) I am no longer young and I am certainly not naive, but I am still idealistic.” Kitzhaber Inauguration Speech, 2015

One has to wonder; Kitzhaber was sworn in to uphold the US Constitution and the Constitution of Oregon. Seemingly he has displayed an immaculate record as three term governor. Suddenly he emerges as a victim, blind sided by a scheming and blatantly dishonest younger woman. Simply a victim of his own misplaced emotions? A high official with an impeccable record ensnared by circumstances beyond his control? His ethics have always seemingly been presented as beyond reproach. Then given this line of reasoning, the only lingering question becomes who’s sinister spell will he succumb to next?

A stellar example of this ethical past, mortgage professionals must maintain the highest integrity, he insisted during the 1990’s. As the Senate Leader he spearheaded legislation to regulate mortgage bankers and brokers, which ultimately passed on his watch. As a first term governor, he managed the creation of the agency structure and implementation of the state system under this bill to regulate the mortgage banking industry in Oregon. Then, as incoming second term governor, he took out a personal residential mortgage from then Bidwell and Company, a financial institution unlicensed under the in the State of Oregon’s Mortgage Banking Bill to originate residential mortgages. Subsequently he rewarded the head of Bidwell and Company with a position on the Oregon Investment Council. A mere oversight or an ethical breech and pronounced conflict of interest? Are his ethics really beyond reproach? Given his involvement in the formulation and passage of the legislation followed by his implementation as Governor of the nascent regulatory structure, one can hardly believe the assertion he was ignorant about the mortgage banking laws when he took this loan.

So, is he really as ethically pure as he has been portrayed by the press and others? Is he truly an innocent dupe who has been victimized? He certainly suggests in his inauguration that he isn’t naïve. Or was he actually a teacher and mentor to a much younger, naive, and impressionable “intern”, an “understudy” turned love interest? As a three term and newly re-elected governor, pleading ignorance of the State’s ethics laws, ignoring the appearance of impropriety, and failing to distance his new found mate from potential scandal would seem to suggest he is blinded by the perception of his own invulnerability and the expansive power of his office. If he really ever was idealistic in his youth as he maintains, he has seemingly left that idealism behind. And it certainly seems naïve to assert that Cylvia Hayes is solely to blame!

Kitzhaber: Personnel is policy. Explain why your aide lied to you about OrBamaCare warning from State Rep and what you’re doing about it.

orbamacare kitz two shotGovernor Kitzhaber may think he got yanked from his interview with a KATU reporter just in time yesterday, but all he succeeded in doing was raising more questions about what he knew of the Cover Oregon–OrBamaCare–fail and when he knew it. The episode also reveals in what contempt the governor and his aides hold the people–especially those who don’t agree with him. 

Oregon media must hold Kitzhaber to account now before the “investigation” gets underway and Kitzhaber can hide behind the “I can’t comment on anything under investigation” blind. Lawyers are currently pouring over the contract with Oracle over its disastrous software glitches. In terms of an investigation into the (lack of) management, Kitzhaber ordering an investigation of his mistakes in the rollout of OrBamaCare is like a kid with chocolate smudged all over his face telling his mother he’s ordered an investigation into the empty cookie jar. 

KATU reporter Hillary Lake had this exchange with the Governor, questioning him about a warning from then- State Rep Patrick Sheehan back in 2012 outlining reasons why the Cover Oregon IT chief should be sacked. 

HL: You knew about those red flags or your office knew about the red flags specifically about Carolyn Lawson and people calling for her to be let go far before she resigned.

Kitzhaber: Well, I knew about the problems in uh late October is when I first learned about the problems.

HL: We have an email from Represenative Patrick Sheehan that went to you and he encourage you at the end of 2012 to let her go.

Kitzhaber: It may have come to my office but I didn’t see it.

Kitzhaber was yanked out of the interview before she could continue her entirely appropriate questioning.  See the awkwardness at 2:40 in the interview below:

Republican legislative leader Julie Parrish tweeted out her skepticism about Kitzhaber’s scaredy cat exit, alluding to Governor Chris Christie’s nearly two hour long presser about the allegedly politically motivated bridge closing.

Here are more questions that need to be answered:

How did you find out about Patrick Sheehan’s letter? Who told you about it? When?

What did you do when you discovered your employee failed to tell you about Sheehan’s letter?

Why would your underling feel it was appropriate to disregard this information? Why? 

Is there a policy to disregard House oversight suggestions? Or just Republican members?

At what point have you taken any suggestion proffered by legislative oversight members?

Why did your underling believe it appropriate to ignore questions from a committee tasked with overseeing this program?

Are there any more warnings you’ve now become aware of that were hidden from you by your underling/s?

Would you make public those communications?

What have you done to the aides at your office who did not disclose the letter? Have they been fired or reassigned? 


Kitzhaber calls for review of program he apparently didn’t bother to, uh, review

John Kitzhaber, who wants to be Oregon’s governor for a fourth term, has now taken a cue from the Health and Human Services Secretary and called for an “independent review” of the very program he screwed up: OrBamaCare. 

It’s a joke, of course. To call for an ‘independent review’ of a program you oversaw is like baking a and then calling for a review of the baker who made it. The program and its website are a debacle. 

Here’s what KATU says about the call for a review,

Cover Oregon acting executive director, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, made the announcements during a press briefing Monday morning. Goldberg revealed the state has hired contractors to investigate the problems surrounding the site but did not give any other details. Spokesmen for the governor’s office did not immediately return calls.

“I think that independent review will be helpful in answering those questions,” Goldberg said of the many looming questions surrounding the Cover Oregon website.

Goldberg said Cover Oregon will hire two experts to review software code written by Oracle Corp., the primary contractor developing the exchange technology, and he repeated a pledge to hold the company accountable.

“We need to get people enrolled. We need a website that’s usable, that helps people enroll and that’s what we thought we were buying,” Goldberg said. “I think that the contractor bears some responsibility for paying for that.”

At the same time, Goldberg said Cover Oregon is finalizing arrangements with legal counsel to consider options, in its contract, to hold Oracle accountable.

“I think it’s just prudent business and it’s what we need to do,” Goldberg said.

Cover Oregon has already withheld more than $18 million to $20 million from Oracle based on its lagging work performance. The software-development contract is not for a fixed price, but rather requires the state to pay an hourly fee.

And how many people have signed up via the website for Cover Oregon–OrBamaCare?  Zero.

44 people have signed up via hand written applications at a cost of $300 million dollars. 

Kitzhaber 4th Run: No more Guv Green Jeans

KITZHABER JEANS GET RIDDr. Do Over, John Kitzhaber, believes Oregon just can’t live without him, so he’ll run for a fourth term for governor. The man who has presided over the disastrous OrbamaCare–Cover Oregon–believes he’s the problem-solver who cKITZ GOV GREEN JEANSan lead Oregon into the future—of insolvency.
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Each OrBamaCare application will take month and a half to process; alimony and pension info required

H/T to Pete the Banker who called my attention to this latest story about OrBamaCare.

OrbamaCare drudge
Photo from Oregon Catalyst

We knew it was bad, but Oregon’s OrBamaCare debacle is sending the meter to ‘Absurd’ status. Oregon is dead last in the ObamaCare sign ups. The state has signed up NO ONE. Now the governor has hired 400 people to fill out applications the old fashioned way: paper and pen. But, as we find out from Roll Call, the Kaiser Health News has looked into Oregon’s debacle,

“Oregon has yet to enroll one single person, and it’s been reduced to pawing through paper applications to figure out eligibility… The paper application is 20 pages long and asks for everything from names and the number of people in your household, to pension contributions and alimony payments.

“Cover Oregon’s current guess on when the site will be fully running is by the end of November. So far, it has a stack of 7,300 paper applications, with more coming in each day.”

And when are the paper pushers at Cover Oregon–OrBamaCare--expecting to process these applications? 

 It has 45 days to process each one, but it hopes to do it quicker.

At the Cover Oregon website, insurance seekers are given ONE HOUR to fill out their application,

At this time, it isn’t possible to save this form and come back to it later. Once you start filling out this application online, you will have 1 hour to complete it. After 1 hour, your information will be lost and you will need to start over.

State workers are given a month and a half to fill out the same paper work you were given one hour to fill out. My, my, we’ve certainly set a low bar. 

Oregon Guv sics cops on citizen journalist over Or-bamaCare questions

“Is there a law or something…?” “Yeah. Me telling you.”Or-BamaCare guard

Daylight Disinfectant is a well known Portland-area Citizen Journalist whose work was featured in the movie by Andrew Breitbart, Occupy Unmasked. Governor John Kitzhaber’s security detail has begun targeting him. Twice Daylight Disinfectant has been approached by Oregon State Police on the governor’s security detail and intimidated. This video is the second such encounter and the first he’s been able to record. 

Or-bamaCare has been an utter disaster. Not one person has been able to sign up for the state ObamaCare health insurance plan due to the state website dysfunction. The stakes are high. People losing their insurance coverage may not be able to sign up in time before they’re fined by the IRS for failure to have insurance. This computer failure is reminiscent of the last disastrous computer program over which the governor presided in the 1990’s. The DMV computer system wasted tens of millions of Oregon tax dollars. Oregonians are tired of badly managed government computer programs which have wasted millions of their hard earned dollars.  Portlanders are familiar with the city Water Bureau computer program which had to be scrapped, with millions of taxpayer dollars wasted.  

In the last on air interview about the computer mess, the governor told KATU’s Steve Dunn,

or-bamacare kitzhaber
Kitzhaber tells KATU’s Steve Dunn regarding the OrBamaCare computer fail, “I think we’re in really good shape here in Oregon.” A body language expert talks of a man’s splayed legs as, “a man’s subconscious need to assert his masculinity.” Maybe he doesn’t want Dunn to probe about the computer disaster any more than a couple of questions. Seems to be working with the Portland media.

“I think we’re in really good shape here in Oregon. Do we have some problems? Yes. Are we concerned? Of course. But I believe we’ll come through this very well.”

“I think we’re in really good shape..?” Who is he kidding? This cram down of more socialized medicine has caused people to, 

1. lose their insurance

2. not be able to sign up for new insurance

3. leave them without coverage

4. force them to pay more for coverage

5. net them an IRS fine if they don’t have it in time.

Now, do the words, “I think we’re in really good shape,” ring true here? 

While Daylight Disinfectant’s questions and manner may be a bit impertinent, they are only that. They’re not intimidating or threatening. Has the governor sicced his guards on any other reporters? 



Kitzhaber Dodges Daylight Disinfectant Questions on Or-BamaCare Fail

Oregon is “O for October” in Or-BamaCare sign ups.

kitzhaber exit

Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant confronted Governor John Kitzhaber about the abject failure of his signature reform: and his handlers didn’t like it.

That failure Or-BamaCare is being highlighted by the national media. The National Review’s Jim Geraghty writes how one party rule removes the ability of the Democrats to somehow blame the Republicans for this debacle.

Oregon is one of those spectacular examples that demonstrate the silliness and falsity of the Democrats’ effort to shift blame to Republican obstructionism. In this state, there was no Republican obstructionism — there wasn’t even that much Republican opposition.

In 2011, all 30 state-house Democrats and 18 state-house Republicans voted to set up the system; 12 state-house Republicans voted “no.” In the state senate, 14 Democrats and 10 Republicans voted to set up the system; two Democrats and three Republicans voted “no.”

Democratic governor John Kitzhaber, a doctor, signed it into law. He appointed the director of CoverOregon, Rocky King.

In Oregon, Democrats got what they wanted, all of the authority they wanted, all of the funding they wanted, everything they said they needed.

And they’re 0 for October.